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  2. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Depends on design. The old tri suit had way too much white. And not 2XU. Over priced rubbish
  3. So what do you dirty devils ride?
  4. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Probly gud to ask someone with physics qualifications rather than a swimmer., if you want an explanation of the physics involved.
  5. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    I've spoken to him. Sagan said Kona is a shit town and he'd rather stay in Europe
  6. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    That's what I was kinda thinking, having the person at your side is affecting the water beside you etc, maybe affecting the flow at the back half of your pull? Maybe the fact they're there creates a little hollow in the water beside you?
  7. Srm not showing power ???

    Yes I spoke to soren today
  8. storage boxes and flying

    U have an honest face unlike B@W
  9. Today
  10. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    While I've not seen anything on swimming, it's well established that drafting in cycling actually reduces drag for the rider in front as well. Effectively they get a little 'push' from the bunch behind. With water being a couple of orders of magnitude denser it's possible that a similar effect might exist...as long as propulsion is not disturbed
  11. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    turbulent water flow, drag
  12. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Wider vessel?
  13. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Hmmm Probably not one for you fit healthy athletic types but for us ex-triathletes...Professional "Drunk Uncle" at the reception.
  14. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Good question
  15. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    How's my Safari Suit going?
  16. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    He's still young, he has time
  17. Australian Survivor

    Do you get confused ?
  18. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Good common sense here - I still cannot believe that a swimmer swimming on your hip can slow you down - I am fully aware of the advantages to swimming on the feet or on the hip of the swimmer in front of you - just can't accept that the "drafter" can affect the leader (apart from giving him the shits) - I believe the "drafter" can affect the leader psychologically - but not physically But I don't have an Olympic gold medal - I'd just like someone who has one explain how this is possible
  19. What training did you do today?

    Rode my MTB on single tracks for an hour from the front door at work. 90% of which I have never ridden before after a couple of years off the bike. Trail fairies been extremely busy in a very very good way!!
  20. AFL 2017

    I thought Bruce Macavaney made it really interesting by sneaking up to Dusty's table every 5 minutes and asking "So, Dusty, 15 minutes into the count, how are you feeling?" Dusty handled it well but I think it probably should have been answered by: "Fine Bruce. Just like it was 5 minutes ago! And the 5 minutes before that!! And it will most likely be the same the next time you creep up behind me with a mic so why don't you just F*ck off and annoy someone else you d1ck head?!"
  21. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Does anyone know where to find out how many entries there are to Kurnell?
  22. AFL 2017

    I find that anyone that watched the Brownlow Vote calling last night or ever, seriously need to get a life. The most boring TV EVER. One guy yelling out numbers. Like Bingo but goes for 3 hours or whatever rather than 4 minutes (like Bingo).
  23. The Politics Thread

    Back when Abbott lost 30 in a row Newspoll came out every fortnight without fail. No there is often a 3-4 week gap between. So, Truffles Turdball is pretty close in terms of time to the Monk already. ...
  24. AFL 2017

    Brownlow medal traditions are exempt from current societal PC norms on the grounds of them being part of an established ritual protected by religious freedom exemptions. The hard-fought right to do so is commemorated on the VERY-Good-Friday (aka "Grand Final Eve") public holiday in the enlightened state of Victoria where other religious freedoms are celebrated on Easter, Christmas and Cup Day.
  25. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Yep course changed. Transition changed
  26. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Being built like a ken doll, I am not sure I really can comment on this front, (or lack of it) (Or I just need to stock up on potatoes)
  27. AFL 2017

    Saw a clip on Australia Plus TV this morning of some bloke getting a medal for something last night. Given the state of do gooders and political correctness in Australia, I found it bizarre that they were allowed to get on stage with a tray of beers during the presentation ceremony. Hardly a good example for the youngin's .
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