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  1. Reminds me of the time I was training for Kona in the French Alps and using the downhill MTB trails to do my uphill running reps on. Some of those aggro MTB wankers just wouldn't get out of my way as they plummeted down the hill, yelling all kinds of vile French cuss words at me. No wonder everyone hates the French... and MTBers. There were no signs saying these were one-way trails. I was just minding my own business.
  2. Never a wiser word spoken.
  3. Why wait?
  4. yeah but what are we going to talk about around here. It's kinda tumble-weeds at the mo.
  5. Oh, you mean the guy who took offense at seeing an elderly lady verbally and physically attacked some by douche-bag wearing lycra?
  6. I think I've seen this guy riding his bike on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Don't get cops involved. Hopefully the gym will do the right thing and cease the guys membership. Try to move on but keep a record of what happened just in case he gets vindictive.
  7. Saddle forward all the way - keeps hip angle more open. The longer stem will help steer in straight line in TT pos. You steer straight, you go faster.
  8. Below. Just remove the bottom spacer and go lower in front end IMHO. What I hate about aero riser kits is that if you want to ride in a bunch with your hands on the brake bars, they end up too low and you'll get sore hands, neck, back, taint etc.
  9. I'd take that spacer out of the stem. Don't even think about a shorter stem as your hands are already at the ends of the bars.
  10. So much weirdness in your statement. If it was my Granny and some jerk was swearing, yelling and belittling her I'd make sure he got a lesson in manners. You guys aren't getting it. The way he behaved will only reinforce that cyclists should not be on the road. The only thing the lady will remember is the verbal and physical attack on her. She won't change her phone using habit because in her mind, what the cyclist did is far worse a crime than what she did.
  11. Weird to say but I used to ride my TT with 74cm seat height. Had this German Tri Fitter look at it and he shifted it up to 77cm - At first it felt like could hardly reach the pedals but I immediately got more easy power from it. Best analogy I can make is that it's like lifting a bar bell from a squat position. The hardest part is the first half of the lift out of the squat with the knee joint open. Once you get past that, the easiest part of the lift is the last 25% when the knee is about to straighten and lock out - and yet the weight is the same.
  12. The 56 looks good and from what I can see you dont need a shorter stem. You will hold a straight steady line with the stem you have. You could have gone a 54 with longer stem, like a 110mm. I have a guy here same as you size wise. We thought the 56 was too big for him but Jo Spindler got it to fit perfectly.
  13. Genius, Roxette!
  14. I see both sides here but I can't get over how aggressively he treated the little old lady. After seeing how small and old she was he should have backed off and toned the aggro down. Sure, she was doing the wrong thing and thankfully he was not harmed, but I can see how this woman would have felt like her own safety was in danger. The cyclist bought the crowd anger upon himself.
  15. FP, I think this position is really good for you. you look like you could sit there all day then have a good run. With your back issues, I reckon this is a good as you could hope for. Elbow pads are where I'd put them. Seat is nice and forward giving open hip which is good for running. The 165s will be even better in this regard. IP needs to shift his seat and front end forward, then slam his stem down if he is to be worthy of that disk. Plus, the vortex you're creating against your chest with having your hands that low is slowing you down. (IMHO )