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  1. Worse things could happen to you - winter in Brisbane is magic
  2. That's often done if the lanes are not as wide and it stops the likelihood of hand clashes as you're swimming in the same direction as the swimmer beside you Hand clashes are only a problem for the "discus throwers"
  3. Probably play in the next State of Origin
  4. The "other runner" the anti clockwise guy is probably posting on a runner forum about this dick he met at the local track who got all emotional after being in the wrong anyway
  5. What would a man do ?
  6. That's the best advice I've seen in this line up - really what you do now depends on what your goals are for Busso and if you're satisfied with your Cairns race If Cairns didn't work out how you wanted - there's going to be something to work on there Bike racing is not going to be working the energy systems you need to maximise for a good Ironman performance - it's a pure endurance event - do things that support endurance development in all sports - if you don't swim that well work on your technique now
  7. If the Trannies standard for a pass is 13hrs - a 9.31 must be Honours or maybe a PHD
  8. That's a good honest report Jo - you should walk away from that one liking the man you were on the day - with the level of development you have I doubt if you could have gotten any more out of yourself Remember it is your wife who is giving birth so we do expect to see you at regular squad sessions just working on development and maintaining what you have already built
  9. I don't think this would happen with the Hyundai - I just parked there and then this happened
  10. This could be a once only - when people on Trannies agree with you be scared - you may be being set up - it happened to me once - then they came out in the KKK robes and tried to hang me
  11. If it does - just don't start - I have had to pull out of a couple of big races at the last minute because of illness - as a result I'm still in the game - I know people who have raced crook and never had a good race after that
  12. The "Super Commuters" do not like to be overtaken by a female - it's comical to watch them time trialling to work along the bike path
  13. What if it makes your legs "feel better" during a long event (longer than 30min) - doesn't feeling better equate to performing at the same level for longer, even if it doesn't actually increase performance The more you read about the placebo effect the more you realise that feeling better equals better performance anyway - recommended reading "The Cure" (can't remember the author have lent the book to a friend)
  14. I think for an age grouper it usually has to be dobbing - I know of a case of an Aussie guy who was working in the states - his wife who is a good athlete and never had trouble qualifying phoned a friend here who was a regular age group winner and asked "Have you ever had a drug test when you won your age group" The friend told me about the strange question coming from someone who doesn't need to dope - my answer "She is not asking about herself" A couple of months later her husband does a career best IM time and qualifies for Kona a 40-50min PB He trained on for Kona and did a similar race to "our Scott" - neither of them realise that for Kona you have to have your shit together mentally - PEDs may help but not if you have a chicken's heart
  15. Scott did race Kona I think it was 2014 - he stayed at the same hotel as us - he finished but I heard he was disappointed with his time - I didn't see him after the race - I ran into him at HOTW in 2015 - if he's not in the results they must have scrubbed him out