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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Turts

    event catering

    So it seems it was maybe a cut and run comment from AP around the “free meals” at my motorbike event, and that intelligent triathlon people on here aren’t concerned about a free meal and a stubby holder – but a healthy lifestyle. It got me thinking though, about event catering. This motorbike rally was at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Hahndorf. Catered well. Even the marginal bbq on the opening day was homemade burger patties, wholegrain bread, salads. The rest was made up of curry, roast meats, baked chicken, awesome salads, salad/meat wraps and sangas, fruit, grilled prawns, steamed veges, baked spuds etc. There was no free alcohol or desserts at any meal. Compared to any meal I’ve ever had at an ironman or any other triathlon. Greasy white pasta fests, white bread, free grog, sugary desserts, sugary soft drinks, and a big deal made of the piss up after the race. Then there’s the beer mile, and Challenge races giving you a beer on finishing. And it all celebrates and praised on here, along with the goody bags and even transitions stubby holders. Even fun ru Which of these sounds healthier? Even fun runs and smaller races have the ol sausage barby. If triathlon is such a healthy lifestyle, why do we celebrate/tolerate such atrocious food and drink at events? Is that maybe the real reason for the phasing out of the carb dinner and awards banquet in favour of a meal voucher? Too many complaints about the shiiite food? (from the other thread)