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  1. Well day one has thrown the crew a curveball with Centrnnial park having road closures. So it's off to the pool as usual then off to Kurnell for laps on the bike then Sans Souci for 14 laps on the run. But hopefully tomorrow things will be back on track and back in Centennial.
  2. NEW SHIMANO DI2 BATTERY OFFERS SYNCHRONIZED SHIFTING POTENTIAL FOR ULTEGRA 6870 AND DURA ACE 9070 RIDERS With the launch of Dura-Ace R9150 came new firmware offering road riders Synchronized Shifting options between front and rear derailleurs. Now this technology has been made available to Ultegra 6800 and Dura-Ace 9070 riders who have the latest Di2 battery. The new battery (BT-DN110) contains a memory chip that can handle the processing power required to deal with the multiple shift patterns and customizations that Synchronized Shifting brings, offering you the choice to suit your gear positioning to your personal riding style. How to access the new features: First ensure you have the new BT-DN110 battery, which is the only battery that allows you to take advantage of automated front shifts (ie full Synchronized Shift mode), or automated rear ‘correction shifts’ (ie semi-Synchronized Shift mode). Next, if you are a current Di2 user with compatible front (FD-6870/FD-9070/FD-9150) or rear derailleurs (RD-6870/RD- 9070/RD-9150) you can download the latest E-TUBE firmware either by a cable connection to a PC, or via Bluetooth from your tablet or smart phone to your components. Changing modes: If you have both the firmware and the new battery it is easy to tell which shifting mode you are in with a new sequencing of lights on your external SM-EW90A/B (pictured) or internal EW-RS910 junction box. A double click of the external button allows you to toggle between modes. • Solid red+green lights indicate Manual Shift mode • 2 blinks indicates Full Synchronized Shift mode • 3 blinks indicates Semi-Synchronized Shift mode Each mode is customisable in E-TUBE, meaning you can choose different combinations and customized shift patterns if you wish (for example, two semi-Synchronized Shift modes offering different ‘correction’ shifts, or two full Synchronized Shift modes that assign a front derailleur command on differing sprockets). For more information: A helpful video explains the benefits of E-TUBE and the potential shift mapping options here: What is Synchronized Shifting? A function that allows riders to concentrate on only up or down shifting the rear derailleur while the Di2 system automatically picks the right gear combination from both the front and the rear derailleur. Even in Synchronized Shift mode riders still have full control over the front derailleur. Synchronized Shifting is designed to complement rather than replace manual shifting, and is especially useful when you are using auxiliary sprint, climbing or TT shifters, or, for Dura-Ace, the shifters on the top of the hoods. With one press of the rear shifting lever, the function can achieve the optimal front/rear gear for your personal riding style. The E-TUBE PROJECT app or website can be used to pre-set exactly when changes take place. What is Semi-Synchronized Shifting? Rather than automatically shifting the front derailleur, semi-Synchronized Shifting mode automatically shifts the rear derailleur when the front derailleur is shifted. This allows riders to obtain optimal gear transitions for smoother riding. Again, the E-TUBE PROJECT app or website can be used to determine exactly when this change takes place. What is manual mode? Manual mode is the system all Dura-Ace Di2 and Ultegra Di2 riders had access to until this point. Manual mode provides an automatic trim adjustment on the front derailleur but there is no corresponding gear shift of the front derailleur based on the shift action of the rear derailleur, or vice versa.
  3. Hey mate yeah he has one already. It does sort of work for him but there are a few issues, one is that he doesn't like to stand out. But ironically the teachers seem to allow all the kids to bring them in and use them which while being good for my boy as he doesn't stand out, having a class full of kids with them is not a good recipe long term. Anyway we can but try.
  4. This looks like blowing up deluxe, and I dont think either party are coming out of it smelling rosy.'m_Asking_For_Your_Help._P6291398/ Hope none of this ends up affecting our Lachy.
  5. Hey @Flanman not sure if this passes as good news or not, but last week my sister says, "I saw you tagged on a friends facebook page!!" She worked with your Mrs ... Andrea Moss
  6. Enjoy mate. Hope the swell is up for you.
  7. The response from Dimond: The quality and integrity of Dimond Bikes has recently been brought into question by a former ambassador facing a lawsuit for breaching a promise in his contract. I would like everyone to know that Dimond Bikes are safe, have been safe, and continue to be safe. No customer who has purchased a production bicycle has advised Dimond of any failure in a bicycle that has resulted in any safety incident. Each Dimond Bike has a 6 year warranty and continues to have a 6 year warranty. Dimond Bikes have always been safe for triathlon racing. The current bikes, after 3 years of production, are the best and safest bikes yet and the result of thousands of hours of work to constantly improve the bikes. Jordan Rapp has now made first-time-ever claims about the safety of the Dimond Bike as a reason why he asked to be released from his contract. I am just now learning of these claims. I had multiple conversations with Jordan through phone and email regarding his desire to be released from his contractual obligations, but never during these conversations did he express any dissatisfaction with the product. Only after facing legal ramifications from a lawsuit claiming Jordan breached his promise did Jordan make these belated claims about safety. He admits that he never mentioned safety problems with the frames to Dimond. If, before being sued for breach of promise, Jordan had in fact truly believed one of his Dimond bikes was unsafe, but failed to alert the manufacturer of that belief, he would prevent the manufacturer from taking steps to ensure the safety of all other purchasers of Dimond Bikes. I do not believe Jordan would show such disregard for his fellow triathletes. I believe the fact is, he did not alert the manufacturer of any safety problem because there never was such a problem. The Dimond is a safe triathlon racing bicycle. There are other important facts underlying Jordan’s conduct, but I do not wish to engage in “trial by public forum”. This is a breach of promise dispute I wish to settle privately, or fairly through the court system. Regards, TJ Tollakson, CEO Ruster Sports, LLC
  8. Just reading the last bit of it, cant be bothered with all of it. Seems a few are calling for them both to "man up" sit down and sort it out. Unfortunately I think from Dimonds point of view that thread itself has taken them past the point of no return. While Im sure Jordan would like to shake hands and move on, he could walk away recover his "career" and let his results speak for themselves and his reputation may be only slightly damaged, whereas i think Dimonds reputation will be irreparably damaged by these goings on and if they feel that is so then I assume they will go "all in" on Rappstar.
