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  1. My refund is going to fight wrongful PED convictions among pro sportsman.
  2. Looks like the latest series of Orange is the New Black has been leaked.
  3. Where's yoyo when we need him?
  4. Got $1900 in 8 hours. Aiming for $25k.
  5. 87 Berry Biathlon (equation) results?
  6. Mate from work didn't show for his shift yesterday. Sent someone around to check. Police & Ambos were there. He was 45.
  7. What's the wife's favourite show?
  8. You funny
  9. I read that the monk Tripitaka on monkey was played by a woman in the original series. That was confusing as a kid.
  10. Can't remember if I raced that year. Edit... I did my first Noosa in 88 so yes I was old enough in 92.
  11. Is he taking a 12 month break from racing or something?
  12. He's that big hey?
  13. Collectively saves trannys hundreds and doesn't get one like. (Sad face.)
  14. Let Zed pick it up. That way the guy doesn't get a free wetty.