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  1. Not quite. Maybe the next one will be a Lotus... Australian delivered 1984 911 Carrera
  2. My thoughts after loosing my wife last year is if I can manage something (financially or physically) now I'll do it now! I have just gone to a nine day fortnight so I can go and do things now whilst I'm still physically able to rather than wait till retirement which there are no guarantees I'll make anyway! Looking forward to using the extra days making regular solo back country alpine downhill long weekends at Bogong and Feathertop this winter. Also since childhood I've always wanted a certain car. We had discussed ways of getting one parked in the garage over the years but was on the "one day' list. Decided now not to wait and after getting it shipped over from WA finally got the club permit licence plates on it last week. Have received some snide remarks about buying it from various people but I don't care what others think! it is something I've always wanted to own so did the sums and bought it! It is a nice diversion from what continues to be a difficult time...
  3. Nice Easy Go. really do think it is important to look out for others. I have an older couple next door I watch out for. Already help changing light globes etc. Have also received a few calls when the older gentleman has fallen over and can't get off the floor - learn't the hard way the first time to lift with the legs! Last week heard the ambulance during the night - got a call from the gentleman before I'd left for work the next morning asking a huge favour... His wife had passed out during the night and crawled into the kitchen to try and get herself up but couldn't. Was found by her husband a little later but not before she had voided her bowels which was still all over the kitchen floor... She is still in hospital (infected toe was amputated!) and he has sensibly booked himself in to a respite home nearby till she if well enough to come home.
  4. Great work Flanman!
  5. Have a great ride Flanman!
  6. Updated the list and replied to the two people who have PM'ed. Books are in Melbourne buy happy to post. The Tyler book was sent by Pieman without wanting anything for postage, so happy to do the same.
  7. A few books for those interested. Cadel Evans - close to flying (2 copies) The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton (eye opening read - was a pay it forward from pieman) The Man who cycled the Americas - Mark Beaumont's ride from Alaska to Argentina
  8. Thanks for the link Ex-Hasbeen. I actually rode the Mawson trail South to North solo bikepacking over 11 days back in May 2015. Well worthwhile riding if you get the chance.
  9. Pinarello's are heavy bikes. Easily accounts for 800g without needing to wear a tin foil hat...
  10. Considered racing the bike to fulfill your competitive streak? That's what I did when running issues got in the way. I was recently back doing short slow jogs but again strained something so back at the physios and off running...
  11. Same. I hired a nice road bike in Bormio on the year prior to the USA trip as this leg was only three days in the middle of a holiday. My USA trip was specifically to hit the big cols, therefore riding the whole 3 weeks there.
  12. Wasn't fog - engine issues...
  13. Flew Qantas to the US back in 2013 with the bike. First stop was San Fransisco with a 5 hour (ended up being more than 12 hours at LAX due to the connecting flight with American Airlines being cancelled). As mentioned as it was a connecting flight I didn't pay extra for the bike on the LAX to San Fransisco leg.
  14. Thanks TryTriB4Forty. Would have been our 15th Wedding anniversary today too...
  15. I do have access to a tent so will be interested in experimenting. Just can't see myself being able to manage more than the 8 or so hours beyond sleeping, though I could look at getting a mask attachment so could add time by wearing a mask at night if sitting on the couch? Spent 3 weeks riding the bigger hills in the States back in 2013, working my way up in elevation from the Eastern Sierra in CA through to Mt Evans and Pikes Peak in CO topping over 4,300m. Coming back to sea level afterwards the air was like soup!