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  1. Thanks! Tough decision not having surgery.. but having traumatised myself looking on instagram at all of the scars and botched surgeries, I'm happy to go with no surgery.. especially when there no one telling me (based on my ultrasounds) that I 100% need an operation.
  2. I've spent last year running on it also.. doing a mid week long run. Yeah.. getting the shorts sorted out helps! :-)
  3. Did it walking up the basketball court... thought I had been tackled! Was painful to say the least.. 2 weeks plastered in a "ballet pose".. foot pointed down and 6 weeks so far in a boot. The two parts of the Achilles produce collagen and supposedly mend together. My tear is quite high and clean. You have to be careful not to stretch the tendon too quickly. I've had 3cm of heel lifts in my boot that I've removed 1cm at a time over the past few weeks. I spoke with lots of physio's and elite athletes that have had the injury and you get a mixed view on surgery/non-surgery. The medical folk seem to be 50/50. Am hoping to be back walking by week 12 in a runner. I start rehab next week with a Physio and plan to spend some time on the AlterG (20-30% of my body weight) to start with. This is a pic of my calf after 2 weeks in plaster. Was shocked at the atrophy.
  4. Not sure what made me think of it.. but it's nearing the 8 year anniversary from when Peter.The.Brave made his Trannie debut! Would have to be one of the funniest posts I've followed on here.. What ever happened to him? Was his real identity ever discovered?
  5. .. 7 weeks ago I tore my Achilles, full rupture. After talking to the masses I opted for the non-surgical repair. Its progressing well... I'm walking in my boot unaided and have removed 3cm of wedges. Interested to hear from anyone that's been through the same thing. I've grown fond of my boot and the thought of taking it off next week to sleep and start walking gives me heart palpitations!
  6. ... I thought it was always open! I know there was talk last year about a proposed curfew but I don't think that got supported...
  7. I went to Coca Cola in Atlanta last year. And the end of the tour they have a big room with every drink on tasting! Tab was the first thing I tasted and it was just as I remembered! And I'd forgotten about Mello Yello ...
  8. .. First time on my bike in atleast 6 months and decided to get on the Zwift bandwagon. Paired the Kickr easily and managed to ride for 20 minutes up hill! Can I get some pointers on power and what the training load etc means.. Thanks!
  9. Half marathon also for me today.. Was disappointed with the course .. I was thinking it was going to be picturesque. Finishers tshirts was great.. Probably the best one I've seen.
  10. Have had a corner spa previously but hardly ever used it.. Took too long to fill and I felt guilty using so much water. Have 2 bathtubs in the new place, I use the one in the ensuite most nights... Nothing better than bath after work with a glass of wine watching GOT. This wine/laptop over bath thing was the best investment I've made!
  11. Will be interesting to see the aftermath of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting...
  12. .. waiting waiting... c'mon Cranky! the waiting is killing us..... what can be more important than updating Trannies! :-)
  13. What is Crankys race no? I was sure I read the 742 messages but I seemed to have missed it.... Good luck also!
  14. I have a patch panel inside the wardrobe in the spare bedroom.. I've also got distributed foxtel throughout the house on 2 sep boxes.. One box does the TVs upstairs and the other does the TVs downstairs (living, garage, pool).. Also have the NBN wiring completed when the house was built..
  15. Would ur employer really be open to this? (Photo cred: Ride to Conquer Cancer)