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  2. I think Dan getting re-elected had more to do with the quality of the opposition leader. Pretty much the same way Scomo got the job.
  3. That appeared to do nothing to dent his popularity. In fact he has only become more popular since first being elected and won the last election in a landslide while promising to spend $50 billion (read $100 billion plus) on 90km of underground tunneling that no one has ever asked for. When it comes to big $$ an infrastructure Victoria puts up with some odd stuff. He was also just as popular after the CFA and Jane Garret saga. Spending taxpayer money on campaigning didn't dent his popularity either. He has been very very popular. And is known for getting stuff done and delivering. Turns out it is just covid that has made him less popular. But while there have been some serious mistakes there I wouldn't want his job right now. But isn't this thread about coronavirus related political point scoring
  4. Thankfully I meet More's specifications to be allowed to comment as I am currently enjoying the current lockdown in Melbourne. Personally right now I feel politicians and parties at all levels are doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. Given the majority of us have not had to live through a global pandemic I think they are doing their best. Yes all have made some pretty serious mistakes and in the future heads can roll. Right now the important thing is to note these mistakes and not repeat them! Can't right now lock people back on the Ruby Princes or go back in time and use real security at the quarantine hotels. That horse unfortunately bolted already! Yes, Both sides behaved like typical politicians on the campaign trail! Neither side came out smelling like roses...
  5. As per my other reply Dan said he was going to rip it up and people believed him. Don’t get me wrong I’m not arguing that it should have been built just Dan promised something and then didn’t deliver.
  6. Final cost to the vic tax payer was only $642,000,000 in the end but who’s counting?😂😂 Just think what you could do with that now? Oh and Dan did say there wouldn’t be any cost in canceling a legally binding contract https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/7012618
  7. Today
  8. Libs shouldn't have signed the contract in the last seconds before the election they knew they were about to loose!
  9. Guessing the Australian newspaper is a trump supporter. so there are 2 out there in the world now.
  10. Looks like the worst case of back acne now
  11. also, is anyone else concerned that the uptick in french cases might bring the Tour in doubt
  12. https://cyclingtips.com/2018/08/does-drafting-a-teammate-uphill-actually-provide-any-benefit/#:~:text=Drafting%20makes%20sense%20on%20flat,becomes%20the%20riders'%20biggest%20anchor. I guess there is some benefit even up steep sections. But I feel the main point of the exercise is to drive the train consistently hard so that everyone is on their limit and no one can attack. Those who are not on the team but are following also get a free ride. It is like a war of attrition, which I think has made it much less enjoyable to watch.
  13. Old triathlon saying, “You never really retire, just sit out a few seasons! “
  14. Rad am Ring 24hr ride, team of 4 around Nurburgring. Rained for 20hrs but great event with beer and bratwurst at the end.
  15. I sprained my ankle. Pretty sure it was Covid.
  16. No I didn't. I requested to go do something, which I have already said I shouldn't have written. I admit my mistakes...
  17. Just for those that don’t know Dan Andrews spent 1.6 billion to not build a tunnel. with a B. its why he’s not liked. Well that and the lying.
  18. Nowra sprint tri I think 2016 maybe 17 haven’t laced a run shoe or bike shoe since that day
  19. There certainly must be some, hence the way the major teams, especially Ineos/Sky in recent years. They throw 4 strong climbers in front of their leader & they drop off 1 by 1 from the front. It certainly isn't the advantage they get on the flat, but remember, they are still going close to 30km/hr up those slopes.
  20. I think you have to factor in that there is really no advantage in drafting up 10-11% froome was still there when some big names were thrown out the back already. He won't win the tour, but he has come a long way very quickly!
  21. Must have put him at about 91. Wow. Didn't realise he was that old.
  22. I’ve always said anything goes in the sandbox. but be prepared to take it. like bogfrog calling me a ****wit. I can handle it. Sadly she couldn’t.
  23. Sutho Shire old boys Pub Run 2019. Who’s who of Shire triathlon has beens and ended up at beer, wine and footy festival at Henson Park. Long stop at marrickville rsl twice too. The practice event two months earlier was good too through all Kirrawee drinking establishments, Shark Island, Bowlo, Prince, Sunday Rd.
  24. Think it was Ironman Australia 2014.... walked of the course and thought I can’t do these on no training anymore. I did, but thought I shouldn’t do so haven’t since. Could have done a pissant sprint at some point after but not much of challenge so don’t remember if I did or not.
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