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  1. i mean after that one
  2. Last issue of Ride published?.
  3. He is Devenish Paul. He race in France in the 90s in the club scene..
  4. I love falling asleep when back in Aus with Phil and Paul in the background. I always wake with 10 k to go from a stage, then have trouble the next morning remembering who won..I am going to miss the building chat and Phil's love of all things bird's including the Eagle farm he lost his shit over in excitement one year...They have been with me for over 30 years since I started the sport...
  5. I didn't end up buying a ticket. I am withdrawing from this years event. I need to hit the reset button in my life...
  6. Wish you all the Best Andrew for your daughter and family. It puts racing in perspective. Remember people it's only a race. One that will eventually be over by midnight tomorrow night.
  7. I would do it with H
  8. I have snuck in to town. Flying under the radar this year. Saw John Hill from Fastgear. Does anybody ever buy anything from him?. Pretty pricey..
  9. I could only get $85.00 dollar a night at the Cairns Motor in, anybody else beat that?
  10. Jan Frodeno is looking at lowering it at Austria than his Challenge Roth mark. How have you been Customer keeping well?
  11. This race is a bit out of my way . So I don't know?
  12. Stephen Foster made the award ceremony as a flag bearer. incredible..
  13. I just got home from jail. I am in shock. He just replied back to my text. Get well little buddy..
  14. Good on ya Stevo. I would love to be there. I am in jail at the moment..
  15. Stephen Foster. I think he is here as barefootfitness?. I hope he wins the first day?, no pressure. also go Andy...