  9. Angling for a career in politics some day maybe?
  10. That was before he posted that, he may find another law suit hot on its heels
  11. When I was there I stayed in Marostica and old "walled city" where they play the human sized chess game every year. As for cycling routes, not sure I just followed Alessandro Ballan around I'm no help really just wanted to say I went to Italy and rode with Ballan....... oh and someone else paid
  12. This was an interesting response to Jordans post: Lots of folks, myself included, asked your opinions of the Dimond in very recent months, including via PM's, and you lied your ass off. You never spoke of any major issues. Now you want people to fund a defence for you. Piss off.
  13. I had an interesting Anzac day. As much as I respect Anzac day I've never really had a connection to it, being an Irish immigrant and all, and my wifes family also have no (known) connection to the wars. My wife was talking to a neighbour over the fence (yes some people still do that ) and they were both reflecting on the fact that we all had no real connection to Anzacs even though our neighbours are both "aussie as" Fast forward an hour or so and my Dad, who is currently visiting from Ireland for his 80th gets out his phone and shows me a few old photos he has found since cleaning up a few things since mum has passed away ( he thought he was pretty clever taking photos of photos sop he could carry them on his phone) and up comes one of a grave stone. He then proceeds to tell me it was his Grand Father, my Great Grandfather who fought, died and is buried in Thessalonica He fought with the 6th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers 2 Oct 1916 ROX, Private ARTHUR 22090. Age 34 D Coy Still getting my head around it but certainly puts a whole new spin on days like these now.
  14. I get what you are saying. I have not had to contribute to this thread apart from the stresses of losing then rebuilding the house and all that went along with that, but a few months ago I was just getting really, really sad.... a lot, which for those that know me, would know it is very out of character. I put it down to a bit of a combination of things, the first anniversary of my mums death, which I don't think I dealt with fully at the time due to the Tornado stuff going on, the end of a year of manic stresses with dealing with insurance companies, councils, builders, trades, refurnishing a whole house, the financial stresses that go along with that and trying to insulate the kids from those very stresses to a great extent. My son is also struggling with his ADHD and a lot of other issues at school and I feel like we are unable to adequately help him, and coupled with the fact that he has inherited it from me makes me feel more guilty. More than anything it did open my eyes up to how quickly things can change and while I'm lucky that I have a lot to be thankful for and feel like I'm over the worst of it I can see how for those whose lives aren't great in other areas can start to get into a bit of a spiral. Look after yourselves people.
  15. I can sympathise, my wife and I are the same never ever tried coffee and dont have any in the house. Every now and then if we are having a party or something we will go out and buy a jar of Moccona in case anyone gets desperate. We both love a good cup of tea though.
  16. HI guys, firstly big thanks to Cranky for sorting this out and following it all the way through. Order is placed and paid, hopefully we will have them soon. It would be great of they were here for Port but will have to wait and see. For those that want them, stay tuned for payment details, I would like to have them in my hot little hand before I take anyone's cash.
  17. That looks pretty ordinary Leesey, must be plenty of brazen hoons in that area, doing farking circle work right in your front yard!!!! enjoy mate, looks awesome.
  18. On FB at the moment Ultegra crankset 53/39, 175mm $100 Hardly used 11sp Ultegra crankset.
  19. He was trying to raise awareness for his cause, what better way. If he had made it successfully we may have never heard of him.
  20. You would be a brave or foolish technical delegate who would make a call that contravenes a rule that is in place and in line with a sun safety policy unless there was a greater overriding safety issue and I'd be interested to know what that might be.
  21. I get what you are gettng at but I don't think "clarification" is the term, the rule seems clear and no need for clarification. What is required is an explanation as to why the TO's were enforcing a rule that does not exist or more importantly contradicting an existing rule its like a cop booking you for driving within the speed limit!!
  22. As above RCR Rule 1.1 (o) allows calf sleeves to be worn at any time during an event, including during a non-wetsuit swim. the only thing that needs to be clarified is WTF the TO's think they are enforcing.
  23. Wow mate that sounds tough. Don't be afraid to speak up here if you need a leg up. Good luck
  24. The rediculous part is that as far as I'm aware it has been cleared up but TO's have no idea what they are doing.