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  1. Where in the Philippines? I hope it's not Davao. Cebu would be good.
  2. It says Tange IS22AE-SCT integrated. But i could be a dumbhead and looking in the wrong place.
  3. Was it easy enough to put together? And the integrated headset fiddly for packinhg/unpacking? I'm liking the look of this bike so it's definitely in the running.
  4. Now you're just showing off What do you reckon about the wheels that come with the 4 grand Canyon, are they comparable to Caden ones that cost $1,600?
  5. Oh and I'd need a bike fit since I'd be buying online so that's another few hundred but could still be worth it.
  6. Like this one? $4,299 including some decent looking wheels plus $179 for postage although that includes a bike box that maybe could be used for traveling in future so would save me buying one. Then there's the issue of sizing as I'm 175cm tall I'm right on the border between 2 sizes. https://www.canyon.com/en-au/triathlon/speedmax/speedmax-cf-9-0.html
  7. This is all good stuff and why i came here to ask. Keep it coming. I'll see if there's any BMCs in Brisbane i can look at and have a look at Canyons online. And yeah its Avanti Valley so i can look at the Avanti this weekend if it's the right size.
  8. Tough crowd. Seriously?
  9. hmm i can see them on my laptop but not my mobile. I'll see what I can do.
  10. Time for a new TT bike after about 9 years on my old Slice. Below are some on offer from my club's LBS sponsor in Brisbane. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of these? I was budgeting up to around 4 grand including new race wheels but I'm open to spending more if it's really 'worth'it. I thought I'd buy new Cadens for around $1,600 so thoughts on those too? Although everyone sees pretty happy with the Cadens and the price is hard to beat that might be a fait accompli. Also anything else to consider when I'm trying them on for size.e.g. adjustability, ease of packing when traveling etc. 1. 2014 Felt B16 (Shimano 105) Was $2199, Now $1399 2. 2016 Felt B12 (Dura ace) Was $3199, Now $2399.95 3. 2015 Fuji Norcom straight 2.1 (Ultegra) Was $4299, Now $2999 4. 2016 Scott Plasma 20 (Ultegra) Was $4999, Now $3499
  11. Vision from Fox Sports shows the majority of Saudi players continued to stretch or were moving to their position on the field as the minute of silence was being observed. Saudi football officials made it clear to the FFA that the tradition of a minute’s silence.“was not in keeping with Saudi culture”. Clear enough or do you want me to spell it out for you?
  12. So what? They didn't do it this time. In Australia this is OUR custom so STFU and show some respect. Not you Goughy
  13. exactly. I'll be in the middle east in a couple of weeks so I'm gonna drink beer and wear my bikini and see what happens.
  14. Can't wait to hear what twisted logic the Islamapologists employ to excuse the disgusting behaviour on show by the Saudi soccer players and fans at last nights game.
  15. I met him last year and we got a bit drunk together. He was complaining that 'they' were out to get him and all he was guilty of was doing his best for his constituents. Tbh he came across as a good bloke, very approachable and i thought at the time he sounded legit. But 50 grand in cash in a brown paper bag? Yeah nah.