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  1. So froome is a drug cheat

    I've noticed a number of our up and coming triathletes with Ventolin (Salbutamo) puffers stuffed into the pockets of their race suits. Pretty sure many of these are not severely affected by asthma in day to day life..... Personally, I manage mine by avoiding my triggers: tobacco smoke, aerosols and strong perfumes. Haven't used a puffer in 35 years (hate the taste) - took GP's advice and went to swimming club as a kid instead. Have only had to pull up for a spell in about 1% of my races over the years - usually cold winter morning duathlons. Mind you I am really terrified of the "not being able to breath feeling" but as long as I drink water, exercise and bath regularly I seem to manage just fine without deodorants. Not being able to visit night clubs back in the day was just a little inconvenient (before smoking bans at venues) but then again some girls are just fine with rollerskating/movies/river cruises and fine dining so it all works out.
  2. Is there a brighter rear light than this?

    I like this one from cateye, on the open road at night you can hear the cars slow down, they seem to think there is a fire truck ahead TL-LD1100 I have taken to putting it in my jersey pocket (works straight through the fabric) now that I have the fly6 on the seatpost.
  3. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Thought it might be fun to do a third TWC at the same venue so am having a crack at the OD again. Townsville, done (badly, should have been good for me but tore a calf a couple of weeks before and had to limp the entire run) hell of a drive though for a three day weekend. Next up will be Robina (not my kind of a course though). then Mooloolaba - hopefully that will seal it and I won't have to go to St Kilda. Now that I'm on double holidays (work and Uni) am trying to ramp up the training and trim down the kg's - is there enough time? Experience tells me I cant do any speed work till I get under 80, currently at 86 ( 3 down this past 10 days). Usually a couple of the super-confident ex-pros from yesteryears just show up and place at the Nationals and get straight in (45 - 54 is littered with them) - always looks good if you are making a crust as a tri-coach (no disrespect to the fast buggers, just wish they weren't in my AG).
  4. Training Location

    running and open water swim venue yeah that was a run split, slow a the moment, try to fix that a bit over the holidays...
  5. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

  6. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    1: I wear a helmet 99.95% of the time while cycling (like except the odd lap of the driveway while checking gears etc). I think everyone should. BUT the main cause of cyclist injuries is other (motorised) vehicles ie: cars and trucks, bike helmets mitigate brain injuries but if you get smacked by a local loonie doing 80 and not giving a care for anyone else the helmet will do little for you except increase the sympathy for your widow from joe public. A FOI request I put in revealed that after 1000 days of the new 1m passing rule in Qld there had been a total of 3 prosecutions! Significantly less than the number of fines issued for helmet violations! Especially when I know that I personally had filed a number of complaints about breached s of the distance rule - supported by video evidence!!! Sometimes I get the feeling that you need to be killed before some of our constabulary anything that is not easily proven in court (eg a speed camera reading, RBT reading ie with numerical data that is hard to refute) Rant over, wear a helmet becay=use you should, not because you have to (eg mountain biking as well).
  7. Wearing cycling gloves

    I have taken to putting my sunscreen on before my jersey (and taking my watch off) then doing from fingers to helmet line, letting it dry off, then putting on the jersey and headsweats classic (no more helmet stripes and it keeps the sweat off ya face) last step as a quick pal wash then on with the watch, gloves, sunnies, and helmet. If not clean and dry then shower and dry first (you'll feel nicer in lycra, get less skin problems and the sunscreen will work better) They don't call it "sunny QLD" for nothing. PS for years I have always insisted that the dealer have 100% UV block window tinting installed in all our cars before delivery - too many people with skin cancers on their forearms from driving (more on the right arms for men).
  8. Enjoy it, you won't be last!
  9. Noosa Tri 2017

