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  2. A doff of the helmet to you, good sir Ride on 👍💪
  3. Been back at Malabar Pool since they re filled it last week.. not too busy either and feels about 17 deg.. A few swimming in and across the bay but had reports of a few sharks from local Fishos.. 5ft Mako hangs there.. so pool is fine for me..
  4. Very sad, Stay safe 😨
  5. Nicely played. I saw what you did there. 😉
  6. https://7news.com.au/news/car-accidents/beaumaris-hit-run-man-arrested-after-female-cyclist-60-killed--c-1056518
  7. Peter


    Apparently urine kills the virus.
  8. Today
  9. Meanwhile trump supporters.
  10. Copied from the other thread: I’m hatching a plan, that may or may not feasible, so I’m just putting it out there. I’ve been on Zwift a while and already had 67,000 mtrs of climbing before I hit the ‘Everest Challenge’. I started the Everest Challenge on May 14th and have now clocked approx 7,500 mtrs. Adding up all the elevation from the route badges I haven’t done, only comes to approx 17,500 mtrs. (not including the 25 x volcano loop which has bugger all climbing). I’m not riding today 'cos I’m knackered and washing the cars which will stuff my back. But let’s say I jump back on the bike tomorrow. Just for gits and shiggles, how quick could I get the Tron bike? I looked at end of June but that’s about 1300 mtrs a day, so I’m thinking mid July would be a good target? The most important question. Will my newly acquired 100 mile kit make me faster?
  11. I got my new Speciliazed Roubaix so will be doing a fee less miles on Zwift. Cav is awesome, we did one of the ride with the pros and Cav was the pro. He dropped back a long way behind the pack and then came through at a pace which was scary! Are you trying to get the tron bike?
  12. Yeah. On the plus side, I also picked up the 100 clicks and 100 mile badges along the way. (and got lapped by Cav 😊 )
  13. 82 finals sixers Lakers today!! Now watching the Bulls Blazers 92, where MJ lit up threes, just because some one said he can't. Thought Drexler was good offensively but he literally glided through Defense
  14. 4km trail run with Little One. 29.57 at 7.28 pace Zwift badge: Triple Loops 41.3km, 1hr31, 511mtrs, 185 av watts Had to go up Box Hill again, seems like only yesterday. 😅
  15. I’d expect it would be a pretty tough gig.
  16. Sorry, just asking about Trump, thought I was on the Trump thread 👍
  17. BarryBevan


    Thanks. This keeps getting ignored sadly. If only we had been informed in jan when people knew what was going on.
  18. This is for Victoria as of June 1
  19. Seems to be more cars then ever
  20. This is a deadset Corona miracle! My brother ("damn cyclists on the road in Canberra shit me") has gone and bought a frikin roadbike! With clips in pedals no less! He and his daughter have been riding around the lake lately, as her college is in lockdown & he decided it was time to upgrade his 20yo clunker mtb - cos she was whooping his arse I'd say. Christ I hope he starts riding on the road, it will be epic to hear his stories about damn car drivers 🤣
  21. I rode this afternoon and couldn’t believe the amount of cars about. this is a really sad story.
  22. He doesn’t buy off the shelf.
  23. He's doing his thing for gender equality. Before him there had only ever been 2 female press secretaries. He's more than doubled that number already.
  24. Female cyclist killed in a hit/run on Beach Rd this afternoon/evening. Horrendous. https://www.police.vic.gov.au/fatal-hit-and-run-beaumaris
  25. He's on his 4th. Obama had 3 over two terms, Bush had 4.
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