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  1. 1 hour ride!!! First in a very very long time.
  2. 88 Facebook page is updated daily. John doing full today.
  3. You just beat what shows up. 3:40, 4:40, first is first.
  4. Possibly the sponsors might be announcing their donations at the end. Would make the most sense. If they donated up front and the event stopped early they would get far less exposure. Waiting until day 100 and standing there with a big novelty cheque for the photo opportunities sounds much more sensible.
  5. http://dosc.doscadmin.webfactional.com Edit to make link work Today. The last bastion of the western expat in the Middle East.
  6. Lunch here last Friday. You cant take it with you.
  7. Point completely missed. They arent viewed as their people as tge wrong brand. The region is a shit show.
  8. Quoting a long post and adding yep, i agree, this, yep etc add......
  9. It let me attach it. Oh well. Is that South African president making a tit out of himself.
  10. 0 VID-20170409-WA0000.mp4
  11. Finishes second Sunday in April. Never May. Often finished Easter Sunday.
  12. Terrible.
  13. Masters starts today. Still some tornados in the region.
  14. Do you take video if people at the gym and post to Instagram with snide remarks?