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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. A staple of the Sydney winter scene RAW TRACK starts this Friday night at The Dunc Gray Velodrome. Ill be trying to dust off the Track bike and have a dig, I believe Trev will also be there and maybe even Jabbs. Anyone else thinking of coming along?
  2. imyoungmatt

    Have you tried this workout?

    Hi Folks, Just thought I would share a run interval / speed set I do, along with my guys, generally in their race specific phase, 3-4 weeks out from their 'A' event. The key thing I want to see out of this one is not pure speed, but to see how consistent they can get the time on each interval. Perfect if you can do this on a track, otherwise a nice flat consistent ground is just as good. Total set is 10km, however the reps can be reduced or increased according to 'A' race distance. Warm up - 2km and include drills of choice. If on the track, do the drills down the straights and jog the curves. Main set - 4 x 400m at stand alone 10km pace with 300m easy jog / walk recoveries. 4 x 300m at stand alone 5km pace with 200m easy jog / walk recoveries. 4 x 200m at stand alone 3km pace with easy jog / walk recoveries. Cool down - 2km easy Try to do the efforts without looking at a watch and go purely on feel. This set will also help you get a feel for pacing yourself come race day. Enjoy!! Cheers Matt
  3. JacqHarrill

    Training/Clubs in Torque

    Hi! I am traveling from the USA to AUS for about a year and starting my travels in Torquay. I race a a competitive level and enjoy training with others! If you have suggestions on the following, I would so appreciate it! -Triathlon clubs in Torquay -Meet up time/location for track workouts, weekly runs and rides -Meet up times/locations/skill level for weekend rides and runs -Best training pools/structured swim workouts -Recommended races Hopefully I will get to meet some of you!! How is the triathlon scene in Torquay, is there a good community? Any suggestions for a city to visit after Torquay that is known for their triathlon community?
  4. lobsha

    Sydney Track Running Groups

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good running clubs - either track or other on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I know there are Sydney Striders - they sound good - I've done a race with them before in Lane Cove. I have also done about 3 mths with Barry Golding (Manly Running Academy). But there arent too many triathletes - mainly kids surprisingly. I heard about one at the Sydney Institute of Sport )or whatever its called) on Wakehurst Pkwy. Anyone know when these guys run, and how much it is etc? Cheers