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  2. Perhaps she wrote it when she was being shot at in Bosnia? (I'm not left or right, just found it funny)
  3. She would produce the letter but it was accidentally deleted.
  4. Hilary Clinton claiming she wrote to nasa when nasa didn’t exist and got called out over it.
  5. You're rushing it and trying to be a hero. I was on 40mg Targin initially because I needed it for the pain but have gradually reduced (under the doc) to 10s; seeing my doc tomorrow to reduce to 5s and then off altogether. So what if you crash in the arvo, it won't kill you. I never had any side effects until I started to reduce with aches and pains but nothing two panadol didn't remedy. I had poor mobility initially; crutches, poor sleeping and sitting positions but improved over time. Bowels are great now. Being a great triathlete is knowing when to rest when fatigued or injured, this is no different. Stop being a workaholic and pushing what can't be pushed. Take your meds as prescribed, listen to your wife and medical professionals and do when and what's expected of you. You have a really poor attitude to treatment and recovery, I wouldn't want to be in any team with you.
  6. Times appear to be up... 7h19 - 7h 38 for 40-44... who is in this group? Cranky, AA7, me, any others? Men? Not sure if it is better to start up the front or a little further back. Better to have to swim through a few slower swimmers and be comfortable or be with peeps your speed / slightly faster so you can draft, but have the risk of being bashed by men much bigger than you... hmmmm
  7. I have a 935. I had a small battery pack in a checkpoint bag and hooked it up.for a leg. The 935 charges whilst still being active so i put it in my pocket.
  8. Turts

    UTA 2020

    Are you on the Facebook it sell page? Almost guaranteed to pick one by there before race day. Just need to train as if if got one coming! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1100947233408129/
  9. KieranR

    RWC I'm ready

    I’d like to see Japan win tonight I’d like to see a wales v All blacks final
  10. Merv

    RWC I'm ready

    Japan wont die wondering, they'll continue throwing caution to the wind.
  11. I'm sure you wouldn't. She got away from me with her last 50mtrs, I fear it won't be long before the baton gets passed on.
  12. That sounds about my caper! 🤣 But I'd still be last 🙄
  13. FatPom

    RWC I'm ready

    It's a good game. I missed the earlier match as I was running.
  14. Merv

    RWC I'm ready

    Japan are a fair chance here, boks continually shooting themselves in foot.
  15. FatPom

    UTA 2020

    I've found that mentally or skill wise, I'm not very good at the really steep, saw tooth profiles. Maybe I need to do more of them but I think I'm better pre-disposed to trot along over 80-100kms gradually accumulating 2000 mtrs vert, than I am shorter really hard climbing. I find I get a bit despondent when I'm struggling and don't cope well. Having said that, it's my first year and I am very much still in IM/TT mode where I stress about my time and place ion the race. When it gets very tough and there is nobody around, I forget that everyone else is struggling. I'm a work in progress
  16. On vegan protein powder?
  17. Yeah they do that at UTMB but I wonder how long it takes? Does Garmin have some super fast chargers or something?
  18. ??? I don't follow. Maybe I'm drunk...
  19. Mate, I have a 'little' experience of this. There is a fine line between having minimal pain killers, so that you are aware mentally with what's going on and needing some help with getting in the right position without being in agony. Sometimes you need a little help. I find the hardest bit is trying to change positions without stressing out. It's like you can be ok lying down or standing up but the most painful/stressful bit is that transition in-between the two. Very often I've been 'frozen' at that point, absolutely petrified to go any further as you know how painful it will be. I wish I had an easy answer. The only thing I found helped was tying things around the house that helped me get up and get down, that way your body is not taking the whole strain and it helps calm down the shaking. On the mental side of things, I've found it very useful to keep track of progress i.e.: Yesterday I could get x far own my own, today is a few meters further,,that kind of thing. I also found things like small step ups and counting them, really good. I remember the first I could take myself to the bathroom in 3mths, it was like I'd won the Olympics. Take the small daily victories where you can get mate and build on that. It really helps with the mental side IME.
  20. Thats what I'm not looking forward to when I eventually get my knee done, particularly with my job. Time off isn't really in my vocabulary.
  21. goughy

    TV Shows

    Watched the first two EPs of Living With Yourself on Netflix, starting Paul Rudd. Not too bad. Only 25min EPs.
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