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  1. Gambling I get how you can lose millions, but not just straight drinking - even a $1000 bottle (four figure but not five) of spirits per day, enough to kill mere mortals, or at least me - only 0.5 million a year or thereabouts. But alcoholics I've known to get blotto every day seem to manage to do it pretty well on a $50 bottle of spirits, even on $10 flagons of sherry. But yes, maybe the drinking is really never just drinking, but a set of things. Segment on ABC news last night, where Lemond was expousing the possibilities, and something similar out of a laboratory at Oak Ridge USA. Technique must have patents around it, but even then probably hard to truly protect.
  2. I think the car has tinted windows, which is often to hide the fact that drivers are on the phone.
  3. Gosh, how do you drink - I assume - millions of dollars?
  4. If camera footage would result in a fine, I'd buy a camera and record. I guess that's somewhere between pro-activeness and vigilantism. Also note how the car in this incident has tinted windows. Classic tell-tale sign.
  5. There's photos from the video clearly showing the women on the phone, along with comments https://fitzroyalty.net/2017/06/17/brunswick-police-constable-ben-ashmole-refuses-charge-driver-using-mobile-phone Regardless of the cyclist's reaction, the police should surely be fining her. Does anyone here know whether police can fine someone based on camera footage?
  6. Good news indeed, and hope it pans out. There is company in Geelong making carbon fibre car wheels, which is outside my interest but apparently doing very well. Not sure how China will not simply dominate in the end though, as volume and scaling up becomes the key issue.
  7. I reckon a good thing. I emailed SBS last year to switch to the Australian commentators, who would have thought
  8. I get this every time I go for a run around 6pm along the Moonee Ponds Creek path, and Footscray Rd. At times I've taken to shouting like a lunatic. Had a couple of cuppers almost apologise. I think I might also have to arm myself with a bazillion lumen torch to compete.
  9. Yep, agree that compression tights seem to make you feel the part, and that helps. Some study somewhere mentioned just even putting on 'activewear' helped motivation, at least in the general population. That's a good thing. Does it make you go any better, placebo effect or not. Unsure. But if it gets more people out doing stuff it's a win, given how fast the population is getting fatter.
  10. They look svelte, on fit bods, and are more aero than baggy long jongs in the cold, although they too can look the part e.g. Rocky running up the stairs. I think the compression socks fad died pretty quickly, despite the spruiking by elite athletes.
  11. Thanks for that. From a quick read the 17.9 per thousand people is said to be the number of monthly doses per year per 1000 population (no idea of metrics for prescription or drug consumption). But couldn't see anything direct what proportion of men might be on testosterone (the article doesnt mention women). Other than something indirect about 0.5% of men having a condition which means they should be on it and how much they should take, but which still leaves a (big) gap in the consumption numbers. Wonder how many blokes in the 50+ age groups are on it, although if prescribed it should presumably only be making up for a low level.
  12. Anecdotal stories, hard to generalise. Decades ago I had an ITB issue, used to flick across knobby bone on outside of knee, and generally feel tight. Did the rounds, although no-one suggested surgery back then (release operation may not have been around). Gradually it resolved with reduced load i.e. less running (and less squash at the time). Recently there's been attention on how much surgery has little evidence for it being beneficial http://www.theage.com.au/national/health/many-operations-more-harmful-than-beneficial-top-surgeon-warns-20170512-gw3pbc.html But then I have a friend, a dentist, who swears that her tennis elbow was cured by acupuncture, after trying everything else
  13. Gets (a bit) cold and dark in Melbourne over winter. Concentrate on running, which is a good fit for winter - cycling in summer. Great half marathon series run by Sri Chinmoy, culminating the Athletics Victoria half marathon championship, and a couple of weeks later Melbourne Marathon (maybe). See if can finally crack sub 1:30 HM. A few swims, just enough to maintain.
  14. Steigen in summer. Capo (cycling!) mid-season. Ice breaker merino in winter.
  15. Indeed. Good luck to the pair of you.