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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. Turts

    event catering

    So it seems it was maybe a cut and run comment from AP around the “free meals” at my motorbike event, and that intelligent triathlon people on here aren’t concerned about a free meal and a stubby holder – but a healthy lifestyle. It got me thinking though, about event catering. This motorbike rally was at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Hahndorf. Catered well. Even the marginal bbq on the opening day was homemade burger patties, wholegrain bread, salads. The rest was made up of curry, roast meats, baked chicken, awesome salads, salad/meat wraps and sangas, fruit, grilled prawns, steamed veges, baked spuds etc. There was no free alcohol or desserts at any meal. Compared to any meal I’ve ever had at an ironman or any other triathlon. Greasy white pasta fests, white bread, free grog, sugary desserts, sugary soft drinks, and a big deal made of the piss up after the race. Then there’s the beer mile, and Challenge races giving you a beer on finishing. And it all celebrates and praised on here, along with the goody bags and even transitions stubby holders. Even fun ru Which of these sounds healthier? Even fun runs and smaller races have the ol sausage barby. If triathlon is such a healthy lifestyle, why do we celebrate/tolerate such atrocious food and drink at events? Is that maybe the real reason for the phasing out of the carb dinner and awards banquet in favour of a meal voucher? Too many complaints about the shiiite food? (from the other thread)
  2. jenez_world

    Port Mac Recommendations

    Hello Everyone Yes I am ALSO excited but would like some assistance before this west aussie leaves the comfort of 27 degree weather and cloudless skies. I get very weird about food the closer to the day so does anyone have any recommendations for healthy and FRESH food places ? Bland is good too. I will be staying in the middle of town and will only have legs for transport. Also I am having issues with my calves and would like to see if I can organise a remedial massage. Does anyone have any recommendations - also close to town ? Thanks in advance. Yesterday I wasnt excited and I hated my bike. Today my bike is the best in the whole world and I am totally excited.
  3. Asked AP a few questions a while back and he was generous with his time as always. I had to trim down my questions before posting as sometimes the questions were longer than answers. Q1. Hello AP – thanks for agreeing to do this for us. We know your triathlon journey - tell us something about your food journey. A – From about 15yrs I was interested in body building so I started reading all I could on nutrition. I just gradually developed more of an interest as time went on. I became interested in organic growing when I was around 19yrs and grew a lot of our own veges. Q2 Are you celiac and lactose intolerant or just your choice to not eat them? I some people are neither celiac nor lactose intolerant – does removing these items from their diet equally benefits them as well? A – I am not coeliac but I am lactose intolerant. I rarely ever eat dairy foods, goat or sheep products are OK. I have found to get rid of excess weight quickly and still eat as much food as you like, it’s possible by dropping wheat, dairy and sugar from the diet. Q3. Do you believe that controlling calories is a sustainable way of keeping a healthy weight? A – I don’t know if it’s possible to count calories for the rest of your life, I think you’d go mad. It’s really not that hard to select meals off most menus without wheat, sugar or dairy. And the nice thing is that you never need go hungry. Q4. All right – lets move on to some practical issues of living the way you promote – especially for weight loss. Did your family play the game of eating fish with you for every meal for 2 weeks or were you cooking separately from them? For a young family I would imagine this would be close to impossible with the amount of planning and preparation required. I know your missus is a damn good triathlete herself but it’s not necessary her training schedule matches with yours – What did you used to do when you had kids at home? A – Sometimes the kids might have had leftovers from a previous meal when we were sticking to a “fish and vege diet” for a couple of weeks. Our kids are teenagers and are health conscious, so it’s not that hard for them. Q5. Potion size– Triathletes are known to eat humongous quantities of food as part of their “nutrition plan”. A large part of triathletes are attracted to the sport because it gives them the freedom to eat whatever they want and still lose weight. Do you agree with this philosophy? A – I don’t think that’s the best way to live a long healthy life. The best approach is to find what suits you, and stick with that. There’s an awful lot of crap out there being sold as food. It would not matter how much exercise you did it would be hard to not suffer negative side effects from some of the choices available. Q6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – what’s your take on the potion size at different times of the day? Is this a non-issue as long as we keep our total calories within limits? A – I don’t think we should put traditional English, Australian or American eating habits up as being right or wrong. These days people can afford too much food and they make bad choices. Our early settlers didn’t have the obesity problems we do now. We’re just too well off. Q7. Superfoods – Do I really need them n my diet to look normal? Have you ever used any of them and seen quantifiable benefits in yourself or the athletes you coach? Do any of these have benefits in recovery, increased aerobic capacity or the like? Aren’t you big on Chinese medicine – ginseng and the lot as well? A – We eat some of those things but we don’t base our diet on them. They all have some benefit but fresh fruit, vegetables, along with fresh fish, meat and poultry have enough nutrients at a reasonable cost for no-one in Australia to be suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Q8. Lets hear your thoughts on fat - its a contentious issue whats your take on it. A – There are so many questions in there – I’ll simplify my answer. Avoid margarine and trans fats, avoid the seed oils where possible, favour the fat sources which were available 40yrs ago. I like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and I don’t avoid a bit of fat on meat (I like it) Q9. Reference book – Would you recommend people to read some books, blogs, papers, notes etc to educate themselves about the way of living you recommend. Who are the people you look at for nutrition and health advice? Are you an avid reader of health website keeping tabs of the latest development of the heath industry? A – I have a library full of books – for a start – “Sweet Poison” David Gillespie – “The Paleo Diet” – “Good Health in the 21st Century” Carol Hungerford (some pretty good nutritional common sense in there from a medical doctor – not common) Q10. Lets finish this off with some quick questions and quick answers. What is (are): a. Your 3 guilty pleasures – red wine – potato chips b. The 3 things always in your pantry – olive oil – chillis – sweet potatos c. Your views on meal replacement shakes – no thoughts d. Your choice of takeaway food - Vietnamese e. Your favorite snack foods – Thins potato chips f. Your pre-IM breakfast Endura Opti Cheers - look forward to hearing from you. Arpit
  4. trinube

