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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. So what's the latest science on Magnesium? Not really interested in your anecdotal experience, I really only like crocodile related anecdotes anyway and they deserve a thread of their own. What studies have been done recently and what was the result? Were they good studies or run by the Ponds Institute? I have a mate that is trying to get me onto 500mg a day (probably because I am always whining about being sore), but I am not convinced. Is there any test you can get to measure if your magnesium levels are low?
  2. Anyone have any good ideas for a family holiday after Cairns IM? Thinking Port Douglas resort with a day out on the reef, one in the rainforest, etc. maybe an island though? Sprogs are 9 and 10 and like snorkelling and seeing animals. Wife likes animals and spas. Dad is a tight man with Scottish heritage. Any thoughts? Cheers
  3. Pulmonary Vein Isolation Ablation, is what my cardiologist has recommended to deal with my persistent Atrial Fibrillation. In fact not only suggested it, but has booked it in for five weeks time. It seems that it is a highly effective way of dealing with the issue permanently and eliminates the use of those pesky beta blockers within a couple of months. My cardiologist says I can return to normal activities in about 3 or 4 weeks, but everything I can find online suggests that it could take anything between 3 to 6 months to recover to pre-procedure fitness. That said, most of the info I could find related to becoming fit after a heart issue rather than regaining fitness. i spoke to the cardiologist about whether he considered the training I do as normal activities and said it should be OK. I withdrew from Forster Challenge for other reasons and missed entry to Nepean tri, so currently the only event I am entered in is IM OZ in May. I was hoping to do a couple of sprint races before Xmas, but that will depend on how recovery goes. Has anyone had the procedure done or have a good knowledge of what to expect post procedure? (from a return to training perspective)
  4. Clydesdale

    Cycling after arthroscope

    Hey guys and girls, Well I've bitten the bullet and booked in for surgery first week of may on my knee minor clean up to remove a chondral flap and inject Stem cells. Doc says other than the injury that cartridge and meniscus in my knee is fantastic. I have a trip booked to follow the last two weeks of the TDF. Which gives me about 9 weeks to recover. The doc thinks I will be sweet. But I wanted to know how long after you had a scope you were back on the bike and how long till you were back in full action. Clydesdale.
  5. I did a bit of a search & found some related threads, but none that really answered the question. Rather than just opinions by those who have donated, has anybody been given advice from doctors, or are there doctors here that could give an informed answer. I try todonate Plasma fortnightly but usually average 15 per year. I have no issue riding home (25km) a couple hours after, and don't even feel tired from it, but I was wondering if I should forego the donations if I'm trying to recover from soft tissue injury that has been nagging away for a while (knee, calf & achilles).