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  1. Surfer, I looked into it first to reduce leg extension, then the more I read the more it seemed to help hip angle and in my case, gave more clearance between to top of thigh and chest. seems popular on the TT forums and seems to be gaining traction in road riding but not with as much traction right now.
  2. Yeah good point. My thinking about the shorter stems was in order to move the saddle back a bit but I think I'd rather not compromise leg extension, so the stem is going back. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Do you mean above or below? I did think about out slamming the base bar and getting an aero riser kit for the pads but they're like hens teeth at the moment.
  4. Ok thanks all so far. Here is a pic with the 165mms fitted but not other adjustment. Do you think the saddle needs to move at all?
  5. Hermans?
  6. Thanks TC, as I said, the 54cm would have meant more spacers but I would have had the cool looking flag pole seat mast It's weird looking at that photo, when I'm on the bike it looks ok, when I'm off it, I look at it and wonder who the hell owns that that's living in my house.
  7. Thanks TC. I will post a pic later with the 165mms installed and saddle in same spot, also one with the shorter stem just for comparo. Sorry, one more question, this is the 56cm P3 which in theory shouldn't fit me. Does it look outrageously big? I have very little seat post showing, maybe 120mm to the bottom of the clamp but in general it seems to work.
  8. Ok here it is. It took quite an effort to climb on the bike! This is how my set up is now. This is with a 100mm stem and 172.5 cranks. I am nearly maxed out on saddle forward position, not quite. I have a goniomrter but it's not ultra long but as far as can tell, this is giving me a leg angle of 22deg. i have some 165mm cranks and later today the adaptors to fit them are turning up, along with a 80mm stem and a Specialized Sitero saddle that has a 30 day money back trial offer. I'm not getting on with the Fizik Mistica Wide saddle at all. i have adjustment on steerer to go 10mm up or 20mm down. In general I can't handle long drop but can handle 'stretched'. Issue right now with stretching is leg extension. Hoping the 165mm cranks will ease that. let me have it, warts an all IMG_0306.MOV
  9. Yeah no worries mate. With the £ the way it is, importing anything isn't great. I will to stick to liquidised Cornish pasties for now
  10. I use a lot of Nivea
  11. They aren't easy to get in the U.K. And I had to make a special trip to a running shop in Somt to have a look. Had some analysis done and was told that I really run on my toes to quite a nasty degree, which was news to me because I death shuffle these days. Anyway, tried a few and came away with a pair of Cliftons ( not sure which version) and the wide Aharis. Kind of went with what was available as shop said they will get no more stock this year. i rotate them and apart from the Clifton being a bit tighter in the upper, they feel similar to me. The Ahari feels lighter and more airy but in terms of cushioning I seem to get on ok with either but would probably use the Ahari for longer distance stuff. I find them easier to run a bit more relaxed than I usually do but that's probably more about my bad style than the shoe. the clown shoe look took some getting over but I don't notice that now.
  12. Hi Jase, I saw your interview with Michael and thought it was good. I used Infinit in Oz for a while and I'm sure you guys were in Europe when I first moved to the UK but pulled out?
  13. I'm not really in a position to comment on annoying accents