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  1. Does that include investment loans in residential property or just owner occupier, because yes it does seem light on.
  2. HR?
  3. Just saw Tyno's post from a while back. Trying to waste a bit of time while I wait to get out the front door for Easter.. My wife Liz got an invite and is enterred. Currently doing a 100k event each month in training. She just clocked up her 35th 100k event with a handfull of milers on top of that. Separately, she's training on the course at least once a month with a few people that she does a bit of Expedition Racing with. The real benefit is that I get dragged around a bit running in some pretty speccy places.
  4. Was just talking to my brother in Townsville. Says he's not too concerned except for the new shed he just erected in his yard. Told him I hope his erection doesn't collapse in the first big blow.
  5. I wake between 3 and 4 every morning without fail. I used to complicate it with an inability to get to sleep, but I seem to have kicked that problem. Preferably in bed by 9.30, 10.00 at the latest. I seem to be able to survive on 5hrs a night, although on those nights I get an hour or so more I do know that I feel much better. Can't ever remember having 8 hours. I think I inherited the inability to sleep from my father. Couple that with work stress and hey presto - insomnia!
  6. Don't get me wrong it was seriously awesome, but not as big an area or speccy as Rotorua yet, but may get there. Both are areas that have jumped on MTB to fix economic problems. Rotorua had a big head start especially when Crankworx and Red Bull arrived. Blue Derby has a round of the World Cup in April so clearly they are good trails. Of benefit to the Tassie trails is that as of last year you can no longer fly direct to Rotorua from Sydney / Melb. Now having to fly via Auck or Wellington is a pain in the arse and takes too long. You can easily lose a day. With Blue Derby, fly out of Sydney in the morning and be on some sweet, sweet trails before lunch.
  7. Still got a wife - Woohoo!! Thankfully she enjoyed it, but racing both Coast to Coast and Godzone in NZ within the three weeks before started to take a toll on her legs towards the last event. Great few days. Brilliant small scale festival, probably 300 people ran different events. Derby is a cool little village setting itself up as a trail mecca. But the best thing was not running an inch, but riding three days on some cracking good MTB trails. More trails planned, so Blue Derby trails will become a great hub for MTB.
  8. Neither love, triathlon nor f**** bucketloads of money would get me to live anywhere near Leeds!
  9. And that'll be the same time we see all those promised extra shops / cafes and restaurants open and all of those additional employees added to the workforce ......... or maybe not.
  10. Did a stage race in Europe a few years ago, and couldn't work out how the Europeans could finish a long stage, smash a few beers at that nights award ceremonies / party and turn up at 6.00 a.m. the next morning to start over. Later found they were drinking Erdinger no alcohol. Got a couple of freebies when they sponsored the Berlin Marathon. It is a nice beer.
  11. What do you you do for your wife's birthday? You enter her into a 44k trail run, a 21 k trail run a 14 k trail run and a 2 k run over three days and tell her when you get there! (What could possibly go wrong!) You also pack the MTB's and run and ride some sweet, sweet Tassie trails. She's not on here anymore so will be none the wiser. Here's a trailer for the weekend. Can't wait! Oh yeah, I'm just riding :-)
  12. A day of carrying heavy two man kayaks, lugging bikes and gear while crewing for my wife at Coast to Coast. Most training I've done for months.
  13. I enjoyed the games. My daughter plays Prem Div in Sydney. She watched it and enjoyed it and like 10's of thousands of others was inspired by it. A couple of her teammates played over the weekend, She would one day love to play in the National League. We've been out kicking the ball around a couple of times since, and no doubt so have any other number of young girls and women. The standard will get better, this was the first of a National League. Go back to early mens games and tell me they wouldn't have had average skill levels. Go back a few years to early women's surfing and look at the improvement through better money, better tv coverage and a bit of support. Its almost a different sport. The same thing will happen to womens AFL. With players who will become professionally trained and coached, paid so that they can concentrate on being professional sportswomen. They have come from park footy, that won't be the case in the future.
  14. Nope the siren sounded way back!
  15. Hopefully never, but then there will be a time. I've got no doubt though that I've extended my running by years, by just running off road now. I'm sure that there's a reason (and I've got no idea what it is) but I have none of the ITB and knee problems that plagued me for over 25 years of triathlon and road running. And without wanting to sound too much like a hippie I'm in a much better headspace.