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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Oompa Loompa

    IMOZ - is the specialness gone

    I'll start with I wasn't there so seeking others opinions. Speaking to few Shire folk, they said it just wasn't the same, crowds were down, vouchers are crap for functions ..... the Je ne sais quoi has gone from Port. I know looking at social media feeds, the once great pis were not there in numbers, the Shire clubs photos had little more than a dozen peeps, it was sorta sad when you back a few years and see 80 pissers and 60 tossers were in it, over 10% of the field delivered by two areas in Sydney. Feedback from the bike was that the far end of the course has dimished in terms of punters, the run was even a lonely place in town COMPARED to previous years. Sure the die hards will always love it, the 10/15 plus people but what about the three or four IM peeps, has IM OZ dimished like competitive locals are saying ? Is the pot holed bike course an issue, I know a few have said they will never ride it again in that condition. So what are people's thoughts, as good as ever or it's lost its way since King Ken and Shane Smith moved on ?