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  1. He should become her domestique - he's failed to do what he set out to do - she's still doing what she set out to do - a bit like when you get lapped in a crit - you're out
  2. Thanks - somewhere back there I have a couple of sub 40min runs - not far under (but under) Thanks Ron for looking these up
  3. It's a good feeling to reach the point where - the hard work is all done - lets just get fresher now - probably time for the "bull shark sightings" in the Hastings River to start appearing - or maybe a sewage spill into the river
  4. If you ask me, and I know that no one is actually asking, the person riding across Africa to raise funds for "insert charitable cause " in Africa, is to me, just doing what they want to do, and cloaking it in a charitable veneer. If you want to raise fund, then raise fund, if you want to ride your bike across Africa, then just do that. This is exactly how I feel - so many cases of adventures disguised as charitable quests
  5. I have had this problem over the years a few times - in fact I always run with toilet paper - my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor has told be it's because my body is too fatigued to hold it back - it usually shows up in the last few weeks of an IM build when I'm carrying most fatigue She gives me acupuncture and herbs and can fix the problem in a couple of days - the good TCM practitioners know stuff that is hard to find out else ware
  6. I was there that year - can't remember what time I did ?
  7. The biggest mental battle on the day is when you have walked through an aid station and then it's time to start running again - or to allow yourself 20steps walk and then you must run Another is when you have a bad patch in the bike and all those thoughts flash through your head about the mornings you slept in and dodged the rides you should really have done - or the long rides you cut short because you "had a good reason" - getting the fight back after that low patch is not easy I'm happy that ironpo pulled that photo up - I needed it to fire me up - I'm already looking forward to MFD this year - and running the hill out of town (he caught me walking up there a couple of years ago - no photos) he's like my conscience
  8. Yeah all through the nineties we only ever rode road bikes with clip on bars - times haven't changed much since everyone has a TT bike
  9. I wonder what's happened to poor Tim - he had more than his fair share of bad luck
  10. Barry and Julie certainly did put on good races - they were before their time - if they had of got the Ironman franchise it would have been truly first class - The Turtle is pretty easy
  11. Yes Rog - I have compacts now - and that year in the photo I cramped half way up - nearly fell off - just unclipped in time - it was a walk of shame - when that photo was taken I was a beaten man - got my shit together up around the corner
  12. Back when you were being conceived the Triumph Bonneville and Norton Dominator were at the top of the bunch - then the Japs gradually crept past and sadly the Poms slipped behind - I'd say complacency and arrogance or maybe lack of good leadership was the reason - there is no way a Japanese engineer is any smarter than a British engineer - I think it has just been an attitude problem - they seem to be fighting back but they seem to have aimed at the Harley market rather than take on the Japs head on
  13. Being over 60yrs is no excuse either - I am nearly 69yrs and WILL BE RIDING UP - you have to train for the course you'll be competing on - there are far too many people entering Ironman events these days and have not trained for them
  14. -------------You are doing it he right way. -------------------- Is there a "right way" to live your life ? ----------------- 6. Motorbike riders are not all beer swilling fat gutted harley riders in a gang. The keynote speaker, off-road ride leader, and all round great guy that gave me some awesome tips was Steve Martin. Perhaps try expanding your horizons and google him. Maybe a look at the physical involvement in riding some of the adventure bikes like a Triumph Tiger Explorer or Triumph Scrambler (the two I was testing). --------------- Sadly Triumph are playing "catch up" in an industry where they missed the boat ------------ my life has many aspects as well but my health and longevity is helped a lot more by triathlon than some of my other interests - I bought my first Triumph in 1967 ----- the second in 1969 -------- I have owned many motor bikes since - I hope you didn't eat too many of the sausages they offered to try and seduce you
  15. A few familiar faces in that photo - I wonder what ever happened to that shirt?