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  1. Hopefully some football player managers read that one.
  2. Coincidentally, saw something the other day that said Greg Benett has retired. Given the years of success that he had in the mid to late 2000's there would be few who'd have made as much in the sport as he did.
  3. One club race at Botany Bay Tri club in the 90's, I had one of my tyres let down. The next week one of the guys mysteriously had Vaseline smeared in his goggles, seat post removed and laces tied in knots. 🤔
  4. Thought that looked funny, that's the only reason I checked the thread, I'm well over politics. I'd blame Roxii!
  5. 21 k return trek from 900m to a tad under 3000m in the Italian Dolomites. Hard as f***. I am busted.
  6. Wifey's 10th UTA100 - only female to do all 10. Hope she's quick we're on a 1.00 p.m. Sunday flight to Europe to do a spot of running in the Alps.
  7. Enjoy your forties and don't waste a minute, getting old is shit.
  8. Happy with that. Too manufactured. Let it happen in the theatre of a race. Two hour advert.
  9. She'd have made a killing selling to NRL players this weekend. Huge market there. From CEO's to international players to hasbeens. 4 or 5 in separate instances in 24hrs well done lads.
  10. Cortina, Sexten or Moos. Villages with plenty of accommodation and a couple of good size towns nearby (Innichen San Candido). Right up near the Austrian border. Each are either side of Tre Cime, plenty of good riding. The Giro regularly goes up that way, although haven't seen the course for this year so not so sure. Even better if you love rock climbing. And I'll be back there trail running in June. Woohoo.
  11. Does that include investment loans in residential property or just owner occupier, because yes it does seem light on.
  12. HR?
  13. Just saw Tyno's post from a while back. Trying to waste a bit of time while I wait to get out the front door for Easter.. My wife Liz got an invite and is enterred. Currently doing a 100k event each month in training. She just clocked up her 35th 100k event with a handfull of milers on top of that. Separately, she's training on the course at least once a month with a few people that she does a bit of Expedition Racing with. The real benefit is that I get dragged around a bit running in some pretty speccy places.
  14. Was just talking to my brother in Townsville. Says he's not too concerned except for the new shed he just erected in his yard. Told him I hope his erection doesn't collapse in the first big blow.
  15. I wake between 3 and 4 every morning without fail. I used to complicate it with an inability to get to sleep, but I seem to have kicked that problem. Preferably in bed by 9.30, 10.00 at the latest. I seem to be able to survive on 5hrs a night, although on those nights I get an hour or so more I do know that I feel much better. Can't ever remember having 8 hours. I think I inherited the inability to sleep from my father. Couple that with work stress and hey presto - insomnia!