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  2. We’ve done the drive the course type tour. Just remember you’re not in the city, so no late lunch. We did the Koala thing in Port. Had lunch burgers at North Haven beach cafe. Tacking Point, Camden Head, North Brother lookout. We didn’t have a real plan, just stopped and checked things out as we felt like it. Had dinner at Whalebone Wharf one night, which was pretty nice.
  3. Yes I was wondering when to chip back in as the thread seems to keep getting de-reailed somewhat... I think a swim on the Friday morning at 0730 for those that can make it and then would love do lunch as well. @Flanman should we set a venue for the swim? It might just be you and me but at least then other people can join at will... Somebody who knows the place should suggest a lunch venue?
  4. That sounds very definitive. He’s what? 29? Going through a divorce with a child involved. He might just be having a down year or 2. All things being equal I’d expect for him to come back stronger than ever later this year or next.
  5. So are we actually organising a catchup? Happy for a pub somewhere on Friday lunch/arvo.
  6. We're both long experienced St John volunteers in the UK so understand the value of volunteering and how good it is for the soul. However she doesn't really have any interest in giving back to triathlon (it's my thing, not hers) and given current state of her recovery there's no way she will be able to be on her feet all day or for more than an 2 hours at a time realistically. Koala Hospital sounds great along with the beaches and the Tomato Farm. Thanks all!
  7. Peter

    Spring Classics

    On the lance Armstrong podcast he is saying it is the best one day classic EVER. Yep EVER. Mathieu Van Der Poel from a no name team on hardly any cash will be fighting off offers now. Sagan is done. Not the man he was 3 years ago.
  8. OK I’ll say it. The sponsors get jack shit out of Ironman. People are no longer loyal & will buy what ever the latest trend is. People buy over the net & rather than the local bike shop. Sponsors will troll #tags & Instagram followers. Then once they find a “social media influencer” they will send them a heap of free stuff. This stuff cost companies sweet f-all to manufacture over seas and they get more exposure then a one day race in a small town /city.
  9. She could also volunteer on race day. It’s a great way to give back to the sport. The time flys & once she has the t-shirt she will be able to walk around with u when dropping off gear bags, getting ready in the morning & then collecting your gear post race etc Receiving a drink from her at the 30km mark of the run will be an emotional experience.
  10. I'd start giving poles a try. To be effective you have to be comfortable using them (And not). Many folks grab them for a race for the first time and use more effort than they save. UTMB and CCC will see even a lot of top folks using them. When you are fast hiking (as you will be) they can be very very useful. And if you're practised stowing them (or running with them in your hand), you won't lose any time
  11. Take the ferry across the river and drive and or ride on the beach , it’s arwsome and goes for mikes go to wauhope and timbertown koala hospital , is great and gives money to the hospital
  12. If the bike makes the noise on the road then its likely the bike, not the trainer. The trainer could just be amplifying the noise. Check things like the the rear deraileur and wheel hub, chain etc.
  13. I’ve had my KK rock n roll for 9 years 15-20 hrs a week , so let’s go on low side so say 15hr x52 =780 780x9 7020 hrs 7020 x 30k = 210,600k mines still going fine , so if you need to replace it get a kirt kinetic
  14. Cranky

    Garmin 530/830

    Will this reduce the price of the 520? I need Dazz to get one of his own and stop stealing mine! 🤣 I only use it when riding outdoors though, so I have until summee to find him something. He may get a watch. New thread for another time. He's talking about a Vivo fit. ??
  15. Cranky

    Garmin 530/830

    Summer 2019? Source https://gpsrumors.com/monthly-garmin-roundup-february-2019
  16. Purchased 20/9/15 Average, I dunno 150km a week?? 3.5years @ 52weeks = 182 weeks x 150km/wk = 27,300 km give or take. Anyway, it's fine for now. When do they usually die?
  17. 1. A bit better, but not pefect 2. Not sure. Don't have anther one available atm 3. N/A 4. Cycleops fluid
  18. Not sure. Let me work it out. Anyway, seems as though it's the bike, not the trainer. Need to find time to get it to my LBS. Dazz has been my LBS since it was purchased in Feb 2016, so it probably needs a good look at.
  19. I thought you were a red dog?
  20. My rib had healed enough to drive home. Then I mustered up enough strength to watch Mrs FP mow the lawn.
  21. Nice work Peter throwing the chalkenge out there & to everyone who got some training in
  22. Youre putting down some very serious watts ! Seriously - thats scarey to think of what couldve been a nasty crash. Good job you stopped & didnt ignore it
  23. After a week away at Mums, putting flowers on Dad's grave and then taking a nasty fall trail running, I was feeling a bit low. Came home today and there is a chq from the tax man informing me I've overpaid by £940. 👍
  24. softy

    Spring Classics

    It was a great finish! I thought either Fuslang or Allaphillippe had it with 1k to go. Never give up alright.
  25. hehe small world, that was where I lived (IIRC, 147 Burns Bay Rd). He used to tell me stories about tri and cycling and I got the impression he worked in the industry at some point?
  26. Yep Nic Reed. We started outside his unit block (next to the LC Bowling Club) on Saturday mornings. I started in 89 but they had been going since I think about 1983. Nick not only had the dodgy arm and the leg too. I believe as a result of Polio as kid. He did the very first Forster in 1985 and I think even the MMM. Amazing athlete...well ahead of his time and a great bloke too. I last saw him as I ran past in Port a few years ago.
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