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  1. Wow, and I thought I disliked 2XU corporate....
  2. Qld: Crossing lines to pass a bicycle rider To pass a bicycle rider—as long as it is safe to do so—you are allowed to: drive over centre lines (including double unbroken centre lines) on a 2-way road straddle or cross a lane line (including a continuous lane line) on a multi-lane road drive on a painted island. If it is not safe to pass a bicycle rider, you must wait until it is safe to pass.
  3. $365 and 3 points if you pay up. Max fine if you take it to court is $4876 plus costs. Interestingly: "If you want to pass 2 bicycle riders that are riding next to each other, the minimum passing distance applies to the bicycle rider closest to the right. It is legal for 2 bicycle riders to ride side-by-side on a road, as long as they are not more than 1.5m apart."
  4. Noosa used to be a one wave for all start all 100 of us.....
  5. So about those new min passing distance laws in Qld. In the first 1000 days there were: 133 infringement notices issued for "Fail to maintain 1m/1.5m when passing a bicycle", that is just under one a week. Hmmmmm - I could issue that many all by myself - what have the rest of you been doing? PS: Four are still (as at 1/1/17) pending court appearances, three other ones were taken to court in that 1000 days. * Data sourced from Qld Transport (personal FOI request)
  6. The norm used to be numbers Niko penned on both shoulders and one calf, maybe a cat letter on the other calf. In the days before RFID chips when times were entered manually either with: someone calling a stopwatch split while some else wrote the numbers down, a PDE (portable dataentry unit - think like those price check machines in the supermarkets), a PC running excel etc.
  7. Should have asked her if you could wear a condom under your swimmers (to keep things clean in that murky water) because I pretty sure they are not mentioned in the rules either....
  8. FWIW: I had 7 top 30 OA places at Noosa but sadly only one top 10 (NEITHER of which will be happening again, now I concentrate on not coming last - finishing is mandatory....) I've heard about terry's race preparations......
  9. I don't think you'll be alone..... On a sadder note it looks like my beloved Transitions tri suit may be wearing out, enough of the sun visors (I need a hat anyway) what about a replacement order?
  10. I have most of the (not available online from USM/WTC) Noosa results as excel files ('83 to '06) I gave a printed copy to USM about a decade ago (they gave me a free entry for it ) and a weird assortment of events from around the country (I used to be the pontscorer for TA (Frosty even paid me - but less than it cost to write the custom database) just don't ask tonight (pls)
  11. Well they sneaked in a beaut weather window this morning (bit it was a touch windy on the bike). 67 ind and 23 team finishers the OD with 50 & 5 finishing the sprint and + kids event. Pretty sad old 2h 30 min for me for a 2nd in the 50+ but I'ver been a bit lazy of late..... Put this on your list for next year folks - they are good ppl up there. (esp the drafting rule at the race briefing: "yeah it's about 7 or 10 metres but basically don't be a tool, coz we don't like tools"
  12. O/A, time, First, Last, Bib, Cat, Cat Plc, Swim, Cycle, Run 178, 2:12:49.2, Pitman, Allan, 170, N, 7, 22:09, 1:10:12, 40:28 sorry Ronnie, I've read the printed results three times and cant find you, My project to digitise the whole history of the Noosa tri is on hold (USM were suggested they "owned" the results list (sorry folks "Public Domain" or at least "Public Good") ) but really, unless I break a leg I have other things to work on - like having a crack at the GC worlds in 2018 ('coz 3 times would be cool) or like that essay for my masters I'm supposed to turn in tonght.....
  13. I only have to 150 loaded in excel (and no splits yet) and RS was not in that lot so I can't remember if ye was old enough to race OD yet back then
  14. Similar thing happened to me a few years back with some movie posters (original Mad Max daybill plus some others), advertised with pics, pics showed they were laminated, buyer complained he did not know they were laminated worth $400 mint, 50 - 100 laminated, sold for $40 (ebay/paypal reversed the transaction so I had no say n it - was just "told"). by the time I got them back weeks later they were ruined from being tightly rolled up for too long First person in, best dressed, with eBay's automated dispute "resolution" system (AKA "we don't give a f#$&, just give us your money") NB full refund to buyer, no refund of postage or fees They hide behind shell companies in a couple of jurisdictions (one for legal, one for tax), so you can't get any joy from them (remember the James Hardie asbestos compensation fund?). Result: I have not used eBay since (despite people telling me to sell these 400 HBT event merch items there)
  15. Here you go, well top 30 anyway..... greeen = category winner, red = DQ OA plc last name first name bib cat 1 Knowles Simon 38 A 2 Vollmerhause Lachlan 8 A 3 Noble Andrew 7 A 4 Uoherty Chrls 26 A 5 Molina Scott 1 A 6 Foster Peter 11 A 7 Bentley Tim 4 A 8 Irwin Mlke 30 A 9 Sly Craig 12 A 10 Lees Marc 42 A 11 Rose Brett 2 A 12 McKeon Ant 43 A 13 Koorey Matthew 6 A 14 Johns Andrew 99 C 15 Smoothy Mark 675 J Wust DQ Noel 10 A 16 Crawford David 483 E 17 Mlllington Paul 746 J 18 Beaver Luke 84 C 19 Duffy Tony 680 J 20 Acutt Ron 506 G 21 Redman Craig 376 E 22 Newton tlrett 422 E 23 Harper Jason 18 E 24 Selpolt Brenden 14 A 25 Major Robb 496 A 26 Prowd Neil 34 E 27 Barr Brian 919 A 28 Burgess Jeffery 614 G 29 Taylor Peter 1523 G