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  1. who is going to give a summary for the newbies not knowing who Peter the brave was.... * no im not a newbie...
  2. Unfinished business.... Sarah Hammond has announced she is turning her tracker back on and recommencing from where she left off when the event was stopped...
  3. yes he did....he continued on going and finished.... its beachside suburbs near the airport, course goes along cycleways for that stretch for safety etc...
  4. I caught up with 70 year old Mike Sheldrake last night at Brighton Le Sands....about 8pm... originally intended to catch him through Sutherland near home...but somehow missed him...think my dot watching is getting slow... jogged besides him whilst we chatted for few yards....he finished towards later in the night....:-)
  5. factor in how much older you..../ we have gotten since those days Roxxette....
  6. About a thousand of us rolled across the line this morning paying tribute to Mike. Kristoff laid flowers on the steps of the opera house...i chatted to him afterwards for about 15 minutes
  7. RIP Mike Hall…. For me, today had started as a sunny day…with the excitement of watching some dots on a screen avoiding work, as they worked their way to the finish line….i would have loved to have been able to spin through the National Park, awaiting the race leaders, alas work was unavoidable… Tiredness from lack of sleep fed with coffee, having watching the dots overnight…the “when will the reach Sydney” anticipation.. Eagerly awaiting to possibly catch the riders as they went almost past our house, and straight past my workplace and cheer them on. I’m sometimes considered crazy, however these guys are the ones cycling from Perth to Sydney, the hard way…unsupported, along the dead straight Nullarbor, then the Alps etc Mike had been in second place for most of the race it is current at Day 13, and he kept the race alive and exciting over the past few days taking the race lead a few times as it snaked its way through the Victorian Alps region. Whilst I didn’t know you personally Mike, we certainly feel we got to know you, your battle with Kristoff and the interviews in the race videos keeping us animated and on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately you didn’t get to see Sydney or the finish line….
  8. RIP ....terribly !! condolences to the family...!! there was only one rider in that area...
  9. another one who is totally hooked and intrigued...following it massively, even the non cycling better half is getting hooked on the craziness of it.... met Seb and Beth Dunne one year when we raced Easter 24 hr solo a coupla years ago.... good to see Seb doing so well....
  10. Will he take it to Hawaii for one of the rounds.....
  11. Forster 2005.....with a 2 hour improvement on first attempt in 2002..... then wont be the same since leaving the hallowed grounds of Forster...
  12. So NSW gained an extra two to its Tally today... Good on ya Nealo for also getting there.... Get your act together folks and donate more often....:-)
  13. Fatpom....when you have family and have to carry four or five two kayaks... you don't have much option then put two bikes and two kayaks on the roof... and two bikes on the bike rack on the tow ball with the bar for lights and number plates...
  14. Fork mounted dont sway as much as the ones with wheels left on Have had the fork mount ones....currently have swing arm wheel left one models Thule branded extremely reliable Fork mount/wheel off model then means finding space in car for dirty wheel (or use wheel bags like i used to) Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  15. ................