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  1. Saved, just when I thought you were going to be a prick. To the thread, I'm in the camp of the majority, get gym footage if you can if needed, go through with the police report but expecting nothing and leave it at that unless followed up. If you do come into injury as you alluded to, and given your history of luck it maybe wise to refer to some history if required.
  2. Bali with ready made sponsor?? China of course.
  3. If you need to. Can easily be money down the drain. I understand the sentiment and if it was on tap why not, but unless there was a sniff of issues I wouldn't bother - but that's just my opinion.
  4. As I agreed with Paul's previous comment, I also agree with this as an alternative with one strong caveat, don't let the "easiness" become habit which happens sometimes for first timers, even when having commitment to a following race.
  5. Agree with all of that. btw, what is Kanangra up to, we shared a placed at Busso many years ago, lovely chap.
  6. hahaha, I was just going to post similar. And another Tranny outside the two mentioned got the blame for it (but took credit)!!! Cheer cheer the red and the whyte. To add, it was a special bidon at that - an infamous 2006 IMNZ supplied one.
  7. Re: costs to Kona, it can be as expensive as you want to make it but it doesn't have to be but have not seen to many examples of how it can be a lot cheaper. Just running off the top of my head some costs. Accom. Went through Tri Travel who hooked me up with Kona Seaside (100m from finish line and 200m from swim). A week was I think 2k which I shared the cost with a mate, and got all the Tri Travel schnitz that was fun. Another night at Honolulu was $200 or so. Flight was JQ from MEL to HNL and HA from HNL to KOA was roughly 1k Spending money was roughly $400 on what needed to be. (probably $500 on what didn't need to be - i.e Triathlon shit coz you can). So not including entry costs roughly 3k, perfect location, decent place and not being frugal. Granted it's shared. Sure, when you bring a whole family costs start multiplying but it could have remained 4 figures. I don't think costs have drastically altered other than a crappier exchange rate offset by cheaper flights. Hotel probably a tad more.
  8. Go overseas and use your standard CC most likely have not done some homework. As mentioned, the 28deg card works. Personally I like the Bankwest Platinum Mastercard. Also, no annual fee on the card, no International Transaction fees and the rate is almost identical to what you get on You get no rewards points, have other cards for that. I use this card exclusively for OS travel, OS purchases online.
  9. Not during a cycling show. Times when up late to watch and wanting to watch 30-60 mins, craps me off wasting 15-20 mins on the starting pre-amble and the cooking stuff. Want to watch cooking at that time, I say tape Masterchef and play it back just before the tour starts if so inclined.
  10. What, did somebody say St.Croix?
  11. Looks like it got you to first base (or I'd suggest third base). Do you get a home run?
  12. Don't tempt fate FB, I've read you've had some bad luck in the past but I'd hate for you to be wrong here.
  13. I think I've seen you on a number of occasions then. When I don't run home (a different route), that is my bike commute - I don't recall being involved in any of the situations you describe but have seen it often enough. A bit dangerous on the sweeping corners closer to Footscray Road.
  14. Also agree if it gets in the chest, should not race - even if it is still in the head, then don't expect a good day - I've had that happen. I've also had colds in the week before quite a few times. The one thing that helps the most hard as it is, is not to stress - colds just go away quicker. For example if you got a simple head cold on say a Tuesday in a random week of the year when not training it would probably be gone in a couple of days, yet on race week stressing see's it still hanging around to race day....affecting your race.....then miraculously disappearing the next day (you'd think it would be worse - and it would be with a chest cold just mentioned).