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My son's godmother died of a cerebral aneurism at 33 weeks pregnant.  Her baby was delivered by Caesarian and survived well. 

Her husband said even soon after, while he was dealing with grief and a premmie baby in NICU, that the discipline of dealing with all the mechanics of death was something that was very helpful in coming to terms with life without Robbie.  He had a huge support network to keep him grounded. 

25 years later I still miss one of my best friends, but Dave has moved on, not that he ever stops grieving in various ways. 

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9 hours ago, Flanman said:

My daughter came home in tears on the weekend and has been in mild shock for a couple of days. Her friends' husband had an  accident on the weekend and passed away. 28 year old with an 11 month old baby. He is self employed and his wife has a part-time self employed job.

Rock fishing is one of the most dangerous sports in Australia. It is an absolute shame that a life so young is lost.

I read about this earlier in the week - he played football for the Wests Tigers lower grades and was apparently a very nice young bloke. I'd be hopeful the club will assist a bit as will his former team mates.

Best wishes for your daughter Flannie, it sounds like she'll be great support to her friend once the shock passes.

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