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  1. get a Mac with flash drive if she does graphics. stuff
  2. Proud Dad moment

    only a matter of time before she will drop you when you go riding with her FP.
  3. The Politics Thread

    does anything surprise you about one nation being cagey
  4. Ninja Warrior

    so no one won??? kind of like watching soccer for 80 minutes and nil all. I feel sucked in.
  5. I wonder what the stats are who lives longer, Aussies to the Septics?
  6. Trump is the President

    does anyone seem to care that his brother in law or whoever that guy is, said at first he never met with the Russians, then he said a few weeks later , he had one meeting, now he said a few weeks after that he had 4 meetings. I don't care if he met with the Russians but why lie? hows the wall progressing?
  7. The Politics Thread

    I want to know what Shortpants considered 'wealthy' to raise the tax bracket. I think he once in parliament this year said that he considered someone earning over $105,000 as wealthy so they should pay more tax.
  8. Cocaine Casee

    so, she decided to smuggle drugs or they would kill her family. what a load of crap! so tell me would anyone here on this forum agree to do this? personally I would go to the police. I hope she gets 30 years.
  9. Cocaine Casee

    When I first heard the story about the young Aussie girl arrested in Colombia, and her parents stating she was 'set up', and the description they gave of her story, I thought, geez, poor girl, she is 100% innocent. I was ready to contribute to her crowd funding page. now, it seems, after seeing the pictures of the 18 packages and the fact the weight of these were 6 kgs in total, I thought, you have to be kidding me. You could tell they were drugs a mile away. Who wraps cheap headphones in black plastic like that? Now it has emerged her airline ticket was paid by someone in Hong Kong. I hope the family returns the money they got through crowdfunding. and what was the girl thinking????? and who buys crappy headphones for gifts anyway?
  10. Spotify or Pandora?

    I love Spotify.
  11. Housing Bubble thread.

    be interesting to see what happens when interest rates go up. I think many purchased to get into the market but won't be able to afford it when rates increase.
  12. Negative Trainees

    not bad recruitment. you can't predict what they will be like in the workplace, They begin to figure out their mates who are not trainees doing different occupations earn a twice the amount they do. young kids come from a society where they feel entitled and privileged. parents tell them they can do anything they want if they just believe. they forget to tell them, 'oh yeah, you also need to work really hard'. schools give certificates just for competing, WTF. sorry, but we are guilty for creating thee new breed.
  13. Ninja Warrior


    Just thought we should start a movie review section as its good to know what our trannies think of current movies and maybe their fav movies of all time. For me, a recent movie i watched is "walter' quirky movie with William Macy, really had a good message. My fav movies of all time is pretty hard. I do love the Daniel Craig Bond movies, i think he is the best bond ever. The opening scene in skyfall was the best i have ever seen, still leaves me jaw dropping. Still always loved 'woman in red' back in the 80's. Documentary wise, i recommend everyone watch the Brian Cox docos. Really good presenter and i learnt a lot.
  15. RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

    wonder why suicide. so hard to understand

    not really. but a bit like ironman, once you start you owe it to yourself to break through the pain barrier and watch it till the end...

    so glad Daniel Craig is back as bond. to me he is the best. sky fall is still my favourite opening scene with the motor bike chase then the train scene.

    can't wait to see Dunkirk. I didn't know the nazis killed so many as they were leaving the beach, I thought he let them all go.
  19. Facebook, I dont like it!

    racist prick, lol
  20. The Politics Thread

    not crap! why breastfeed during a speech? greeny stunt.
  21. The Politics Thread

    There are several forms to complete to be an elected representative which asked the specific questions re citenzship to run and she was an ex lawyer. I would think you might go through the checklist. Unlucky, maybe, but I think its either pure incompetence and possibly out and out fraud. Surely she owned a passport even if she hadn't been back to Canada, which clearly states on it where you were born. The rules are archaic and maybe should be revised but they are the rules and known by the major parties very well but it just shows how unorganised the greens are, plus she has cost someone else a place who would of followed the rules. This was the lady that was breast feeding her kid in whilst she was making a speech in the senate. All fine for breast feeding, but in the a speech? nothing more than a 'statement'. good riddance to her.
  22. Ninja Warrior

    I back Tarzan to win. my nephew got in it and after getting to start the wall, was told he was disqualified for using his hands, I think on the blades.
  23. conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather

    it will be like the Aussie rules guys playing garlic football. Its Mayweathers sport and he will embarrass McGregor, but I aint betting on it, as who knows what goes on with that sort of money and volumes of tv audience.
  24. Employee satisfaction surveys

    depends on two things, the type of questions in the survey. a good survey would use more than one question to determine if the company is a 'good place to work'. much like a McQuag survey. which can't be cheated. 1. if the survey is completely anonymous (even on line, they can be tracked by the IT department), so if its while an employ is working at the company, it is generally a high score. I even had a manager wanting to compare handwriting samples once, but I refused to give him copies of the surveys. 2. I only generally ask those questions at exit interviews and the results have slightly more validity. the more important thing if this question is asked, measure it yearly to determine the trend.
  25. Settled or Invaded

    The debate over the next 2-3 months will be whether white man invaded Australia or Settled Australia? and can Captain Cook discover Australia when there were already people here? i dont know. some idiot from University of NSW has thrown this hand grenade... Despite all the pundits saying it is a good debate, to me, all it does is throw up the racism debate all over again and we were just beginning to settle down after the Adam Goodes controversy.