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  2. David Plese nice guy, though he must be sweating. I doubt that IM will actively do anything to catch out any triathletes associated with nasser. Would be bad for their cash flow 😂
  3. Horowitz

    Garmin 935

    My partner is tiny and had the same issue, Apple watch was the only thing that worked (they come in different sizes I believe) but she didn't want it so we didn't get it. But we definitely found one that didn't look ridiculous on her and fit so might be worth looking into
  4. The Triathlete story I read also had many IM connections, referencing his involvement as race director of IM Slovenia, and his connections with the Prince and another Slovenian in the Bahrain Tri team.
  5. Nope. It just doesn't interest me at all.
  6. That's funny. The media is definitely connecting Erzen to the Ironman brand in it's reporting of this story, even if it's just via images: https://siol.net/sportal/kolesarstvo/uci-zaradi-dopinskih-povezav-preiskuje-milana-erzena-498279
  7. I'm interested to hear as well - will be there shortly.
  8. Indeed it did. Yates it's gone. Landa looked strong, but is still a way off the main contenders.
  9. willie

    Garmin 935

    Not off the top of my head sorry!
  10. Macca just told me it’s a cycling investigation has nothing to do with triathlon😂😂😂😂
  11. Occasionally yes..... but often I would be back out the door at 5:00 for a ride. This was when I was younger of course, but I do tend to survive on little sleep.
  12. Ex-Hasbeen

    Garmin 935

    Hey Willie. My daughter wants a fitness watch. She has very small wrists, so most are going to look real stupid. As an example, my 735 actually hangs over the edges of her wrists. Is there anything out there (other than fitbit type things which she detests) that would suit?
  13. How was it ? Any good stuff to do in tokyo in november.
  14. I told you all this way back in 2016/17. I've met Milan Erzen on many occasions. He bought David Plese across from Slovenia to be Nasser's champion because Erzen thought the Aussie triathlete that Khalid was supporting in BH was 'B' Grade (and he didn't like Aussies) Erzen said to people I knew back then, that he would show Nasser a 'real' triathlete. Since then, the Aussie based in BH has started beating Plese in 70.3. LOL I good friend of mine worked at an airline head office in BH. Erzen latched on to him and put him to good use. My friend organised many last minute trips for Erzen from BH to China, Spain etc, so that Erzen could arrive at race locations or pick up 'something' a few days ahead of the Sheikh's races. Erzen would only stay in the country of a few hours and fly straight back to BH. We can only speculate on the purpose of the trips. They were always trips into countries with easy access to drugs. We're not doping experts - we are the naive masses. Erzen was also a Pro cyclist for Slovenia back in his prime - if it sounds like a duck... There's no doubt among the tri community in BH about the level of cheating at that level. They used it as excuse to do it themselves. I heard it straight from the athletes mouths who raced Age Group at 70.3 world champs.
  15. How do we get the Prince to Kurnell?
  16. No. You are a master of your domain. lol
  17. Imagine how hard everest would be now, hundreds of people coming down going.... not long now mate, you can do it...lol
  18. Pfftttt Pretty sure less people caught a Murray Cod on fly than either of those in 2018. And even less on a fly they tied themselves 😉
  19. I heard it was way Harder to both back in the day ...
  20. Must admit, it;d be frustrating hitting the top and having all these people in you way coming down. Fascinating part of the world, like you look at that Pitt St and think in 2015 nobody summitted and almost 20 died.
  21. They need to install the World's longest slide off the summit - walk up, slide down. Problem solved.
  22. Michael Dhulst Leonid Boguslavsky
  23. Depends if macca is still on the princes payroll. I think his money is now coming from Russia. Not Bahrain.
  24. Peter

    Pitt St on Everest

    In 2017 only 112 people managed to complete a crossing of the English Channel. In 2017, 446 climbed it from south and 202 from the north. Everest. Clearly Everest is easier.
  25. Thats the thing though, and i'll never do either, but cant see the point of doing the english channel when you can catch a train or boat but Everest just has an awe, as does everything in that range. Appreciate everybody is different and no disrespect to Des Renford...lol. Probably not getting the deaths in the English channel. Actually just googles it, so 7 deaths on Everest in last year as per above, 7 deaths doing the channel since 1988, that last being a triathlete doing the Enduroman Arch 2 Arc triathalo
  26. Are u a failure if you draft ya way to Kona, claim to be a world champion in the military division & get coached by a Dr with direct link to doping? asking for a friend
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