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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Ok so they are here and they need new homes. Working on a 500gm Aus post satchel which is about $8, I can get up to 7 items in a bag with a bit of squishing So 1 Item $28 2 Items $48 3 Items $68 4 Items .... you get the drift up to about 7 items. If you want to do a group post, (training group/ CBD workers etc) please organise this among yourselves then just give me one payment and one name/ address. Step 1: Read all this post Step 2: EFT Payment to Peter Rox Bank of Qld BSB: 124001 Acc: 20515110 See above for costs. Put a name in the details that means something!!! Step 3: Shoot me a PM with your Tranny Name, Payment Reference name Payment Amount What you want to order Address details for postage. Step 4: Wait patiently. Once I have your PM I will confirm when you payment is in my account, and when I have posted your cap/ visor. Step5: Wait patiently or direct all mail complaints to FFF or Gimili. Thanks for your patience and support and HUGE thanks to Cranky for doing all the legwork and I reckon you will find the wait well worth it as this BOCOGEAR stuff, I think, is top notch. *Pick up i also available if you know me or can get to the Shire after hours or Revesby during work hours.
  2. roxii

    Hats......just hats OK!!!

    Ok so I have found a local embroiderer that says they can do the hats for us. They also have options for different hat types, not sure if you are all happy with the current ones or would prefer something different. Anyway here are the links to a few of the options, which I was told (My Mrs had been looking after this for me) are all the same price and hopefully should all run the same price as the last batch or possibly cheaper if my wifes gets to haggling. 1. http://ca.headwear.com.au/productDetails.cfm?&prodID=100&prodCatID=2&searchResult&CFID=42554871&CFTOKEN=34119917 2. http://ca.headwear.com.au/productDetails.cfm?&prodID=190&prodCatID=6&searchResult&CFID=42554871&CFTOKEN=34119917 3. http://ca.headwear.com.au/productDetails.cfm?&prodID=253&prodCatID=6&searchResult&CFID=42554871&CFTOKEN=34119917 4. http://ca.headwear.com.au/productDetails.cfm?&prodID=567&prodCatID=6&searchResult&CFID=42554871&CFTOKEN=34119917 5. http://ca.headwear.com.au/productDetails.cfm?&prodID=588&prodCatID=6&searchResult&CFID=42554871&CFTOKEN=34119917 If you click on the "line drawing" tab, it shows the back as well in case you are interested in the fastening system. Sticking with white, logo on the front, name on the back as usual. Rocket Salad it goes without saying, keep ya trap shut or you will be banned till this thread is complete