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  2. the early starts with this cooler weather is seriously upsetting my cats.
  3. Just 1km this morning, but no pain, so that's good. A lovely red & purple sunrise over the dam wall at the halfway point made it all worthwhile. Great way to start the day. AA7, you may want to put a wetsuit on if you're swimming out there. It's starting to cool down just a little bit. I'm finding it worse this year because I'm not swimming every day, so I'm not as used to it.
  4. Oh wait,,,,,,, you said Mormon. Sorry.
  5. Getting back into it 60 minute steep trails on Saturday and then a 17km Z2 yesterday. 20 mins tempo today. Feels good to be back in the saddle!
  6. Peter

    Bike v's car

    I have to admit, this is why I dislike riding on mornings when car windows are fogged up. It actually scares me more than people on mobiles driving. Glad you were okay.
  7. I believe that Bored@ is a mormon. He has 5 wives.
  8. Today
  9. Another week in the bank. Swim - 28km - 5 x squad, 1x recovery Bike - 564km - 1 x 8x8min at 340w on Zwift, 1 x Vo2 session on Zwift, 2 x 180km (brick runs off), 1 x easy 80km Run - 62km - 1 x 6x5min at IM pace, 1 x 10km brick run off long ride at IM pace, 1 x easy 10km, 1 x easy 10km off long ride, 1 x 20km long run
  10. Noah's Ark suffers floor damage!!! The Age: Lawyers for Noah's Ark theme park are suing its insurance company for rain damage. https://www.theage.com.au/world/north-america/lawyers-for-noahs-ark-theme-park-are-suing-its-insurance-company-for-rain-damage-20190526-p51r9z.html
  11. Yesterday was a Sunday so it had to be a roast. Pork belly won the competition this time around. Was ace.
  12. goughy

    Bike v's car

    Yeah, well done by both! I reckon she'll wipe her window better in future.
  13. Her side window fogged, that white van blocking her view. No excuse but at least she stopped and said sorry....though she stopped a bit too fast! Seems like a nice kid though & she'll be more careful next time, I'm glad you went easy on her. The last woman who did that to me just blasted her horn at me and suggested it was my fault ☹️
  14. AA7

    Bike v's car

    And she wears 2XU. I reckon she will become a much better driver after that. You're a nice dude.
  15. The Customer

    Bike v's car

    It feels like she stopped after she heard the yell? (I would have yelled too) If I can't see down into side streets because of parked cars on the left, I'd be going a lot slower than that (unless there was a KOM at stake 😂)
  16. AnAl? No I recon he’ll stick with Albo. At least he didn’t come up with it himself and have it focus grouped before running with it.
  17. I'm up and watching this on one screen, Indy another later and the F1 in Monaco
  18. Paul Every

    Bike v's car

    Well handled. Both on the bike and the gracious manner off it.
  19. goughy

    Garmin 935

    @Ex-Hasbeen, here is my va3 vs small Apple watch on Jasmine's wrists. Her wrists measure 150mm circumference. If have stuck my f3 on there as well but I don't think she'd have had the strength to hold it up!
  20. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    The joys of commuting. This happens probably once per week or two. I only travel on the road for a very short part of my commute. Despite the comments which are often negative, I am adamant that I followed the best course of action on this one. I was not going overly fast (it's downhill, could have been going way faster than 30 if I wanted to, and most other bikes usually do) and there was a car behind me so I didn't think swerving to the right was a great idea. I started braking and honestly thought I'd have plenty of room, until she stopped unexpectedly. I've seen the result of swerving at the last moment and it doesn't usually end well.
  21. I'm already heading towards bed! I stayed up Friday night to watch and it destroyed me. Caught the last 30 min of the race last night while getting up to feed the baby. Some good racing though.
  22. well you would throw him the ball when he calls for it....lol.
  23. I've been saying the same thing forever!
  24. I need to get me a wife 🤔
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