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  1. Syria war: 'At least 68 children among 126 killed' in bus bombing - 17 May Pray for Manchester. Ariana's World Tour cancelled - oh no!
  2. The squad environment motivates a lot of people. If the coach has many years of experience you can learn from them. Even athletes that know how to write a meaningful training plan are prone to overtraining and are often a bad judge of their own workload. Some personality types will always go searching for clues no matter how logical the coach's direction is - they simply want a fast-track to improvement and are not patient enough to give it time. Everyone is different. Coaches are not compulsory. Some people love the squad environment and having someone to share their training life with. Others are disruptive in the squad environment and it takes a master of psychology to manage that person.
  3. I had to tell an athlete I didn't want to coach him anymore. Was one of the hardest emails I've ever written. Some people just don't pay you enough to put up with their
  4. What does he like doing in his spare time?
  5. Hell! How cold did that bike leg look. Only time I've seen people stop for a cup of coffee! I like it! PS. was that Emma Pooley at 8:36?
  6. "Stretch denim. So hot right now." Yoyo (acually, I like it)
  7. Nice and warm
  8. I know people who are shocked to find out that I go traveling by myself or that I would even go and see a movie alone. My mother usually shakes her head and sighs, "I can't believe you went to the movies alone!" I figure, if you want to see something, why be held back by waiting for others to join in? Just do it. I've had the most amazing experiences on my solo trips across the World.
  9. Interesting video but surely 'loneliness' is an emotion that you have the power to control such as anger or happiness. Introverted people may not feel the same degree of loneliness as an extroverted person. Some people may feel very secure and confident in their own company where others may feel insecure and isolated.
  10. SAY NO MORE!
  11. I've never had the shrinking problem you describe with Steigen. I do all my washing in cold water.
  12. Been in Steigen since they started up about 10 years ago. Fantastic thin socks and last forever. Wouldn't wear anything else and they're constantly expanding their colour range and have come up with some fun looking designs. Started by Geelong Commonwealth Games distance runner Louis Rowan.
  13. I could do it. A cabin on the fringe of a French Alps National Park, a good supply of coffee beans and the ability to bottle my own red and you'll never hear from me again!
  14. My own sister and hubby have paid a bomb putting their kids through one of the best Colleges in Geelong and have worked like dogs to keep up with mortgages and schools fees - probably damaging their own happiness and longevity in doing so. Their kids are nearly done now but were told by the College that academically they would have been better suited to a public high school since the son will probably end up a tradesman or best case struggling through uni as an engineer and the daughter will either end up a rather unconvincing Hip-Hop dancer or as an extra on the set of Neighbours. LOL
  15. That was a great podcast. Was quite relaxing to listen to LOL He sounds cool as a cuc these days.