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  1. It looks like the GFM page has been taken down. They've either settled or Rapp has seen sense in asking for $.
  2. Well, my Dad used to say a third class ride is better than a first class walk but I'm not so sure now.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Given the 'somewhat changeable weather' here, I'm not sure what else I should be considering. Overheating not a huge issue but still want to be comfortable. Is there any issue with sweat dripping on to visors ro rain on the outside of the visor and do any of you find the need to be able to flip the visor up whilst riding for any reason useful? I'm not sure if you can get this one n Oz but the Catlike Rapide Tri seems to cover a lot of bases (there is a non vented TT version also). It's slightly cheaper than the Kask (£234 vs £250), comes with a case and 2 visors. http://aerogeeks.com/2016/08/03/catlike-rapid-tri-review/
  4. What are you guys rockin', aero road with glasses, built in visor? My crumbling body won't allow the discipline required for a full length TT. Looking for something to cover tri and TT duties. Contenders so far: Bontrager Ballista (with sunnies) Catlike Rapide Tri Giro Air Attack Casco SpeedAiro Kask Bambino
  5. I don't get why you're so bent out of shape about what he's doing? I don't get why either of them are doing it and I'm pretty sure they could throw $100k at the Red Cross of their own money without blinking. However, they are doing it (after a fashion) and whether I think the effort is warranted or not, I don't take any pleasure in seeing them not achieve it.
  6. caught up. Whether Dimond's case has merit or not, right now they are playing a smart game and Rapp,,,,,isn't.
  7. Well I got up to Page 10 and now I can't access ST at all.
  8. Thanks Avago, yeah totally agree that I'll never be a fish. Sub 90 mins for 3.8km would be nice these days! With regards to the wide arms; I remember at AP's clinic years ago that PJ was advocating this at the poolside (I had a busted up body at the time so couldn't swim). I remember him saying that the arms are rarely as wide as you think they are. Swimming tonight again, will let you know
  9. Possibly but it seems strange that Dimond backed off from their action against Diamonback but still going after Rapp (I realise different resources etc). I'm still curious as to the timing of various signings because something isn't adding up.
  10. There used to be a stage event in the Dolomites (Donncha put me onto it) IIRC it was called Giro de Dolomiti or something and based in place, Belzano. Could be worth a look.
  11. halleh-freakin-lujah, someone else who is jack of this. The default response here is 'are you doing it for charity'? My answer is 'no, I just like racing and having my ass handed to me on a plate', or I ask them if they drink for charity when they go to the pub. They usually slink off to see if the office biscuit tin has been replenished at this point.
  12. That would have been a better strategy but I fear the genie is out of the bottle now in what Rapp has about the brand, it can't be unsaid and Dimond won't want that hanging in the air like a bad smell. The other thing is that there is no mention of attempting to pay anyone back, he has the funds to fight but doesn't want to dip into his savings. In real life, we have to spend our savings on things we'd rather not but that's how life rolls (unfortunately).
  13. He seems unable to distinguish the difference between 'representing the brand' and lying his ass off shilling a bike that he had zero faith in. Lots of us have had big accidents and massive hurdles to get over to make comebacks. That side of it doesn't play for me at all. I'm 50/50 here for Rapp. He shouldn't be getting sued but he should take the opportunity to reflect on his past shilling behaviour.