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  1. The Politics Thread

    no of course she wasn't aware that several in her government were corrupt....she was only the Premier... charter boat? what charter boat?
  2. The Politics Thread

    its a smart move actually, as the 'no' votes won here, and no one really wants to vote for crooked Keneally who had already arranged to move permanently to Canberra (looks like a parachute...sounds like a parachute...), and no one wants to vote for the current government. He was considering a candidate named who coincidentally was name 'John Howard' believe it or not. Now that would have been very interesting.
  3. What would you do?

    gee. thats pretty rough as you took the job being a mon-fri and now the goal posts have totally moved. I guess you don't want to rock the boat but maybe you should at least ask fwa if they can do this. I don't like it.
  4. The Politics Thread

    yep, I did the postal vote. much better than seeing all the freaks that live in my electorate on voting day. I also watched the debate last night. the one nation dude I think won, but he can really promise anything as he won't really have to honour any of his wild ideas. Nicolls screwed up though in one question about working with one nation and peers hammered him for a yes/no answer which he couldn't give. Palashag went okay but likewise blew it when asked about the Adani mine. I still don't know if she wants it or doesn't. It also seems city folk don't want it but the country Northerners do. lets face it, we need the jobs but shouldn't have to drop our pants to get it here.
  5. true, some of the 'males' in the relationships may have been using it as the perfect excuse.
  6. Sure, but where are all these people worried about our deficit before the SSM plebicisite? We spend 10 times that on welfare each year. I think yesterdays celebrations proves the plebiscite was a good decision. It someone seems more accepting than what was going to be a group of 151 ministers
  7. The Politics Thread

    well 'driven in by police escort' if that floats your boat.
  8. The Politics Thread

    of course he did, both parties are guilty of this. i was simply commenting on Andrews comment of Labors squeaky clean image and 'nothing to see here' attitude.
  9. The Politics Thread

    Ah nup. Keneally was only chosen to run because of her high profile. Dream on Xboy
  10. The Politics Thread

    wasn't Keneally parachuted into Benelong? good to see you are still fair and balanced in your commentary Mr Andrew.
  11. I wonder if Tony Burke will get re-elected. he had one of the biggest no votes and said he will vote yes in parliament.
  12. apparently those 38% are homophobes according to one or two members in this forum...
  13. The Politics Thread

    she should Win at Benelong and I have no doubt if that happens I predict it wouldn't be long before there is polling to a preferred opposition leader.
  14. tomorrow at 10.00am I believe the results of the plebiscite come out.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Wow. I like her, but not sure she was liked as a premier in NSW?
  16. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    I am okay being sexually harassed by Britney, hell, i would even pay her to harass me, just saying....
  17. The Politics Thread

    Labor may be in the clear now, but it may come down exactly when the 4 labor ministers have proof when their citizenships were denounced. At the time of their nominations, they admitted they were dual citizens. So they would have had to have received proof back from England in this case that they were no longer dual citizens by the time they were successful in the elections. If they did not have this, back then but got it after the date they were accepted into parliament, then they are guilty, and i think they and BS and his 'alternative government' are worse than the Libs as it really is misleading government. This is where i think they have to be referred to the high court, as the evidence needs to be very specific. They still need a full audit in my opinion.
  18. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    I see Rebel Wilson seems to have jumped on the bandwagon. Don't just write some obscure tweet, miss Wilson.... name names if you truly are serious and this abuse did happen, or whats the point. seems weak to me.
  19. The Politics Thread

    looks like Shortlips is guilty. he now admits he has 4 MPs that were British dual citizens at the time of nomination, and they have 'done what they could to denounce their citizenships'. do you have proof Bill? when were they officially 'denounced" ?If after they were elected with any citizenship pending, why didn't you stand them down whilst they were waiting? sorry Bill, your a f****k, hypocrite! I really can't tell turncoat and shortlips apart anymore. if you close your eyes I don't know who is speaking anymore. no alternative government here. Please stand aside both of you and give us a real choice.
  20. The Politics Thread

    what absolute grubs. no matter what you think of him, I hope Sam Dastyari refers these fools to the police.
  21. The Politics Thread

    sigh...couldn't do any worse than these two bozos
  22. USA shootings and gun laws

    this list lets you sort them into a ranking....bloody wonderful for the next shooter...
  23. The Politics Thread

    some of the media are calling for Penny Wong and Sam Dast...., to prove they have renounced her citizenships. this is why passion fingers turnbull should really have called for an audit. i don't think his proposed new process holds them clearly accountable. It has been proven that just because a member says they have 'renounced' their citenzship to other countries. we shouldn't take it as the truth, and if we leave it to them to 'prove it' how can they?? Nor should we believe that the members say that they don't have dual citizenship. All of them have already ticked the box to say they don't, and that hasn't worked out very well so far. Imagine if some bright spark in the media did some digging of members in the past 10 years. How many, including past PM's may have been not eligible to have sat in parliament. ?
  24. The Politics Thread

    well in that case, its all Labors. Then do Labor take government till the libs find one of them in breach of the citizenship laws. what a mess....
  25. The Politics Thread

    I would think the LIBS would lose it. You would think Labor could win it, but i think if one nation had a candidate they would stand a chance based on the current performance of both parties.