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  1. Townsville Triathlon

    Anyone going to the Townsville Triathlon Festival August 18 – 20, 2017. Thinking about the OD event and considering travel and accom options for a flying (by car from H.Bay) visit. Drive up thur night (via tannum sands stop over) /friday, race sat, drive home sun (or even home sunday via an overnight on sat night somewhere). thoughts? Any done this even before? What is the water like? etc
  2. Townsville Triathlon

    where did you get the swim waves?
  3. It's about time Ironman

    I'll believe they are serious about customer service when they implement the policies we had for the HB Tri & Multisports Festival - choices of: refund (subject to a sliding scale), transfer to friend or roll-over (both without penalty). Oh and no add on fees - what we advertised was what it cost (coz the gateway fee basically offsets the old manual job of data entry & manual banking).
  4. Townsville Triathlon

    As at Tue evening (and really that should be about it), they have 322 ind for the Oly. I'm not redoing the list (and the previous list I've taken down for privacy reasons - PM me if you want it. Now I've just got 3000 words to write before I pack the car for Thursday afternoon's after work drive fest.
  5. Townsville Triathlon

    20+ cut and pastes into Excel then just a little sorting , For you mylady: sorted by: gender, age, name name age gender town state country
  6. Townsville Triathlon

    Near as I can tell they have 150 men and 136 women entered - so an avg of about 20-25 per cat - ie just about guaranteed points if you finish. - but plenty of interstate - which might suggest the secret is out (edit)
  7. Townsville Triathlon

    I'm trusting the race time temps will be in the 20-24 range, then warmer after lunch...
  8. Lifesavers are being sued

    You can't stop muppets from suing you (it is a basic "right"), winning on the other hand (well, only the lawyers do that). I could sue you for the 10 thousand I reckon you owe me for that bet we joked over at the pub and you would have to defend it. Like the pricks that sued me once - cost me 5 grand to try to settle, over 12 months of stress, and then they withdrew the evening before it was to be heard - suspect that when the barrister read the brief he told them they had no chance as office bearers of associations are indemnified from debts of the association (then there was the extra $40k (25 from me) lost because it collapsed an ongoing enterprise).
  9. Townsville Triathlon

    I have to lose at least 7kg before the wetsuit becomes an option
  10. Townsville Triathlon

    Just to revist, if anyone along the way is interested, I have room for a passenger (to talk to / share driving/ contribute to cost of accom if wanted) I'm: leaving Maryborough at 3pm next Thursday to drive to Tannum Sands then overnighting there with friends (but room for one more) then driving to Townsville on Friday morning to arrive mid afternoon (Motel on Strand booked -= once again, room for one more) Saturday AM - participating in the Townsville Tri OD event (despite being overweight and undertrained compared to my plans......) leaving Townsville after lunch on Saturday and driving back to Tannum, leaving Tannum after a late breakfast to drive back to Hervey Bay. ron.acutt at icloud.com
  11. Help me pick a multi-tool

