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  1. FIFY Kim.
  2. I've got a surround sound system in the media room based around a quality Yamaha amp I've had for a few years now. Speakers, front, center, sub and rear pedestals are all from a Sony package. Whilst it is all good and makes a good movie experience, it is wasted on me as I am deaf as a post. As a result, I need to have the thing turned up to 12 to hear any spoken dialogue, but I shake the windows in the joint once a bit of action starts and there is a bit of bass involved and as a result the better half gets the shits and I end up turning the thing down and can't hear what is being said. End result - probably easier to just listen via the tinny built in TV speakers!!
  3. ^^^ This. The older I get the less tolerant of others I become. It would be best for everyone for me to be on my own!! hahaha
  4. Sorry to hear about your back troubles (again) Ian. Hopefully you are up and about again soon. And Skel, thoughts are with you and yours.
  5. Have just stormed through 3 seasons of Upper Middle Bogan. Good for when you don't want to think. I reckon Glenn Robbins is awesome, however as far I am concerned, to me he will always be Russell Coight.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts A-Zed, however I like to think that I am much more fortunate than many, many others. You only have to have a look at the crap that is happening in London to realise. Hope all is well with you mate. Look forward to catching up with you in November.
  7. Crap. Thoughts are with his family at this time.
  8. Dunno what to say mate. Thoughts are with you. Ayto
  9. If you walk /run to hand deliver it, I'd probably get my matching pair........
  10. Can you sign it? Is that included in the price? Or extra?
  11. I'd be interested if you had a matching pair. Also, does it come with a certificate of authenticity?
  12. Exactly what is a male only bell Nube..............is it a bell with 2 clappers??????
  13. A very valid point you make Ex. DO NOT over-use the bell. Genuine man-flu only.
  14. Telling you lot, get a small bell. Your wife / partner / significant other will appreciate the use of said bell to summon them, especially when breathless from suffering a small death episode. There will be no confusion as to the fact they are required immediately. Good luck gentlemen. Ayto
  15. Anh Do's Brush with Fame is very, very good. He is super talented as well as being the funny man we know. Kurt Fearnley will be the subject on next weeks episode.