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5 hours ago, XCOM! said:

Obviously, your attitude to 'finer things' is very much dependant on your financial position at the time.

I've never been extravagant or purchased things 'for myself' but also never paid much attention to my day-to-day expenses.

However, I recently lost my long-time business partner, which has caused the collapse of the business, has taken everything I had with it, and left me with a mountain of personal debt.

At my age, it's going to be a very difficult position to come back from, and I am suddenly discovering how every cent counts when you find yourself on new-start, and how impossible it is to even survive on it. If it were not for family, I'd currently be sleeping on the street.

Wow mate that sounds tough. Don't be afraid to speak up here if you need a leg up. 

Good luck

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