    Biggest Loser 2012

    It's been a while since we ran a biggest loser and since stepping on the scales this morning I figure it's time to shed the winter blubber. These 'competitions' have always served up a degree of accountability for what one stuffs in their mouth and most people seem to drop a few kgs when participating. And what better time to drop some weight - being inspired by Kona this weekend and having the new season upon us. For those who haven't participated before it's very simple; First, respond on here with your height, this will allow us to monitor BMI Second, each Monday morning for the next 10 weeks - beginning the day after Kona (15th Oct), you simply add your weight in kgs to a special weigh-in thread. This should see us nice and trim for the Xmas onslaught. Maybe Trev will be kind enough to pin this for the duration. If you want to get a flyer, here are a few tips courtesy of AP: Tip 1 6 days on 1 off. Tip 2 Improve the efficiency of your digestion. Tip 3 Go long. Tip 4 Fats are not your enemy. Tip 5 Your mind delivers what you order. Tip 6 Are you eating enough in the morning to actually lose weight? Tip 7 It's time to give your body a shock. Tip 8 If you don't have it in the cupboard, you won't eat it. Tip 9 It's time for the drugs. Tip 10 If you want something bad enough you'll find a way. You can track calories here for free - http://www.calorieking.com.au This helps you track calories and enter any training, also free (even if you hate Lance) - http://www.livestrong.com/myplate/ or here courtesy of Stickman Results will be tabulated in a spreadsheet or app and improvements by total loss, percentage and BMI will be noted. If we can score a couple of giveaways we'll try and offer a few prizes. Get on it (or off it as the case may be)!
  5. Quack

    TDU - what to do

    Heading to TDU and keen to know what the 'must see/do' agenda should include while in Adelaide for the race... Heading down with a mate and wives. Boys taking bikes, girls taking credit cards... S far, we are doing the Bupa ride on Friday, will have hire car and staying at same hotel as riders (so should be good for seeing them). Recommendations?
  6. Arpit

    Food Related Studies

    Today I again read on a continuous series of misleading/ half ar$ed article about how Potatoes now can actually be good for you. If any of you are interested to waste 2 mins of your life here it is http://www.smh.com.a...0902-1jozk.html In the article it claims that potatoes "can" help lower blood pressure. Now their sample size is mega small, their test period is way way small to prove anything properly, they dont mention the contraints, not a mention of the control group or any thing but the Results are straight on your face. I can do a 1 sec search on google and find at least 10 studies which will prove that if you eat potatoes you might as well drink poison which is complete shite. Now the wise men and women of trannies are obviously more aware of what they eat but the not so informed public gets seriously confused with all these conflicting studies. Everything causes and cures cancer these days. Diabeties is caused by each and everything in the world. Sticking to a food pattern is a joke because within a month some study will come out which will completely disprove that you believe. A lot of people stick to 0 fat milk (which I should say taste awful) because Fat makes them well FAT. What it doesnt tells you that it also fulls you up so you dont go around eating crap all the time which might be the real reason of those love handles and tyres around your waist. Isnt it the responsibility of the newspapers/government to have some sort of regulation on such studies especially in a country so badly marred by obesity??? Coming from a big boy background myself it sh!ts me to death when I see time and again these vague studies published as the end word in nutrition. Rant over.....