    For the roadie who does not like saddle bags: "Arundel Shameless Plugs" http://www.arundelbike.com/product/shameless-plugs/
  12. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    If we cut the representation back to the old 3 per age (o/k maybe 5). The organisers of the race might need to increase their entry fee (though not by much as see below) but at least then the NGB's might pony up for it. Uniforms would probably have to stay user pays as some people want more gear than others ( but TA etc could try harder to get sponsored prices sometimes). It would not hugely impact the field sizes as travelling and small countries would not be so affected but the number of "tri-tourists" at the TWCs would be reduced (esp the ones furthest from the podium) mainly in the middle aged white male ranks. The events would then also regain some of their prestige. As a salve to the masses in Aust TA could bring back a pointscore (just use the same races) - people like to know how they measure up even if they do not desire to go to TWC. Just a thought (remembering seeing a couple of folk out there at TWC's gone by who looked like they had more kg on the bike than km on the bike). And yes that might mean that I for one might miss out on TWC '18, but if so it would be because I didn't trim enough fat and do enough reps. Gotta go, textbooks to read and brain food (chocolates) to eat....
  13. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Fraser Coast council just dropped (yes lowered!) the prices at HerveyBay & Maryborough aquatic centers. (Pitty I already have a season ticket ( but I did get the student discount & it works in both cities ). Maryborough would have to be one of the top pools in regional Qld - 50m is solar heated to 24deg, 25m gas to about 28 + indoor therapy pool, individual changing room s with hot showers/toilet/basin - think having a shave after a morning swim). This time of year I often have to put up with having one or two other people in the 50 at the same time but sometimes I get it all to myself! FAMILY (2A + 3C) ADULT CHILD (3 AND OVER) PENSIONER/ CONCESSION SPECTATOR CARER CERTIFIED REHABILITATION Single entry $12.50 $4.00 $3.00 $3.00 $2.00 $1.50 $3.00 20 entry pass $200.00 $64.00 $48.00 $48.00 $48.00 Season pass half year $325.00 $166.50 $125.000 $125.00 $125.00 Season pass full year $520.00 $291.00 $219.00 $219.00 $219.00
  14. Bike camera - anyone used/using them?

    Police cars moderate behaviour, everything else is just evidence gathering.
  15. Stolen Bikes - where do I look?

    print out some flyers with colour pic of machine and leave with these pple + LBS - amazing how often it works
  16. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Isn't there a min alcohol tolerance criteria?
  17. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Is this all the southerners moving to Qld or is it only Qld doing its bit?
  18. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    It used to be 3, what do you think would represent a fair compromise?
  19. Garth Prowd passes away

    Terrible news, hit our paper today. Was really looking forward to some mutual back patting in Nov. Garth's work must have touched the lives of millions by now. He will be missed.
  20. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Be in Townsville in three weeks time to get a head start on the competition, have plenty of time to recover / plot / train / adjust goals before the rest of the series rocks on
  21. Question for the old school folk

    Had a red one once to match a bike frame - never use a light coloured tri suit with a red seat!
  22. Season 2017/18

    So it being the "start" of the new season (and the tax refund having just landed) I've been doing a little planning (and spending). took up the offer of 30 days of active membership for 99c and saved a couple of $ Plus the QTS race 5 at Robina (boy that looks like a poop of a course: 5 laps with three u-turns per lap, stand by for the excuses after the draft fest......) but TA chooses the selection events. (a nonActive event - I personally prefer RegisterNow as a portal anyway - less USA centric and world domination orientated) Plus the 9 local club events should be a pretty busy season for me (I'd best lay off the chocolate and rev up the training to justify it all....).
  23. Some old names from 1989 Qld tri's

    Hope you like my dodgy editing skills..... So the first set of footage is actually from the 1988 event (held from the sailing park at Torquay). Then the latter from the 89 event up at pialba (bigger venue but with smaller swim friendly tide windows). Unfortunately as I was living away from home in Bris while organising these events (for training and competition reasons mainly) so my good mate Neale had to do the media honours (and he was such a pretty boy).
  24. Remember it comes with a fine AND demerit point & goes on your permanent driving record (without any notation that it was on a bike). EG: not stopping at a stop sign if repeated (with any vehicle car/bike etc) in two years (in Qld anyway) you might score a double penalty under the repeat offenders category as well! Though when I "done" for speeding on a bike ( 50 in a forty zone) I was only cautioned not fined - as opposed to the stop sign where they visited me in hospital the next day (two missing teeth, broken nose, 72 stitched to face and concussion) and then got all soft and reduced it to "driving without due care" (one less point and a slightly smaller fine) apparently it does not matter if a car is speeding (coz I should have made it ) - you have to stop and give way to all (who'd have thought). Never done that again though.
  25. Another AG race controversy

    Perhaps these people should come up to the Hundy and have a crack at the Barge2Beach swim event. Try short-cutting this one link to course