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  1. That's the funniest thing I've read on here for months.
  2. Is it year to date?
  3. Burn he's house down.
  4. Anyone got a money breakdown from money earned from WTC?
  5. Good thread Roxii. I wonder how some of these pro's live. I sure hope the ones in the twilight of their career have 3 houses payed off or some major skills to earn a income. The real world can be a nasty place.
  6. I've never used them and I've never had a problem with them. đŸ˜¦
  7. Everyone knows Labor is the best political party in this country. Noobs need to know this when they enter the thread. "Standing up for middle class and working class people."
  8. Who changed the name of my thread? At least ask first.
  9. That should get rid of that French git and but Peter Russell Clark in.
  10. Not sure exactly how much all up. I need a few other things done. Around $1k. Getting it from venture cycles in Noosaville. They always look after me.
  11. The Handmaids Tail. This show is messed up. Goughy, you'll love it.
  12. Crashed and broke the left XT gear and brake lever on Wed. Needed a new chain, cassette and front chain ring so ........ ......I ordered the New GX eagle today.
  13. We were the losers because Yoyo never got in here when it all happened.
  14. I'm not in a position to give a professional percentage. There are other factors like interest rates, unemployment and or the stock market. For fun.....I'll say 20%.
  15. Is this the start? HOUSE prices in Australia’s capital cities fell 1.1 per cent in May, the latest sign Australia’s booming property market has finally peaked.