    For any who have yet to source accom at the annual shoulder rubbing festival (but we just can't bear to miss it), Noosa Heads YHA still have spots available (it's $64 for the two nights! and you can see into transition from the balcony!) https://www.yha.com.au/hostels/qld/sunshine-coast/noosa-heads/ See yall there
  10. Coros Frontier - cycle helmet

    I stopped to take a phone call once at Noosa once (before TA ruled on mobiles) wife was near term with #3 so it was the least I could do to stay in touch. PS Many thanks to the trannies who purchased some of my excess tri gear at Noosa and made this (helmet) purchase possible + also taking the boy out for sizzler post-race. (PPS got a credit on the assignment I was working on in the hotel guest IT lounge)
  11. Well I've not seen anyone else actually use one so thought I'd post my first impressions. I purchased a Coros bike helmet at the Noosa Expo the other week (a white one with the red highlights) $229 at the exp - discounted from $249 RRP (but equal to the going rate on the interweb)- bonus t-shirt at the expo though.... The price seems pretty good and cheaper than a premium quality helmet ( which it seems to be) plus a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This helmet uses Bluetooth to link to your smartphone and has bone conduction pads fixed to the straps so that they contact your cheekbones just in front of the ears. There is also a microphone tucked inside the lining of the helmet under the pad at the front of the helmet (out of the wind). The combination allows the rider to the hear any output from their device (music, navigation etc as well as make and receive phone-calls (if you have a mate with one then you can purchase a walkie-talkie accessory and enable this functionality from the handle bare remote). Out of the box: it was well packed and came with a full set of replacement pads plus the adhesive velcro pads to secure them inside the helmet, a manual, a remote control for the handle bars, a charging cord, and a carry bag. Set up: It took about 100 min for the initial charge (the manual cautions to fully charge before use) but this gave me time to download the app for my iPhone and read the manual, and mount the remote to my handlebars (well I put it on the stem as I'm running out of space on the road bars due to clip on aeros), then a quick nap. After that pairing it to my phone was simple, just follow the user guide. Use: The bit that matters - fit was very comfortable. Turning the unit on is pretty easy wirth a small button located tucked under the rear peak elicting a reassuring "device paired" announcment (the reverse at the end of the ride). The sound quality when listening to music stationary was slightly less dynamic than my apple earbuds but that's not really the point of this product. On the move the sound is actually better than having a set of buds in your ears as there is no extra wind noise from wires and turbulence around the ears. But then the joy - with the ears unencumbered you can hear everything around you: cars, pedestrians, cycling buddies, swooping magpies.... Plus no wires, zero, zip - nothing snagged around the back of the head to connect Bluetooth headphones, no cable dangling down the back to jersey pockets (when not getting snagged on your seat at the lights, or impeeding getting the jersey off for that bathroom break (you do all wear bib-nicks right?). And as there is no cable and nothing in your ears - you attract fewer disparaging glances from other road users. The handle bar mounted remote means your ever-so-expensive smartphone can stay in a zip-lock bag tucked in your pocket (yes the new ones might be "water-proof" - but at nearly 2k or some of the newer models why risk it? and sweat can be a bit more corrosive that rain water) a couple of butons let you adjust the volume and skip to the next track (but not backwards - sorry to people practicing their karaoke) anothe button to answer calls and one last to activate the (optional) walkie talkie function. I found I could hear all my tunes at anything up to about 6okph - but I like to keep the volume fairly low. Phone conversations were of an acceptable quality on the move and perfect if stationary. The unit performed better than a number of my other Bluetooth based in/around ear headsets as apart from the restrictions on hearing the outside world and the problems of wind whistling/dropping them etc a particular bugbear has been the signal dropping out when moving to a full tuck position (too much of me blocking the radio path I guess) - no such issues here with no dropouts for the whole ride. I only rode for about 3.5 hours this morning from (Hervey Bay to Burrum Heads and return - predominantly rural Qld) so the battery was not tested too much (claimed duration is 10hours with a 90 min recharge). I wonder how TA would respond if I wore one while competing? Now if only a friend would by one so we could try out the walkie talkie.... More details at the Australian distributor's site: https://www.iico.com.au/shop I'll add some more after a couple of months of use. But for now - high recommended.
  12. Noosa Tri 2017

