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  1. The Politics Thread

    It will be interesting to see how turncoat deflects the media scrutiny once he has failed his own test of 30 failed news polls. By rights he must resign at this time
  2. You are misguided and confused. Religion is a free choice and you are confusing radical religion with mainstream. My point is that I respect devout Catholics on this views of marriage. I may.not agree with them but they have held these views longer than you or I were on this planet and have rarely strayed So calling them homophobic simply because they own to excecise their free view in the vote means you have the brain of the size of a pea Their views on marriage are simply different as to what you believe ie no divorced couples Neither is this ‘enforced ‘ on society If you don’t agree with them go get married somewhere else
  3. yep, I saw this freak on tv being interviewed, he said he would do it again, and someone just happened to put a "yes" sticker on his shirt,. he is a real class act......
  4. they are not 'enforcing' anything. Last I heard, the government and our laws are what is enforced. seems you can't handle different opinions to your own, nor freedom of speech, nor a government plebiscite and label those in the "No" vote as 'homophobic' or 'discriminatory'. Ask yourself if you are vilifying and being discriminatory against religion?
  5. are you also against any political party? don't they have certain beliefs and practices that impact others??? you have the right to freely vote don't you? comments like this will do a lot of harm to the 'yes' campaign. we may have a Brexit on our hands, and we may look for blame all over the place. I say respect all opinions and everyone shut the f***k up! and it will sail through.
  6. not myself, but some strict catholics they may just have a different interpretation as to 'marriage'. some even don't recognise the rights of a divorced couple to be married. please don't call them homophobic if they have a different view to you or me.
  7. Apple's new bicycle seat !!

    I am keen on the watch as well, however, unfortunately, although you use your same number as your phone, you have to take out another plan to use it. It won't be as expensive as a normal phone plan, but it will be $10-$20 per month.
  8. Apple's new bicycle seat !!

    yep, and he wasn't happy.
  9. In the news thread.

    instead of donating to charity, perhaps she can use it to buy some Talent or Acting Lessons.
  10. Apple's new bicycle seat !!

    the watch sounds interesting, with its own SIM card.
  11. I am definitely voting yes, as to me its all about equality, but, I don't think the protests, featuring idiots prancing around in wedding dresses and those draped in rainbow flags are doing anything but lose supporters for the yes vote. Most people, like me are happy to vote yes, but I really don't want the whole gay lifestyle thing being thrust in my face. Its a bloody vote, not Mardi Gras. I also can't stand the attacks those who want to vote no have been copping it but he likes of "Get UP' and that disgusting tweet from Benjamin law this week. (he should have been fined). This is an easy way to lose support.
  12. Piriformis syndrome

    Hi, just wondering if any one has suffered from this. This is a running injury and dam painful. I have never had problems and actually think i did this not from running but pushing out pretty big weights on the leg press at the gym. I had to pull the pin on my Cairns comeback as i figured that the race is painful enough without having a painful run injury. I have tried physio with little success including acupuncture. I won't stop training as everything i read seems to tell me rest doesn't work either. i would even get surgery if its an option. Although there is much on the web, i would rather hear from any fellow trannies that may have had this and hopefully tell me my running days are not over. I have been doing intervals as that seems to give me some pain, but some rest at least from the pain. tomorrow i will try a long run again and try to take it easy. any advice from physics/docs/fellow trannies would be valuable.
  13. The Politics Thread

    looks like Blackout Bill is under a bit of pressure. I think Gillard's approval rating went down to 29% and Shortpantz is nearing that.
  14. it won't be ignored by the current government if its a 'yes' majority. to do so would mean they would be disregarding popular opinion. this would clearly be political suicide. SSM will be passed by xmas and shortpants, who in 2013 was in support of a plebiscite, will have to reload his gun.
  15. Australia Post - Who was it that worked there

    actually, from the ato website, looks like you have to pay both, gst and import duty. I hope they don't bring in gst for under $1000 as this could kill international on line purchases
  16. Australia Post - Who was it that worked there

    it won't be GST but duty I believe. which you would have to pay.
  17. The Politics Thread

    spoken and spun like a real polly.....
  18. The Politics Thread

    likewise, whilst BS is the opposition leader, the Coalition shouldn't be written off.
  19. The Politics Thread

    people will not vote for any party that will cost them in the hip pocket. people are funny like that.
  20. The Politics Thread

    ah, no. I think you need to read shortlegs's proposed policy on renewables. He has pledged 50% renewable energy by 2050. he then says this will bring prices down whilst creating 30.000 new jobs. I don't think anyone is buying what he is trying to sell. TA is correct in saying we need Coal and here we are a country sitting on wealth of coal. this will become a major election issue and may well sink shortleg's ambition.
  21. The Politics Thread

    After watching question time today, I think that the first party that focuses on bringing down power prices and who have a real energy policy, will have a major leg up in the next election. Labor has backed itself into a bit of a corner here by siding with the greens and their very high renewable targets, thus dismissing coal fired stations, which surely must conflict with their base ( if more coal fired stations have to close, thats a substantial amount of job losses.). The truth is of course, coal is our baseload source of energy, so we really need it, at east for another 5-10 yrs. The other thing is no energy company seems to have a real plan on a comparative cost effective energy source. Large batteries and wind farms aren't gonna cut it. sadly, I think the same in regards to the SSM debate. It may get left behind as the issues concerning everyday Aussies have changed.
  22. NBN Options

    you can, sure.
  23. Rip off's!

    I was told by one of the guys from iselect, that no electricity company can technically lock you in to a contract either, even if they say it on the paperwork, but I don't know if that is true.
  24. NBN Options

    glad to see truffles has acted on the phone call I made to him last week. I asked if he could speed up the roll out of the nbn to you Andrew with hopes of a kind word in this forum for the current government. my comments re nbn plans, I was with exetel at unlimited 100/40 speed, and it was great, at $89. however a few weeks I switched to my republic which is as equally as good, 100/40 speed but only $59. both 2ghz and 5ghz. the only thing with my republic is that you don't get an email address but I migrated my inet email address which I have had for years for about $20 a year.
  25. Rip off's!

    I stayed with origin but told them I wanted a better deal. They came to the party.