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  2. He still has 30 days to appeal, but given this was CAS, who does he appeal to?
  3. Peter

    Swimming World Champs

    Oompa and andrew were the only ones saying he wasn’t guilty. they are the andrew bolt and mrs Devine of this site. everyone else didn’t buy what sun was selling. Won’t see that now.
  4. AA7

    TA survey

    I had a look. No idea what they were asking.
  5. Rocket Salad


    I jumped in today for a look and can't believe how quiet it got. What happened?
  6. The sun has gone down on a drug cheat. Yeah I know, pretty poor joke
  7. I use erg mode all the time - early morning workouts without the need to change gears and wake the missus or little one - and I like it. I’ve been doing a few of the Tri Academy workouts which do include cadence targets as well as power. I’d like to see if there have been studies of erg mode vs non-erg mode and any difference in ftp development.
  8. Looks like he will miss an Olympics
  9. Loved reading this thread again
  10. Me too. But glad they have been hard core.
  11. Cottoneyes


    Nope, family owned company, all private
  12. 8 years. I'm actually shocked at that. I thought he'd somehow get out of it.
  13. A lady (passing me) was once so kind as to offer me a chocolate-flavored gel at about the 6hr mark, she said I probably did not want to know where it had been carried, I gulped down the warm liquid and replied "thank you - (I don't care)".
  14. that vid sounds just like a description of petrol as well
  15. trifun

    TA survey

    If they send you a link - do it. some comments have included the likes of:
  16. Bosco


    Not sure what it is but it looks like a bit more activity on Tri forum rather than sandbox last 7-14 days. This has seen me want to be more active on this forum. (Maybe IJ doing the Tri forum a favour over there.) A couple of questions: 1. How do we keep the momentum? 2. How do we stop driving those with a lot to add away? It appears to be a long time ago since a new thread would get equivalent TriGold status, have we covered it all already?
  17. I was not racing in 2010 (and did not race this Geelong) and I am front of middle pack at best. IMO the front of the AG races I get to see, honestly seem a whole lot fairer than pro women and I’d say middle of pack pro men. Those guys and girls at the front don’t get a whole lot of ‘help’ and I am in absolute awe of some of the performances. If you are implying though that middle of the pack AG like me get dragged along, I’d agree.
  18. You talking about Geelong? i didn’t see you there.
  19. Being pulled along is what is happening in the age group racing hence times getting faster especially in bike leg. Riding faster and saving legs a bit. Overcrowded fields creating this. Discussed this with a former pro and he agreed.
  20. It will probably be back dated. 2 years. Haha
  21. Peter


    Are they listed? Buy some shares
  22. haha yeah although it sounds like London 2020 could be a goer.
  23. Whilst not a bike, you don’t see much of Aleeda wetsuits from QLD. That is unless you see me at a race. FM
  24. Looks like Crowie got to sit in this year and get pulled along a bit as well. As he said, he is no way physically where he was. Still my hero and amazing and 46......
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