    I did a one arm backstroke swim the other year when I had a tear in my shoulder - it still only took just under 36 min - despite having to fend off a number of SLSC types who wanted to "rescue" me
  13. Coros Frontier - cycle helmet

    Check out the link for pics and video, would not want to spoil it with my ugly melon
  14. Noosa Tri 2017

    Bought myself a new helmet at the expo - so as a personal first here is my review of it:
  15. Noosa Tri 2017

    I had my "recovery nutrition" at Brumby's BakeHouse
  16. Itu false start ?

    pro men jumped the gun at HBT one year just had the SLSC bring em back to the beach from the first bouy, we called that a "race conditions" warm up never happened again at HBT It can be done it just takes some resolve for fair racing over bad press by the RD !
  17. Noosa Tri 2017

    1: How about trying to do the bike leg in a wetsuit? (Noosa late “80s) wondered why I couldn’t get my leg over the bike! 2: Set my alarm for 4pm instead of 4am and missed the bus to the swim start at 89 World Cup Triathlon (frantic car trip with mates (who I was in charge of waking up) looking for aces to the private beach and made it by 1 min (just in time to get photographed next to Dave Scott standing in the river waiting for the gun) And, and, and.....
  18. Tubeless wheels

    Only trouble I ever had with rim tape and tabbies was when I changed brands one year and the new brand had a wax tape (that I did not notice because it had glue all over it from the other side of the just unwound tape) bot 1/3 of the way up Gyindia Drive at Noosa and the disc rotated insid3 th3 three and ripped the whole valve body out of the tyre . then later on I got an actual flat and ended up jogging 10 km with bike (in bare feet on hot bitumen ) . - prob did not pump it all the way up with the mini pump instead of a track pump. Took the shine of the run leg....
  19. what the one event in the world you would like to do

    Back on topic: The Alpe d'Huez Triathlon one of the few events longer than OD that even looks interesting to me.
  20. Noosa Tri 2017

    Only thing I saw in the water that should not have been was a watermelon rind in the creek during my post race cool down....
  21. Noosa Tri 2017

    Thanks to all those who helped me lessen my storage requirements for Tri Gear - I'm am now the proud owner of a Coros bluetooth/bone-conduction helmet
  22. Noosa Tri 2017

    Finished again, ( fractionally before the personal humiliation boundary) in 2:28, maybe next year I’ll get on the training train...
  23. Noosa Tri 2017

    O/K folks I've copied down those requests and will put those aside + bring down a selection of stuff for any else who msg's or stops by. I'll be in Noosa heads YHA from Friday evening (but i' a vollie at the kids event first up on sat am), but have a car and a bike so can drop stuff off anywhere. But my trusty iPad will keep my copy of transitions online, so you can always PM or email me if you cant find a mobile I remain: Ron@Acutt.net or O4I928I234 Race wise, it looks like another year of "was meaning to get fit but did not quite get around to it" but I'll be out there Sunday morning laying down #33
  24. Noosa Tri 2017

    Sorry no, but I did discover 1/2 a dozen sets of bib nicks (med or XL) call em $30 each, plus assorted men's and ladies gym shirts in addition to all the jerseys (3 styles) and event shirts (4 colours).... there are some pics of some of the gear here: https://trifun.imgbb.com
  25. Noosa Tri 2017

    2XU described them as "unisex" - I'll try and grab a couple of pics tonight , there is other stuff as well so I'll have to climb up to the storage space after work. - they were all up on the web site but that was taken offline by the event committee a while back this address also goes to my phone: ron@acutt.net I have sizes from s to xxxl so if in doubt go generous (thats what I do - comfort tops all)