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  1. You simply need to change the intensity of the swims to prepare for what is about to come, or recover from what you just did. ie. If you are running intervals at high intensity in the afternoon, do a long aerobic swim in the morning (low lactate swim). If you did a long aerobic ride in the morning, the next swim session could be short and punchy to get the HR up to shift some lactate. You could swim everyday without compromising the run and bike sessions as long the swim is designed to compliment the previous or next session. Change of day won't hurt at all.
  2. But they are only racing for 2hrs - it's not an event that spans 3 meal times. They probably don't even need anything for the first hour. Plus they rely on a little dehydration to get lighter during the mara to maintain speed.
  3. WOW. I leave and all hell breaks loose
  4. Shirin Gerami represented Iran wearing this... Full burqa might might be a tad stifling.
  5. No, it's a fast time on that course. Extremely mountainous.
  6. Make hay while the sun shines....
  7. Well, his Royal Sponsor was racing. The Royal sponsor's coach is Spanish and also racing. Hip bone connected to knee bone, etc etc etc...
  8. have you ever seen X-Factor Lebanon or Egypt Idol???? Then you'd know why I don't own a TV.
  9. Just get rid of it then. I don't own a TV anymore. Haven't for 4 years and I have not spent one moment of time thinking I'm missing out on anything.
  10. Sounds boring
  11. Incorrigible
  12. Exactly. Economy you dread. Business you can't wait to get on and lie down.
  13. Although international business class is soooo worth it :-) but then again, you arrive at the same destination in same amount of time when you fly economy.
  14. Oh those Mt Hotham memories One thing to add, there is always the chance she is waiting for you to change your mind but doesn't want to come across as demanding at this point in time. Maybe she's waiting for you to love her more, then you will agree to her suggestion.
  15. Agree with GSP. I'd rather spend money on seeing amazing natural wonders than on materialistic stuff. At this point in time, I could probably pack all my belongings in to 3 or 4 suitcases (plus my bike) and I don't feel any less happy than when I had a house full of 'stuff' in Melbourne. Recently went to Oman and had a fantastic time up in the mountains staying in a little single room cabin. Had one night at the 5 star Shangri-la and it wouldn't bother me if I never went back there again. I recommend avoiding buying anything on impulse. If you think you want that latest new 'thing', wait a couple of weeks and see if you still really need it. However, I do believe in buying the best you can afford as those items will last a lot longer than buying cheap.