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    Will be going back to China again, all 5 cities were great - Shanghai can say I did, no intention of going back there though. Suzhou and Xi'an were the definite favourites. Had the fried scorpion amongst other delicacies One thing that might be of interest to Trannies is the Xi'an Wall Marathon. My timing was just out, they were setting up the course while I was there last week. The wall is around 14kms around, some 300+ years old and you can currently walk or ride around the wall, so would be 3 laps for the full marathon. The Marathon is on next weekend by the looks of it and one that I'll do in the future on a return visit. Think only the Great Wall marathon would top it in country (Great Wall marathon is usually in May so could be a good double to do) https://worldsmarathons.com/marathon/xi-an-city-wall-marathon https://great-wall-marathon.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_vP69d7f4QIVwSMrCh014AZkEAAYASAAEgJSYfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds China Eastern airlines was fantastic as well, flew on the dreamliner direct Melbourne to Shanghai and return. Easily the best leg room in economy of any international airline I've travelled to date - others in the group thought the same but with more experience. Bullet trains in country are a much better option that the domestic airlines which tend to be a bit unreliable
  3. Dunno. How did u hear originally? I'm not in a club as such. I don't train with anyone. I read here and go to maybe 2 events a year, on my own . I don't really follow tri folks on Instagram I'm a hermit. I know about SWIFT as TriSA sent out an email.
  4. I think Tim Tufuga pointed out how he suffered from a lack of support from his community (notwithstanding a care package from a forum contributor).
  5. I am genuinely surprised you've never heard of it. Stef is great.
  6. Today
  7. Well there ya go. Thanks for that. Ill have a read/listen. There is a smaller social media based one for South Australia, through TA. SWIFT. Supporting women in fitness and triathlon. Maybe because I'm more aligned with SA, I've heard of that but missed witsup.
  8. The one I've borrowed for Byron is an old Aleeda, must be 15yrs old, works just fine.
  9. Turts Women in Tri, is a Melbourne based lady, who is profiling women in tri, has a interesting podcast that interviews female athletes but focuses more on the rest of there life and not just races. I enjoy her style. http://www.witsup.com/ Also has a number of female pro's that are developing skills in media eg Laura Siddall I realize as a male i should be offended, but i think it is a great resource and only positive for the sport and everyone involved
  10. Did you IP and FB have ripped bods at your first IM: and instead of looking ripped like we all did when there were fewer of us, now the field is full of fat people
  11. Yeah they do. I use an Orca S6 sleeveless suit that has been great. Pretty sure they're still available.
  12. Xterra Vengenance Prizna wore one (I think) for IMWA. Fastest AG swim. I
  13. All good in theory. Now convince the risk manager to let you test the unsupported configuration on the machine that goes Bing in the operating theatre.
  14. Just found out yesterday there is a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Made in 2016, will be watching tomorrow and posting a review but loved the original.
  15. It's also a slippery slope, what next? If you have a history of travel sickness get charged for a clean up fee? Swipe your credit card to be able to recline your seat?
  16. Not by me, at my fittest I weigh 80 kgs, Why should I at 190cm be penalised because some 150cm woman weighs the same?
  17. I don't mean to sound elitist or anything in this, but if you are "racing" then it doesn't matter the distance, but I think what he's trying to say is that if he is going to "participate" in an event, then you may as well get more for it. And for the record, I always preferred OD races myself.
  18. I wonder how the track sprinters feel. All that travel to an event for an 11 sec race. I don't get the discrimination of races based on duration. Why not discriminate on speed - all that way (and cost) just to swim, bike and run so slowly.
  19. Local club race is $20 x 6 i also entered 2xu for the 6 race series of sprint and or Olympic for $400 I think. Need to confirm. Challenge shep was about 300 one night acc for 95$ geelong 703 was a free entry.
  20. All local events with 15 minutes of my house other than challenge shep. 1 night away. 2mhours drive.
  21. When I started doing Short Course Triathlons back in 2003, they were cheap enough that I didn't even consider the cost when entering. Now I'm limiting my races to save money. This season (since July), I raced 3 Trail Running Races, 2 Duathlons, 3 Sprint Triathlons, 1 Olympic and 1 Half Ironman.
  22. I have a few Sarah's actually so I tend to rotate them. The suits I mean.... Not the women.
  23. Well... this has been fun Are we saying swim on the Friday at 0730 and then coffee / breakfast afterwards?
  24. I get pissed at my attitude sometimes too😔
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