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  1. I'm planning to drive up on the Friday, staying at "Aquarius on the Beach" on the Strand - looks like walking distance (I hate porta loos)
  2. I refuse to buy any more kit (no matter how good some of it is) from a company that engages in unethical conduct, corporate bullying and cost me $30+k.
  3. been DQ'd : Y - (for taking shoes off after they got wet (race start was delayed and the tide came in)) been busted for drafting N (simple - don't) had a flat in a race Y Double flatted Y Triple flatted: Y - followed by a long walk, finished the race though vomited in a race: Y pissed on the bike/run: Y (in the trees at the 100k mark) sharted N raced a world champs/ Kona: Y Y / Not interested raced in speedos/ swimsuit: not in 300 races ridden a disc wheel Y raced overseas: N does Tassie count? won a trophy/ prize: Y lost your bike in transition N forgot an important item on race day: N Competed in a race that snowed: N Put on someelses shoes 2 sizes too small in T2: Y Raced with your better half: N Raced with your kids: Y (in a trailer/stroller) Raced with your grandkids: None yet Done a 'shearers biathlon' (two in a team, one bike which you share & alternately run and ride - much fun): Y Got hypothermia in the swim Y - did I mention tassie Beaten a pro: Y Found your bike shoes in the wrong pedals (L in R, R in L): N Competed in a duathlon: Y competed in s biathlon: Y competed in a race with a (real) surf swim: Y Beers or wine on the run leg: No alcohol since age 17 so no Tried shoes clipped in pedals for the first time on race morning: N Done extra distance from not knowing the course: Y Left gels/ bars in your kit/ on your bike post race: N DNF'd by being taken to hospital. N Ran over my own bike computer. N Met a TON of awesome people: Y Worn an item on race day unintentionally backwards / inside out. Y sharted N Missed the wave start: Y - still won the cat Punched in the face in the swim: Y Started the run leg still wearing your helmet. N Started the cycle leg still in wetsuit: Y Finish the swim to find your bike the only one left on the rack. N Got lost in a race: N Scored after a major race: decline to comment Won a race outright: Y Got drunk at an after-party: Not possible Tipped gatorade / coke over head thinking it was water? Y Met you lot of idiots that are now keeping me sane. Yes
  4. Yeah I'd have thought Shooting would have been on the limited alcohol list but it isn't just: Flying, Motorsports, Powerboating and, Archery. (BTW: WADA's value of 1 g/L is about 0.02 BAC - so stricter than our road rules for Open drivers). Remember though that TA rules have a .05% BAC (as per local road rules).
  5. So TA have released the selection races and policy (and six weeks early than they had promised ). A ten race series eh? Cashing? Best three to count, March next year is going to be busy for some.....and two on the same day (Victor Harbour & Mooloolaba, where a first in an AG would equate to a 14th place in the sunshine) - some savvy people might do well to fly south after studying the poinstcore.... maybe I'll give it one more go
  6. Luckily diazepam is permitted at all times.... but I'd rather my back would articulate so I could make use of the beautiful weather this long weekend
  7. Can we ditch that horrible OD course (though it migh be better without the roadworks) and use the 1991 one instead for the OD?
  8. Looking but have not found a copy of the ad you seek as yet.... but some of the photo's in those mag's should probably never see the light of day again ....
  9. Anyone going to the Townsville Triathlon Festival August 18 – 20, 2017. Thinking about the OD event and considering travel and accom options for a flying (by car from H.Bay) visit. Drive up thur night (via tannum sands stop over) /friday, race sat, drive home sun (or even home sunday via an overnight on sat night somewhere). thoughts? Any done this even before? What is the water like? etc
  10. At least the swim is flat....
  11. Aim is for only one day off work. A 3hr drive after work on thursday (to a mates place in tannum) then on to townsvillle on the friday morning with an afternoon arrival for the sat race. Still a bit financially compromised after the HBT / 2XU fraca so air BnB (or offers) will be the way to go (getting on a bit for sleeping in the back of the car). Wanna join us in a campaign for Gold Coast 2018?
  12. Ditto no chocolate
  13. Remember to have something for "Swap night" as well (like a spare team Aust jersey usually goes well)
  14. 2018 ITU WTC (Gold Coast) - Australian team policies and selection page
  15. Better half went to the "Breast Cancer Run " with the eldest daughter, then breakfast. I cleaned the house, did the washing, bathed the dog, & washed the wife's car - it's called Mother's Day (life will resume tomorrow at 5am).
  16. Bet I've got more of it in my shed than you
  17. hide it at work for sneaky lunchtime rides
  18. PS: I like my tr9's - they match my roady (thanks wiggle)
  19. For about the past decade I've been asking every Shimano rep I meet to do just that. Though when they "swell" you can carefully file them back with a jeweller's file, first up though rinse your bike and shoes as soon as you get back to your bike in the transition area after the race (I use any water left in my bidon/spare water bottle for run start for this) - contact points are the main places (esp after a salt water swim) ie: arm rest pads (the bolts underneath will thank you), seat (and seat post binder bolt) shoe fasteners and the pedals (pivot points and adjustment screw/spring - destroyed a pair of sweet had layup cf looks once by forgetting to do this, the pivot pin corroded and swelled and fractured the carbon!)
  20. So anybody checked the "fun facts about USANA" page on their website? Just wondering why they think a listing of corporate trivia constitutes "fun"...
  21. I think the info release date is 1/7/17, personally I preferred it back when it was three spots per AG per country (though the host got six), that let them run all the races on the same day and the same course, and the same rules + the race organisers raised their cash through sponsorships, not using the AGs to fund the bottom line (bit I guess I get a bit nostalgic). PS: Did an event the other week where the pre race briefing re drafting included: "basically, don't be a tool"
  22. SWIM against a clock at least 3 times a week try to beat the people in the next lane, if not possible or too easy - change lanes there is no "perfect stroke" unless you have a "perfect physique", but resist the temptation to look where you are going constantly, look at the line under your belly (even let the water wash over your head every now and again, it helps get the legs up. Too many triathletes have a kick so bad they go faster if they stop! Test this against a clock. The way to learn to kick is with a kick board (they are not just for kiddies) try to kick so that you can keep up with people who are swimming. also, there is no perfect breathing pattern, you need oxygen - get as much of it as possible, as efficiently as possible SWIM more - it is a gross motor skill and takes a lot of time to find your style - think how long it took you to learn top walk (then to run, then to run fast). Just a few of my thoughts after a long time of doing it. PS: SWIM (lots)
  23. So about those new min passing distance laws in Qld. In the first 1000 days there were: 133 infringement notices issued for "Fail to maintain 1m/1.5m when passing a bicycle", that is just under one a week. Hmmmmm - I could issue that many all by myself - what have the rest of you been doing? PS: Four are still (as at 1/1/17) pending court appearances, three other ones were taken to court in that 1000 days. * Data sourced from Qld Transport (personal FOI request)
  24. you can report these types of things online in Qld & attach the images from your camera, having made a couple of such reports last year prompted me to ask Transport Qld for the number of in infringements actually issued, (see thread ) Should have asked for a breakdown by region - I get the feeling a lot of the officers write these reports off as too hard to proceed with (unless they have a body on the road to deal with) compared with the beloved speed radar that produces a nice empirical evidence that they can submit to court relatively uncontested. Unfortunately the online form does not have a feedback (to the complainant) requirement.