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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. ironpo

    Ironpos world records

    So othe spirt that anyone can claim a world record without it being verified, I thought I'd add a few that I can think of right now that I must own Please add your own if you wish 1 the first person to win a Ag Tri with a caden disk 2 the most 3 hr plus swims in an endless pool in OZ 3 the fittest person in Porepunkah 4 the most ultraman done with cancer 5 the most IM done by someone in Porepunkah 6 the person who makes the most dust on a mower in the ovens valley 7 the person who mows the most lawns in the ovens valley 8 the person who has mown the most grass in the rain in the world 9 the person with the cleanest bikes in OZ 10 the person who has done the fastest UM Hawaii with liekemia 11 the person who trains the most alone from trannies 12 the person who has done the most one K reps (66) 13 the person who comments on everything but knows NUFFIN (or is this Pauline Hanson)? 14 the person who's loves the big island of Hawaii the most In OZ 15 the person who has the best partner in the world 16 the person who has the best dog in OZ 17 the person who has the best looking house in OZ 18 the person who knows more worlds to 80s some than anyone in Porepunkah 19 the person who spends more time on the windtrainer than anyone in the ovenvalley 20 the person who has the best life in OZ that hasn't been handed to them on a plate I think of some more but please add your own Don't be shy Cheers Ivp Edit to add Most of these Are Tri related in someway