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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Cycling PTSD

    I used to get a bit pissed at drivers nearly taking me out and never had a problem having a toe to toe discussion with them about their driving. After 5yrs off the bike, I swore I'd be more forgiving and easy going, and so I was for the first few months, just waving at people who nearly got me, not having a hissy over it. But after 2 near misses in 3 days, I'm back to being an angry prick again. I can understand in Sydney with heaps of traffic how drivers miss seeing cyclists and get the shits with them on narrow busy roads, but out here it should be a doddle for them. When they do nearly get me, and we discuss their driving behaviour, it was my fault cos "I should have been looking". Well lady, if I'd not been looking and had not predicted your likelihood of failing to Give Way from 30m out, you'd have nailed me good. Some Fly6 footage.