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  1. My first run today! 6min run, 3 min walk on the AlterG. 5km in 38mins. So happy. The Achilles feels great. :-)
  2. For any Perth peeps wanting to have a go on an AlterG treadmill, Fieldwork Health have some trial sessions available.
  3. Just downloaded this to read on the plane :-)
  4. Pulled over for speeding in a hire car in Jamaica! Now that was a scary experience. Had to pay the fine "on the spot" in cash. He told us to get our licences and leave the fine on the drivers seat, which he quickly got in and collected. $40US. We weren't speeding but the Hertz sticker on the car was like a beacon for the dodgy cops. Was pretty frightening at the time.
  5. I've been to Seattle. I loved it but probably would go at a diff time of year if I went again. Was there end of October and it was freezing.. thermals to block out the wind. Been to Vancouver a few times. My least fav Canadian City. I much preferred Calagary/Banff, Montreal, Quebec. We drove Calagary to Seattle, crossed over the border near Coeur d'Alene..the scenery was spectacular.
  6. 2km walk on the AlterG :-) baby steps..
  7. I agree with the no kids thing :-) I was lucky enough to get spoilt with a charter flight to Margaret River for the weekend... own pilot and car waiting at the airport for 2 days of wineries. The view was spectacular! Took a pic of the Busso jetty from the air.
  8. I used to stay in the city after work on a Friday night and have a few drinks.. Drinking in Perth bars isn't cheap... I'd end up catching a cab home, leaving my car overnight, cab to collect it the next day... easily a $200 night out. Nowadays I drive home via Dan Murphys, buy a $50-$60 bottle of French champagne and enjoy it in my pjs in front of the tv!!
  9. I thought I was going to have a week long boozefest also.. until I tore my Achilles. Now it's going to be a civil early afternoon cocktail function and most probably bed by 930pm!
  10. I'm coming up to turning the Big 40.. I kind of have mixed feelings about it... I think I look young for my age, am extremely active and I certainly don't feel like I thought a forty year old would feel. Is it just me or do other feel young and youthful? I know "it's just a number".. but I was expecting to be more "grown up" or "middle aged" when I reached this milestone?
  11. + 1 week out of my boot post achilles rupture. First bit of exercise in 9 weeks.. an hour of hydrotherapy. Was the youngest in the pool (by atleast 25 years). Absolutely exhausted at the end of it. Gentle calf raises, lunges and some walking across the pool. Still hard to get myself mentally accepting that I can walk without having had surgery.
  12. Having recently visited a school friend in pre-release women's prison for drug trafficking here in Oz, I was suprised at the makeup of the other 80 females in the prison. 15 of them were in there for dealing heroin...
  13. Thanks! Tough decision not having surgery.. but having traumatised myself looking on instagram at all of the scars and botched surgeries, I'm happy to go with no surgery.. especially when there no one telling me (based on my ultrasounds) that I 100% need an operation.
  14. I've spent last year running on it also.. doing a mid week long run. Yeah.. getting the shorts sorted out helps! :-)
  15. Did it walking up the basketball court... thought I had been tackled! Was painful to say the least.. 2 weeks plastered in a "ballet pose".. foot pointed down and 6 weeks so far in a boot. The two parts of the Achilles produce collagen and supposedly mend together. My tear is quite high and clean. You have to be careful not to stretch the tendon too quickly. I've had 3cm of heel lifts in my boot that I've removed 1cm at a time over the past few weeks. I spoke with lots of physio's and elite athletes that have had the injury and you get a mixed view on surgery/non-surgery. The medical folk seem to be 50/50. Am hoping to be back walking by week 12 in a runner. I start rehab next week with a Physio and plan to spend some time on the AlterG (20-30% of my body weight) to start with. This is a pic of my calf after 2 weeks in plaster. Was shocked at the atrophy.