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  2. And Congrats on the win!
  3. Duh guys - he's obviously waiting to lose something before he posts...
  4. trinube


    Hope the Aussie quicks believe in payback - would love to see Mitch Stark rattling his cage some time during the series. Pitch looks a bit up and down - the one that got Smith didn't get up.
  5. Ex-Hasbeen


    And that only half an hour after possibly breaking his arm with another short ball. I have nothing against the tactics, but at least show some concern after getting in under the helmet. Smith I think has now fully redeemed himself (2 x tons & 80 retired, plus taking a couple of shots for the team). Warner on the other hand has done nothing since coming back.
  6. chris


    It’s about a 1 out of 10 3 hrs of my life I will never get back
  7. trinube


    Some ordinary sportmanship from Archer right now. Just felled Steve Smith with a bouncer and didn't even go and see how he was. Then went back and had a laugh about it with a teammate while Smith was prostrate on the ground. What a prick. Smith now retired hurt. Geeez, they just show the slo-mo - a mirror of what happened to Phil Hughes - got him right on the side of the neck - fully exposed.
  8. Like sands through the hourglass, so goes another weekly reminder 😎
  9. pieman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Gp4000s are so last year..😁
  10. It seems a lot of Duathlons being held sometimes do have a swim leg, just not lately.
  11. Still haven't cut that steerer tube though.
  12. Peter

    Simply Kickr

    Just get a wahoo bike computer. You can upload session to it. No need for Zwift trainerroad. Etc.. it runs everything. Works perfectly.
  13. Mike Del

    All things NRL

    Yet every NRL player seams say the opposite. Most that actual play the game are starting to call him the greatest of all time.... but what would they know
  14. Toolish

    Simply Kickr

    I have gone away from Zwift as I could not justify the cost. Have just been using the Wahoo iphone app in ERG mode. It is fine to use but you can't preprogram workouts so have to adjust as you go. Have heard good things about ERGVideo as a free option, but have not had a chance to try it yet.
  15. Hi all. I am after a XS (around 50 cm) mountain bike with 27.5 wheels for my daughter in the Brisbane area. Thanks
  16. James

    Simply Kickr

    I've have subscriptions to Bkool and Zwift but got jack of the monthly fees and now have none. What is the software which come with Kickr's like or is there any non-subscription options out there? Less than 3 months to Noosa and I need to get back on my bike but can't leave the house due to looking after children at same time. Thanks.
  17. Black tape a much better option. Well done Dazz
  18. goughy

    Alan Jones

    He was probably widely beloved up my way till he took on one of our famous families, but probably still well loved. But, plenty up here wish PH was PM.
  19. All the best for Friday x
  20. His track record is amazing and he is very popular with some on here
  21. Correct. At about the 15km mark, I actually got a bit distracted and caught myself watching a C-17 on final approach.
  22. Is that Amberley RAAF Base?
  23. The course had an elevation of 121m over that 20km, with quite a few rolling hills. The RAAF base nearby (5 minutes up the road) recorded 27°C with a 11-13kmh cross-tail/head wind. I agree that it's a lot of power for the speed, but I'm not built to hide from the wind. I'm about 188cm and quite wide across the shoulders and I don't exactly hide from the wind when it matters. For reference, when I did my test ride on Wednesday at Murarrie, I pushed the same sort of power and sat at 39.7kmh average. Obviously completely different situations, but interesting to note. I've always been a bit of a polarised 'athlete' where I'm either good at sprinting or race like a diesel. I can drop 1200W in a sprint finish, or I can hold 220W for 90km without too many dramas. I really enjoyed this race though and I quite enjoy putting myself into the hurt box so I'm definitely going to pursue this as I can train on Zwift around the twins and their routine. In fact, as soon as the 70.3 is in the bag and the medal is on the wall, I'll be starting a Zwift TT training plan to see what that's like.
  24. Had it done in late March mate... can share any stories and answer a bunch of questions if need. I had four and a half months of bliss.... and then it shat itself again a fortnight ago. Off to the cardiologist next Friday to work out next steps....
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