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  1. Or similarly make a list of all the things that need doing around the house, all those crappy jobs you have been putting off ..... if that doesn't make you want to go for a ride nothing will
  2. There have been changes made to the Race Competition Rules Changes are highlighted in YELLOW One of the main changes is regarding calf sleeves and the following explanation was given The rules have been amended to provide clarity around the use of compression calf guards in a non-wetsuit swim. I have provided below for you the rationale for the change provided by the TA National and Events Manager – Lukas Matys. The advice that we have had from both ITU and Ironman and swim coaches is that ITU/ Ironman have not allowed calf sleeves or ‘any clothing below the knee’ as it is impossible to check if these items contain neoprene or provide assistance to the buoyancy of the athlete (this is in line with our “fairness” approach). Once they are permitted competitors will start using them as an ‘aid’ and we have seen this with speed suits and neoprene bottoms underneath speed suits. These are left in transition and so we can check the calf sleeves are worn throughout the event. The swim must be unassisted and as elevation of the legs is the most demanding. If an athlete is unable to swim without calf sleeves because of an injury, the argument is that they should not be swimming. There is now adequate provision within rule 1.1.O for a competitor that wants to wear a full ‘sun safe’ suit. Competitors have the option to put on the calf sleeves in T1.
  3. It does say "prize money races" so I'm not sure if that means ra ra that have prize money that they have entered or races in which they have earned prize money.
  4. Do you even read bro? It says Week 24
  5. This is all inclusive, not just from challenge
  6. Im no legal expert, so not sure how much of a case you woudl have or what the cops would even do, other than maybe a warning. So Id weigh up what you would be hoping to achieve versus what personal toll it will take on you (stress, anxiety etc) I don't think anyone likes seeing a rude bully get their way, but if the end result is nothing more than a wrist slap he might think he has had an even bigger victory by getting under your skin as well.
  7. I think its US $$
  8. I get these press releases from Challenge detailing athletes prizemoney. Is it something you guys are interested in seeing? Week 24-There were 6 half distance races over the weekend.Challenge Heilbronn in Germany, IM 70.3 Elsinore in Denmark (which was also the IM 70.3 European Championships), IM 70.3 Pescara in Italy, IM 70.3 Luxembourg, IM 70.3 Staffordshire and IM 70.3 Costa Rica.Top 5 male prize money earners-1. Richard Murray (ZAF)2. Mario Mola (ESP)3. Lionel sanders (CAN)4. Javier Gomez (ESP)5. Tim Don (GBR)Top 5 female prize money earners-1. Daniela Ryf (SUI)2. Holly Lawrence (GBR)3. Susie Cheetham (GBR)4. Annabel Luxford (AUS)5. Lucy Charles (GBR) Women_Top50_20170618.pdf Men_Top50_20170618.pdf
  9. Funnily enough the original indicators were that more visors would be required, yet I have sent out more caps so far. Original numbers on the thread were 19 visors 15 caps, luckily I ordered 50 of each as caps are over 25 sent out already and visors just a few behind. From the original list there are still, I think, a few to be allocated so it wont leave many spares. Oh and I need one or two as well
  10. If there are any lurkers out there that want a visor or cap but were wondering how to get hold of them...... BLOODY LOG ON GET A NAME AND JOIN IN or email me at roxii(at) and I can sort you out.
  11. It actually says "one size fits most" so that comment is a bit "ruff"
  12. Yes, a hypocrite of hermits.
  13. So then ironically the ones who want to be alone will be with others and me who wants to be with others will be left alone. My head hurts
  14. Yeah,, lets all be hermits together !!!