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  1. I get the urge every so often on mid to long runs. Heck, don't hold it in just find a spot where nobody can see you and let it go. Pull the strides up and you run so much easier. I have developed a few "regular" spots.
  2. Well done Zed. Turts, I reckon you take Zed's offer of getting something. After all you were not happy at all about losing 50 or so bucks on postage and added to the 170 would have most of Denmark being evacuated due to the stench. It doesn't look like a bad wetsuit and as Rog and Pete said it is minor, so you should earn at least a couple of Pineapples.
  3. Prince you bastard. I was going to watch that tomorrow morning on the Windy. Prick!
  4. Agree FP, they are saved for the regular domestic flight home on Qantas streaming jazz.
  5. How do you watch your shows G? You remember the outdoor bungalow - W/T all setup with TV on wall and portable hard drive for watching for me.
  6. Knowing how Dalai rides, it is likely to be a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
  7. How much did you sell it (or think you sold it) for?
  8. I want to get on this.
  9. Hi XCom, Sorry to read about the regrets you've had. But why have you not allowed to get yourself to get back on the horse (I'm reading between the lines that's your angle)? Are you punishing yourself unnecessarily? Cheers
  10. Following on from OS692's quote and probably what he is getting at. Advice I was given at a younger age and I truly believe is that if you live a full life and pass away with 5 friends (true lifetime friends) you'd die the richer than the vast majority and relating to this thread more than likely enjoyed the fine things in life. And using that as a segue, then as FB crudely points out the finer things aren't always material. Ask Daryl Kerrigan.
  11. Didn't it have problems the past few years with course and some inconsistency? That may have something to do with it. And Oomps, the point about costs I get, but comparisons with U2 and Red Hot Chilli pepper concerts??
  12. When somebody adds a post to the discussion that is almost identical to an earlier post in the thread (particularly prevalent on longer threads indicating the poster has been too lazy to read through it) presumably thinking they are "adding" to the conversation. I would be better netiquette if they responded with an "agree with earlier comment" or preferably add something related and in addition to the earlier comment.
  13. Now there's the finer things in life.
  14. Goughs, my thoughts on the topic are this. The finer things in life are so subjective and particular to each individual and what are the finer points in life to you now is probably a lot different to what they were 10 years ago and will be different to 10 years from today - at least that's my experience. Therefore do what you need to make you happy within the constraints life puts on you without sacrificing short and long term security and learn (try hard as it may be) to enjoy that.
  15. Just catching up and reading this now and clearly too late for you Goughs but Broadbeach have a squid load of places that more than decent in their little shoehorn. And as Rog pointed out, I know the joint - Chang Mai - it's on the highway - it's not bad at all. Hmmm, perhaps I should open an account at Trip Advisor rather than reading everybody else's jazz....