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  2. Insurance companies don’t make their money by ensuring premiums are more then cost of insurance claims etc. They make their money by taking the premiums and investing them elsewhere such as share markets etc.
  3. I'm with you, did my first one around 2015, just ticked off number 40 this morning. Worse thing about today was took my kelpie to it like usual, she just didn't want to run after 3km and I was looking pretty damn good for a PB up until then
  4. Heard on the radio today some big wig talking, saying the people who have lost their houses in these fires are going to be in for a shock when they rebuild. New requirements on building are going to be introduced in many of these areas to make the houses safer,.expecting current insurance not to cover the extra costs to meet the new requirements. On the flip side of that, those that rebuild, or who survived in the prone areas, are either not going to get coverage in the future, or will have their premiums jacked right up As for insurance being run as a for profit model or not - none of the insurances are. They all get taken advantage of by the main companies. Break a window in your house and call O'Briens glass, they'll quote you a massive amount and then when you query it say your insurance will pay it anyway so just accept our quote - call a smaller provider and get the window done for a fraction of the cost. Insurance company sent out a guy to replace my fence after a car crashed into it, he quoted 10 times what I got it done for (and under my premium amount) as he had the job sealed with the insurance company. Medical insurance - go to get my sons arm have a pin put in, and the doctor puts it down as a joint reconstruction to get more money. Car insurance - have a guy hit me and the car ends up costing in the end twice the book value to be fixed due to dodgy assessment. House insurance after a storm, had the front facia replaced by a mob under insurance, they replaced a similar facia while on site for a quarter of the cost they billed the insurance company. For profit or not, am yet to see any insurance company give the customer full service and not get ripped off by the provider of the fixing. In the end we the buyer of the insurance end up paying for all the examples above. My motorbike insurance was the only claim where I felt I got what was agreed on without anyone ripping the insurer off
  5. https://www.accc.gov.au/focus-areas/inquiries-ongoing/northern-australia-insurance-inquiry
  6. AA7


    He had a heart attack last night, they put a stent in.
  7. Ex-Hasbeen


    At a bushfire relief concert the Wiggles put on Friday night, Greg (yellow) had a serious cardiac failure on stage. Crew and a nurse in the audience performed CPR and needed to use the defibrillator to maintain him till paramedics arrived. After an operation overnight, he is a improving in hospital. He has a condition, orthostatic intolerance, which can affect his blood flow. It was this that originally caused him to leave the Wiggles.
  8. Not all insurance is run as a for profit model. e.g. the NDIA, Medicare and some of the not for profit health insurance funds.
  9. Let's not forget Insurance is basically a massive cover bet, where the companies are calculating odds with the specific goal of making money.
  10. Yes, it apparently makes you very gullible.
  11. I said if they could they would have 3000. I think there will be an influx on day 1-2. Then slow big time on entries.
  12. Wow 3000! Crazy! I haven't done a long race in a couple of years so have a few race dollars up my sleeve. I've just had 2nd babe so mine is more so training/family time and Feb is too early to make that call. But really Nov should be plenty of time to get enough in me to go around and have some fun def not in it for sheep stations haha
  13. And things like that should be taken into account when they are working out the insurance premiums. A mate of mine lives in a high risk area, and spent a few nervous days & nights preparing and then 1 night fighting the fires. Prior to all this though, he has installed sprinkler systems over the roofing & walls, extra tanks and a pump for fire-fighting water, a 1000 litre container & pump for the back of his ute, and had safety margins cleared around the property. The fire came right through to the property and they successfully saved it and the neighbour's.
  14. Yeah, it was great coverage today. Thanks Peter.
  15. Peter

    TDU 2020 coverage

    SBS was horrible for the last few weeks of coverage. The worst ever. Watching the women’s now on 7 and can’t fault it
  16. It need not be, but that's getting a little OT I guess. I left the city to escape much of what I think makes it worse, but that takes me closer to the bush. We won't flood as we are up on a hill side but not one that will ever experience a land slide (our local town can and has flooded though) but we can suffer storm damage like anyone anywhere. Just before Christmas 2018 a violent 10-min storm cell blew through and three large trees came down on our block, one scored a direct hit on my newly finished shed. Fortunately it was the outdoor end of the shed and not the mancave end. Insurance covered the rebuild. GIO (Suncorp) in our case and they were quite good in response. A lot of local homes experienced severe damage that night. I've also done a fair bit to reduce such risks - a lot of resources spent on water/drainage management and I have removed about 10 large trees that in my opinion represented too much of a risk to buildings. This one wasn't even on my radar! I can see at some stage we'll also invest in some additional fire protection, e.g. extra water storage and sprinkler systems driven by special purpose water pumps.
  17. Thanks. I've been really disappointed with the coverage so far. The Women are racing and I have been following that via the highlights on GCN Sad to see considering how good FTA SBS used to be.
  18. Done and good luck with it Jess NSF
  19. Be a TO. You’ll get heaps better vision on the back of a motorbike.
  20. Peter

    TDU 2020 coverage

  21. Flanman

    Tour de Cure

    The Tour de Cure ride from 2019 is being shown on channel Seven today @ midday. Do yourself a favour and watch/tape. A great bunch of people doing wonderful things for the community. FM
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