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  2. Who woulda thunk it...imagine my shock! "Scientists have found that people who constantly get bothered by grammatical errors online have "less agreeable" personalities than those who just let them slide." https://www.sciencealert.com/people-who-pick-up-grammar-mistakes-jerks-scientists-find
  3. That needn't stop you (or Iron Jimbo) pointing out the logical slight-of-hand employed to reach a duplicitous conclusion, rather than just posting or quoting it as if it's a legitimate. Or can you genuinely not see what's wrong with it? The Q&A audience is stacked? They always disclose the political leanings of the audience at the beginning of the program and it's appeared broadly reflective of society whenever I have watched it. Tickets for Q&A are open to anyone who chooses to go.
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  5. "Ooooh, you're so salty... LOL" or "Ooooh, you are so salty... LOL" Literacy standards have dropped so low among the millennials.
  6. They have judges to assess and work this out
  7. Ooooh your so salty....lol
  8. Well that's the million dollar question isn't it. But if she was 'established' for a long period of time-in other words standing on a road so engrossed by her phone that she was totally unaware she was even standing on a road...well Darwin comes knocking...
  9. As I said in the very first phrase of my comment, "You can't be sure of the full story". My thoughts would be that 0.2 seconds on the road would not be considered established, but if you wish to argue for the sake of arguing, take it up with the judge who made the decision.
  10. As an AG why bother with doping just draft like most others
  11. Mehh, so I could jump out in front of you while you are doing 35km/hr 2 meters before you reach me. I would be 'established on the road' and all of a sudden it becomes your fault if you cant avoid me? If that's the case then traffic speed limits should be reduced to 10km/h across the board to allow for idiots on their phones.
  12. Are you ever planning on going sub 5?
  13. You can see why it made him mad. Floyd was damaged goods no one would touch, stripped of his tdf glory. Meanwhile Lance is riding in the tour again with his own team and "Hope rides again" plastered all over the road, media and advertising. If Lance hadn't snubbed Floyd he may never have been undone.
  14. You can't be sure of the full story just by the article, but the statement by the judge "pedestrians who are established on the road have right of way." makes it sound like she has gone a bit past "just stepped out in front of him". The decision may be based on the eye-witness accounts which haven't been fully explained here. He may very well have been charging through the pedestrians expecting them to give him his right of way, which the judge explained does not exist.
  15. But she was on her phone-not even looking, he blasted her horn and then swerved to miss her, she walked into him. She is far more culpable. Whether he could have slowed down or not is subjective-how much time did he have, doesn't sound like much unless she just walked out and was standing on the road...either way she is a moron. Crazy this world how people cant take accountability for their own stupid actions.
  16. It's a dilemma I'd agree. I've done some solid kms on the bike this year building to Cairns and was comfortable holding 190w for 5 1/2 hrs there so really don't want that to disappear. However, I know it's way easier to get swim fit than bike fit than run fit so will prioritise running and recovery but will hang onto the bike stuff as much as I can. As for swimming? Have already canceled my membership😂
  17. Sentenced to 16 years. Non-parole period ends 2029.
  18. He is not being held 100% responsible. Judge split it 50:50.
  19. We all have a responsibility to avoid a collision, no matter who has "right of way". Im not saying this is the case, but I have seen a fair number of cyclists who seem to just barrel through pinging their bell and trying to push it. I'm guessing in a busy place like that if you slowed or stopped every time it looked like someone would step in front of you, you would never get anywhere. Based on a short version of the event with no real detail, I would think both hold some level of responsibility.
  20. yeah true. Not exactly clearing his conscience.
  21. Sulphur dioxide plus water in the atmosphere can lead to sulphuric acid (H2SO4). The roses around Sheffield in the UK (steel works plus coal fired power going back a while) were spotless due to the acid rain killing the aphids. Useless fact!
  22. Sulphur dioxide is released which is a gas
  23. As Jerry Harrison said in "Man with a Gun" - A pretty girl, a pretty girl can walk anywhere!
  24. Well it's good for the economy so...
  25. Can we talk international politics here? Given the US' close relationship to Israel and Saudi, and their respective hatred of Iran, the tightening of the oil export embargo by the US on Iran, the recent escalation of tensions in the Gulf and the increased US military presence there etc etc... Does The Donald want to start a war in the Middle East?
  26. jamesthealien

    Froome GONE

    That's awfull^(
  27. Hi! I am new here.So lets disuss somethin.
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