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  3. Second but he will look fresh
  4. God can create a try for Izzy but I wonder how God will act if one of his family was to get an illness like cancer.
  5. I watched it, but didn’t really see what he did. Anyone care to elaborate.
  6. Top 3. I don't think he'll win either. I think at some point on the run, he'll be in the lead. But if Lange has an easy ride again, he'll haul him in, I'd imagine AB's got Wurf's number on speed dial though... IYKWIM.
  7. You forgot to mention that I had matching green shoes. If it had been warmer I would have had a red T-shirt with red shoes. Probably means I am communist!
  8. IronmanFoz

    IMOZ 2020

    Me too! For number 22.
  9. Cut a few laps and landed some tricks at the skate park 😂
  10. So put it on the line. Whats your prediction for Ali? AP said he won’t top 3 me. He won’t win.
  11. Guys with as much talent, smarts and aggression as AB? Not many guys are that strong across all 3 disciplines. And he's aggressive, he'll be pushing hard on that bike. But yeah we've seen the like of Macca crumble very quickly when hitting the run, in the heat. So who knows. I know Macca had a lot of success, but perhaps was too cocky when he first raced Kona. AB is smarter than that. He'll do his due diligence.
  12. I was just going to borrow your bike lol
  13. Flanman

    IMOZ 2020

    35th year. So who's in ? I have just booked my accommodation. A change of location from the last 10 years. A 2 bedroom unit with plenty of space and full cooking. Out near Flynns but a fair bit cheaper. 1st time hanging what I call "out of town". FM
  14. Monkie, clear your messages. Your box is full..... FM
  15. The problem with this description of a course, as good as it is, it still has to compete with IM Wales that has all those things and more, plus the best support in town and the villages. IMO the biggest advantage IM Wales has is that it is a drive to race for a mass population and given the logistics of flying with bikes and airport madness, a 5-6hr drive is still better than a 1hr flight.
  16. Watching the race on the weekend and all the challenges the organises had to over come, all I can say is, well done to the race organisers for delivering a race. The swim leg is something they would do well to get advice on. The bike leg is a cracker. They've got a hill on the course that has all the making of another Solarberg from the Roth bike course. The run course looked pretty good as well. It will be interesting see some race reports from age groupers as they recover and sit down to write them up. For mine, this could develop into a premier age group ironman race, if they can solve the swim course situation. I don't think we will see it attract big pro fields but I hope I'm proved wrong. the worst thing would be if ironman try to squeeze the financial bottom line from this race. If they do, it will have the life expectancy of ironman Melbourne.
  17. monkie

    Trannie catch-ups??

    So when are we doing it? Should we set up a Doodle to check availability?
  18. Hey mate I’ll grab them if it’s cool. Probably not too many pairs of split jackets going round which is surprising as they were a good smaller option to the racing jacket/ jawbone
  19. Bosco

    Picking up salt tablets

    How much sodium per hour are most people supplementing with for Ironman? I have never planned salt intake, I think it’s hurting me. My ‘sports drink’ gives me 300mg per hour - should I be more likely looking at 700-800mg?
  20. I see a "grub" as the type of person that forever keeps niggling and breaking the rules when they aren't being watched, and complaining non-stop about other players, then get all self-righteous when they are caught. Ennis would have to be the greatest ever exponent of that.
  21. Shit, if this is true I will now refer to you as Chuck Norris 😂😂 That is hard core. My feet froze at anything below 16. NSF
  22. I’m a sharkies man cab definitely see Gallen in the same line But Ennis not so much grubby but more your serial PEST
  23. I am yet to visit the dam but will get there in late August as have heard so much about it
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