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  1. As I've mentioned before, Sport Pursuit have been doing Hokas for a while. You have to sign up to view their site, but well worth it. https://www.sportpursuit.com/ Few screen grabs of Hokas below to save signing up. These guys are a outdoors/adventure clearance site & best online shopping experience I've had. Sizing can be a little limited, but if they've got what you're after, pricing is great compared with any items I've cross referenced. They kinda take pre-orders, so it can be a few weeks before order is dispatched & another couple of weeks shipping. On the plus side of the dispatch wait, you can add to an existing/open order & they'll reimburse your 2nd ,3rd etc. shipping fee(s). Also, returns are local to NSW & if you buy with PayPal, you get reimbursed any return postage costs, so really is no risk shopping. Customer service is great with fast & helpful replies.
  2. Rebel showing the 735 for $449. http://search.rebelsport.com.au/search?w=garmin forerunner 735xt
  3. Sweet.
  4. 43 y.o.. Body feels 73 & I spend just as much time doing exercises out of necessity to get through the day & function somewhat normally, as I do exercising for fun. The mind is at the other end of the spectrum at around 13, where dick & fart jokes still bring a smile to the dial without fail, so things kinda average out nicely hey.....
  5. Hey CCN, think your inbox might be full, as couldn't send above mentioned PM. Anyways, spoke to my mate & there's no sizing marked on it. As a basic reference he's 5'11"ish. If keen, best to discuss with him directly Re price. Let me know if you want his details to discuss further.
  6. Hey Ex, yeah, I'll let him know, I'm sure he'll be chuffed. Was bike sitting this & his RMIT Super-Bike for a few weeks recently while he moved house............the dude's livin' in the past man. CCN, I've flicked you a PM.
  7. Hey Kojimaeagle, got a mate open to the idea of selling his below Softride if you're still interested. He's based in the Eastern 'burbs of Melbourne.
  8. Can't say I've seen too many issues (not that I've been looking) with Canyons, but their warranty process is on par with most of the bike industry (i.e. farkin' terrible) if this guys Spectral MTB experience is anything to go by -: https://www.rotorburn.com/forums/showthread.php?306356-Canyon-MTB-Real-Life-Experience (starts page 5 post #42)
  9. SHIMANO R315 ROAD SHOE (Size 46) - $110 These have had relatively little use & this reflects in their great condition. Comes with original box, arch supports, instructions (for molding if required, these have NOT been molded), 2 sets of used but still reasonable cleats & shoe bag.
  10. I trust this fee will go towards improving their handling of such items
  11. Sport Pursuit have a decent sale (nothing over a hungie) on what seems to be superseded Hoka models, with a reasonable size range to boot, which is not always the case with these guys.
  12. I'm a US12 in a Salomon, are folks finding their Hokas true to size? Reading people are going a size up (sometimes to accommodate orthotics) which is understandable, but not the case here. Heard the 'sizing up' thing with Sidi cycling shoes, but found I was the same size in those. I'd say my foot is on the narrower side in both width & height, if that's of any relevance. Only looking at these as comfy walking shoes. PM sent Willie.
  13. SportPursuit doing F3 Sapphire Titanium for $555. Sale finishes in 2 days.
  14. Good to see Macca diversifying, just in case this F1 thing doesn't pan out -: http://www.msn.com/en-au/money/company-news/ikea-israel-apologizes-for-female-free-catalogue/ar-AAn6fd5?li=AA54Gb&ocid=spartanntp