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  1. Go Mel! The world's best ranga!
  2. Well we were physically connected on March 6 but it took until April 21 (and about 20 phone calls) for it to be activated. Our previous ADSL2+ was good for about 3-4 Mbs down and about .5Mbs up on a good day. We're connected with HFC NBN and we're consistently seeing >60Mbs down and >40Mbs up. Now that's a long way short of the 100Mbs plan we're on, but given it's a 20x increase in speed I'm not diving at the phone to complain. Right now my wife is watching Netflix and my son is surfing YouTube and speed test has me here: I'm pretty happy
  3. At least she's got her bike now - Qantas did a fine job of looking like they'd lost it.
  4. Can Kim Jong just pop in and confirm he doesn't defecate? Probably why he holds all the IM records.
  5. Well done Dave
  6. Terrible news.
  7. 11.06 for bored@ - he'll be pleased but pissed
  8. In fairness to him, this was a non-wetsuit swim as well so that would be worth about 8-10 minutes.
  9. I'm not sure how 'live' the results are but last stat was 23.7 miles down and 10.42 on the clock - 2.5 miles to go and 18 minutes. He's been averaging about 9.15 min miles - it's definitely gonna be close
  10. 11k and 57 minutes to go to break 11 hrs - it's gonna be tight. C'mon Dave!
  11. Lance might have a bash to get back onside with Nike
  12. Just let rip, deek style
  13. I'd have cooked it...
  14. On a similar slant, this week's ABC show 'You can't ask that' was about suicide 'survivors'. It was confronting to watch and I was surprised by some of the responses, but definitely worth a look on iView if you missed it.