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  1. I don't have an on-season so an off-season doesn't really exist. I just do what I feel like that keeps the body functioning as well as possible. I try to do a bit of everything so I'm not 'starting over' for any particular discipline. Like bored@, I try to keep my weight to 80kg year round because there's nothing worse than trying to lose weight. The older I get the more this matters - it's amazing how bad a couple of extra kilos can make you feel and it inevitably highlights any little niggles that might be hiding just under the surface. I was at the beach today watching the surf - I miss it a lot, I need to make time.
  2. Fair dinkum, the big media outlets are just shameful with this sort of sh!t. They don't give a rat's about the people involved, they're just desperate for the 'exclusive' story. My guess is nine has the rights to her family and seven has the rights to the boyfriend. Frankly I thinks she's probably just a foolish, naive kids who got talked into the chance of a big score and will pay with 20 odd years of her life. I don't doubt for a moment she knew what she was doing. Mother doesn't seem the most responsible parent and boyfriend looks like an absolute drop-kick. Just shows how quickly you can screw up your life looking for an easy answer.
  3. You should have just offered them one of your donuts.
  4. And make sure it's a 'male only' bell - hate to have it slipping into the wrong hands
  5. I can't say I was a huge fan but loved their popular stuff. Black Hole Sun is one of the best grunge rock songs ever written.
  6. I went to work and after about an hour started feeling a bit cold. Within 15 minutes I was shivering and started to feel a desire to puke. 5 minutes later I was so bad I was out the door heading home. Got home, put on a shirt, jumper, down jacket and a down sleeping bag with the air on 24C. My wife said I looked pale as a ghost and I shivered for 20 minutes solid. Took about 4 hours before I stripped off all the layers. I have a feeling it might have been food poisoning from a bad egg in the fridge because my tummy's been pretty ordinary since. Thankfully, feeling much better now and about 2kg lighter I might not have died but there were times I was hoping...
  7. It's going around, I'm half dead today after dying a few times yesterday.
  8. The vast majority of journalists have their own agendas and believe their opinions are superior to anyone else's. I've worked with journos for 38 years and you will never find a more arrogant, narcissistic group of people. The worst fall under the umbrella of News LTD. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I'm struggling to recall any. As for Trump feeling hard done by, pulleeeasaseeeeee!
  9. I like Injinji but they do tend to get holes in the toes a bit. A PIA to put on but seem to protect against blisters. Other than that, whatever I get on sale - Converse shops often have 5 pairs for $20 and I actually quite like them.
  10. When I was younger I felt the need to be around people whilst now I crave the solitude. I think it comes down to how comfortable you are with yourself. Inner peace and all that...
  11. It would be at Lake Haven
  12. Oh, and as for master 13 y/o, he still thinks he's going to follow Ronaldo and play for Real Madrid. I said to him one day "That's a great goal mate but it would probably be wise to have a plan B". He chirped back "I do dad - Manchester United!"
  13. I'd like to do this now as the young bloke is entirely unacademic and will likely do something with his hands. The problem is he's been in the same school for 9 years and it would be pretty cruel to remove him now. We went the private school route because our daughter was identified as gifted (flagged in pre-school) so we thought it would give her the best opportunities to develop. We followed with our son because it would have been unfair not to. Ironically, despite being incredibly bright and always topping her subjects, she's decided to go into teaching. That's not intended as a slight on teachers, it's just we imagined her doing Law or Medicine etc. We're happy if she's happy but it's fair to say the money we've spent probably hasn't enhanced their career potential and it's probably been north of $150k over the years.
  14. Did it count your shots?
  15. For people who are interested in the extreme minimalist lifestyle, check this guy out. He's in FNQ and has a huge youtube following. He posts a video and it will be over a million views inside 2 hours.