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  2. Public toilets would get cleaned daily or at least every couple of days. When was the last time you disinfected your phone?
  3. I personally couldn't give two shits about Kona
  4. Yes. I still do more around the house than he does though
  5. Agree. The bike/walk path on the city side of the river. Either up to the Regatta along Coro drive or down to the gardens. Can't beat it for a nice flat run, and the segregation of pedestrians & bikes makes it all the more enjoyable.
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  7. Our family situation and Tris. We all do something in swim/bike/run, except our eldest girl, who (after trying lots of activities very briefly) has found she likes Pilates using the Reformer machines which is great as there are plenty of those classes in Sydney.
  8. Or is that because of all the sh!t that gets posted on social media?
  9. If I am not doing a reasonable amount of exercise, I am impossible to live with. When I am injured, I am told I run in my sleep. Obviously I need help
  10. Are John Landy, Ron Clarke and Sebastian Coe failures because they never raced an Olympic Marathon? Neither Brownlee has raced Kona, nor did Emma Snowsill, Emma Carney or Emma Moffatt (among many others) I have coached 2 different athletes to ITU, Age Group, Standard Distance, World Champion podiums. Neither of them have raced anything above Olympic Distance. Are they failures?
  11. My performances have always been mediocre at best, I'm fine with that. My training mediocre as well. Still my wife hasn't been that enthused by the amount I was doing and how tired I generally was. And she has said I'm not doing an IM. I don't begrudge her that. This wasn't part of my life until well into our life together, and what I would have had to do to be ready to finish an IM wouldn't have been fair on our family. She hasn't really ever seen me race, except for the finish of my first half marathon. But trudging around those events isn't easy with a walking stick or scooter.
  12. I have a very supportive spouse, she absolutely acknowledges the importance of hobbies/ lifestyle, keeping in shape. She also loves the positive influence on our daughter. Zero issues with the cost or the time. Not just triathlon, riding/running/ surfing. If anything, it's myself pulling on the reins a bit lately.
  13. Hoka's don't last as long as other shoes but if you shop around you should be able to pick up outdated models at half price which still makes them pretty good value. I've had hip surgery and a number of decent injuries and so far have managed to come back from all of them using Hokas. Try these and let me know how you go: https://shop.hokaoneone.com.au/sale PS - I've tried the Arahi's and reckon they are pretty good.
  14. My wife is not sporty at all and has never shown any interest in ever coming out for a run, ride or swim. She is however very supportive and has been at most of my bigger events. I'm very conscious of the fact that she's not a huge fan of the sport although she does seem to have an interest in most of the stuff that I'm involved in. For many years we've treated races as a great excuse to go places. After our honeymoon to Fiji in 1996, the next 5 trips that we had overseas were all to go to races that I was competing in. Even in Australia, this sport has taken us on some amazing holidays. I can't complain about my life at all, I've got it very, very good. There have been times, however, that the other half has complained that I don't get enough stuff done around home. I owe her big time!
  15. When I was training a lot, I tried to do it at times when it didn't affect the family. Her biggest concern was safety when riding - she kept buying me ID tags . I think she was happy when I stopped but she'd never have asked me to.
  16. To clarify, what I had in mind was attitude to carving out time for training (I assume that most people spend more time training than racing).
  17. The real reason is he was a dick - the training might have given him opportunity but it wasn't the reason. You seem to be in a good place now so I guess it worked out better for you anyway.
  18. My ex told me my training for IM was the reason he decided to have an affair. I now have a partner who will not let me race without him lest I get a medal he doesn't have.
  19. Reportedly, your average mobile phone has 10 times more bacteria on it than a public toilet seat. I think that says people really need to stop wiping their arse with their phone.
  20. Apathy. My wife (and kids) have watched me race twice - once in Canberra and once at the Riff. I'm cool with it, it can be boring as bat shit to watch. I can't think of a race I've been too where there hasn't been friends there so it's not like I'm lonely. I've not tried to change her mind, I doubt it would work if I did try
  21. Quite a timely post for what has been going on in my house over the last while... We have no kids and I don't have a stressful job - ie 40 hour weeks is the norm for me, so I train about 12 hrs a week and don't see the issue - I do more than my fair share around the house. Whenever I race, Mr BogFrog is really supportive and says how proud he is when I do well etc. But when I'm training, he feels as though everything comes before him, so after worlds in Sept, I was asked to take a break, so I did. Less training and no racing. It was his turn. So I supported him while he did trained and did races. I've picked up my training again and someone around the house is none too pleased. And this from someone who has bought entries to do 5 races over the next year including the full at Port Mac...
  22. Post this late at night? Shouldn't you be in bed ready for 3am hill repeats in the rain? Best of luck & chasing the dream to turn pro. How old are you now? and thanks for sharing a great post.
  23. I have done triathlon since 2000 and my goal when I was 16 was to be a pro. Self doubt and self sabotage has been a real problem for me and I gave up on my dream. Earlier this year I started thinking about my life and what I want to achieve. This year my only goal is working towards becoming a professional athlete. For me it is about me going on that journey everyday, learning more about myself and breaking those limiting beliefs I created. If I reach my goals this year I will have the opportunity to go to Kona as an age grouper or to apply for a pro licence. For me I want to race as a professional. Racing Kona isn't a focus so not racing Kona wouldn't be failure to me. Failure is what we choose to define it as. Failure for me would be giving up and not giving it my all. Even if I never achieve the qualification of that licence I can at least be proud knowing I gave it everything. Failure for one person might be neglecting the friends and family in pursuit of qualifying for Kona. For someone else failure might be not crossing that line before the time cut off. In the end we each define what success and failure is to us. The only persons opinion of my success and failure that matters is my own. Everyone else's opinion of my success and failures are none of my business.
  24. The difference is the NBA, PGA & Premier League etc don't have age groups divisions. It's simply the best players in the world get a jersey. Kona has charity spots, age groups (some of which are basically charity spots) legacy spots, sponsors spots and the ability to buy a spot.
  25. So some recent comments in other threads got me thinking that the elephant in the room in many discussions on here is the attitude of your spouse towards your triathlon past-time. For example, some race reports praise how encouraging the writer’s spouse and family have been. While as a father of 3 under 10s with a working spouse, the attitude to triathlon in my home might best be described as tolerated (eg if I came home one day and declared it was time to put my bike, wetsuit and runners on gumtree, I expect the announcement would be warmly received). What’s your spouse or family’s attitude to your training, have you attempted to shift the dial and how did that go, etc?
  26. I don't understand how people seem to think anyone can make it to a world championship race if they 'want it bad enough' That's either saying the bar is set too low for a world championship, or people's expectations are wrong in that 'anyone' can be world class athlete if they want it bad enough. Hell I'd chop of my left and most probably my right testicle to play NBA, PGA or Premier League as world millions of others... But no matter what if you aren't born with that 'special talent' then it ain't going to be even close to being a possibility.
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