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  1. RIP Champ. 2006 was your year to shine.
  2. Bloody hell, that's scary. Hard to imagine London being any more aggressive than it already is! On Saturday we had a group of Morris Dancers at one end of town and an Apelachian dance troupe at the other giving each other evils. That's about as tense as it gets in Winchester unless the Laura Ashley shop has a sale, then it's look out!
  3. I might have some details wrong but with Norseman I think the story goes like this. In the earlier years you had to make the bottom of Zombie Hill by a certain time (I think it was at 32km). If they sent you up the hill you got a black shirt for finishing, if not there was an alternate finish and you got a white shirt. Nowadays it's a number cut off, so the first 160 get to go up the hill. There is another colured shirt, a green one and this is for folks that have earned 4 black shirts in a row. On their 5th year, they get the coveted green shirt. IIRC, only one Brit was in line for this but he either DNF'd or missed the cut off on his 5th year. That's gotta hurt!
  4. Have a go at this, the run elevation in the last 11km is insane. I think to date, only one person over 55 has made cut off. Apart from all that, looks appealing
  5. One day, Aussies will learn that London doesn't equal the UK but I won't hold my breath.
  6. If I'm reading the profile right for Swissman, nearly all of that run elevation comes in the last 11km though, right? Celtman film here.
  7. I'm just about to order a spare visor for my Kask Bambino at £70 a pop, unless I'm lead bike at Kona, I'm stopping to pick that thing up wherever it comes off.
  8. Not any part of the UK that I've lived. Rimmer might have a different view.
  9. Right now I'd settle for an hour at North Narra Point
  10. Bloody hell I miss surfing. After my main race later in the year, I think a trip to Morocco may be in order (or Portugal for the family). I did look at something in the Maldives with Barton Lynch (can't remember the name), looked great but the cost was really up there.
  11. If it was, I missed it but I do know she's done the race at least once. It really was a 4 seasons day, looks brilliant but that run is beyond what my knackered body could cope with
  12. Goofy here, checking in
  13. I've done way more travelling alone that I have with others. I like it mostly, only downside is when you see something out of the ordinary and don't have someone to share it with. Advantage is, you go where you want, when you want. Same for movies, seen many more films on my own. I can choose where I sit and what time I go and don't feel compelled to punch any of my mates for having zero attention span and talking.
  14. I don't like cricket,,,
  15. Doubt it. My sister was done for speeding in Florida in a minivan (Lord knows how!). She had a choice to pay the on the spot fine or turn up at County Hall the next day (which was more expensive). She went to County Hall because I think she thought it was an extra tourist attraction She's been back loads of times since and hired a vehicle without issue.
  16. Amazing vocalist http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/chris-cornell-cause-of-death-suicide-hanging-dead-latest-news-a7743691.html
  17. I'm heading in the opposite direction. Came out of a particularly cold and wet winter which made riding pretty challenging. Went on my annual (ish) training camp to Mallorca and have been upping the swimming and riding since then. Running is always a knife edge for me so I do the best I can. My season is just starting. I have a small hit out race on June 25th in Marlow, Bucks which involves swimming in the Thames, so if I don't die of dysentery first then I'll be rolling on after that. What I really need now is to get some solid OWS in. Got a new wettie, new bike, new aero helmet and new saddle. Lot's to test
  18. I saw Soundgarden twice and they were great but for some reason, whenever I hear the name Chris Cornell, I think of this song.
  19. Mrs FP brings this up whenever I start moaning how slow/fat/broken I am, she says 'that's because you live in a bubble surrounded by fit people'. She might be right but I quite like the bubble
  20. That reads exactly like one of those statements from a football club stressing that their Mgr has their full backing. Just before they sack him.
  21. Guys at work were raving about 'Preacher" but I couldn't get past the first 20mins, utter shite.
  22. Mrs FP speaks a different language, literally.
  23. There's so much ammo here, I don't know where to start.
  24. They were the brand I had in Oz but had trouble finding them in the UK (must admit, not looked for them for a while though).
  25. Mrs FP is a CPA. She does her CPD on XLS at night.