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  1. I feel he sees me as a object of desire and not the real person I am . I know how a pole dancer feels...
  2. I TOTALLY STUFFED UP. I placed a order after a night shift. Thought I was bagging bargins for my up and coming season. I ended up spending $1071.00. I didn't think at the time. Ended up being with Customs fee, GST and brokerage fee a extra $350 dollars. that extra $71 cost me a bomb. normally I am a two order man....
  3. I have been very guilty of this myself lately. My delivery driver tends to always come after my morning training session as I have or about to shower. I am either in a towel or shirtless. I feel very bad...
  4. Could John please do one run with a shirt on please?. We need a 16 degree day
  5. I watched the race hung over. I stood next to Greg Welch who felt the same (This was before VIP areas existed).
  6. Good still like John's 100 Ironmans in 100 days.
  7. You can transfer to Ironman Frankston 2018 . I will let you.
  8. I worked at 12 hour shift in a prison today. working with scum bags. I have come home hoping to find glee in the race I have been following. My work area , I can't follow the real world until I leave the prison walls. I was hoping to see the first few finishers across the line. I am hurt and in a state of shock. It is a very noble gesture to suspend the race in absolute total respect for Mike. Rest in peace buddy..
  9. Kristoff must had a night off the sleep?. in the lead
  10. All good buddy. stay strong
  11. It's over 1000 now. I posted it on Slowtwix. 2000 would be a much stronger case. Could all those who have not signed do so and please share with all the tri clubs Facebook pages?.. Thanks Chuck..
  12. Even worse again. The Fourex brewery in Milton Brisbane caught fire last night. a real disaster
  13. Some terrible pics coming through with the aftermath..
  14. I am pissed that one of my Fav back packers in Airlie beach had some major damage to the beer garden.