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  1. I agree with all this. There's a small minority of cyclists who continue to exhibit an "it's my right" attitude to other road users and manage to screw the perception of how the majority behave. One of my pet hates is riding the road when there is a purpose built, parallel bike path. There is a single lane secondary road near us which is narrow with virtually no shoulder. Not 10 metres away is a beautiful bike path but I regularly see dick head cyclists riding mid lane, blocking traffic as dozens of cars build up behind them. This is the major road which leads to the 'mechano set' in Sydney and it's just a ridiculous place to ride the road. Even as a 'cyclist', I want to get out and slap some sense into them.
  2. speak to my wife...
  3. You're not invited
  4. Thoughts with you and the family Skel - really sad news.
  5. Sorry to hear that mate - hopefully it will calm down with a bit of rest. Don't overdo it
  6. I think I wrote this too, maybe we need a man-camp. Sit around a fire in our undies - farting, burping and singing Kumbaya.
  7. We have bugger all at the moment but at my last house we had a setup with a Sony amp, Jamo front speakers, B&W Sub and a couple of smaller Jamos for the rear (sitting on custom built stands). We never had a centre speaker. The surround sound freaked us out for a while because we'd be watching something and it sounded like someone was in the house. This was 20 odd years ago when it was relatively new. When I retire this is high on the wish list for a new place. Dedicated theatre room with ensuite, fridge and a fold down wall bed so it can double as a spare room (or a flash dog house when I'm in the sh!t).
  8. I've love what the two Ps have done in the past but I think the time is right for the final sprint. It won't be the same, but it will be the Tour. Life moves on and I reckon Robbie and Keenan go OK. As for Taste of the Tour, at least it's short...
  9. faark!
  10. Hey Roxii I'll take a cap if you have any left over. I don't need one, but I'm happy to help you clear any extras to support the site. If anybody wants it more than me, no problem
  11. I was incredibly impressed at the Liverpool vs Sydney FC game a few weeks ago - 75,000 people and you could have heard a pin drop whilst remembering the Manchester attacks. Not a yobbo to be heard; it was very, very impressive and I felt quite proud actually.
  12. I haven't followed this at all and can't quite tell from the pic - is the plain black one a normal cap?
  13. Found it - 10th Anniversary hoodie from Yeppoon 2009. Nick was running around like crazy at registration wanting to make sure everything went off well. Good memories from that weekend - met Skel, Simone and Otter, Sunnygirl and a bunch more. Just a very sad turn of events - RIP RD, thanks for everything you did for the sport.
  14. Very sad Volunteered and raced under him at Kurnell and Yeppoon. Just seemed like a decent man who genuinely loved the sport and did a lot for its progress. Might just pull out the Yeppoon hoodie tonight.
  15. If you'd said that in the Winterfish thread it would have cost you an extra 50k...