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    Just thought we should start a movie review section as its good to know what our trannies think of current movies and maybe their fav movies of all time. For me, a recent movie i watched is "walter' quirky movie with William Macy, really had a good message. My fav movies of all time is pretty hard. I do love the Daniel Craig Bond movies, i think he is the best bond ever. The opening scene in skyfall was the best i have ever seen, still leaves me jaw dropping. Still always loved 'woman in red' back in the 80's. Documentary wise, i recommend everyone watch the Brian Cox docos. Really good presenter and i learnt a lot.
  2. Settled or Invaded

    The debate over the next 2-3 months will be whether white man invaded Australia or Settled Australia? and can Captain Cook discover Australia when there were already people here? i dont know. some idiot from University of NSW has thrown this hand grenade... Despite all the pundits saying it is a good debate, to me, all it does is throw up the racism debate all over again and we were just beginning to settle down after the Adam Goodes controversy.

    Shape of water, well unless you like love stories between big fish creature and and mute girl it might b appeal for you

    has anyone seen some of the good ones around. i : seen three billboards/great show and also The Darkest Hour was amazing. Gary oldman nailed Churchill. He made him to a man who brought th country and inspired so many love it
  5. Settled or Invaded

    good to see a campaign running to keep the lefty lunies in check.
  6. The Movie Quote Game

    English. so an English movie with a tiny bit of Spanish in it. has to be a couple of the older actors from Harry Potter, Rickman, or Fiennes, or Harris? I need another clue.
  7. The Movie Quote Game

    cinema paradiso? or life is beautiful maybe?
  8. The Last Jedi

    yes, if you read my comments from this forum in 1971, you will find I did. Star Trek started with these characters though. Star Wars is clearly introducing them to be "diverse'. I am also sure the stormtroopers belong to a militant union.
  9. The Last Jedi

    it was okay. more of the same. too many fight scenes I thought. it also seems to have been written to satisfy the diversity freaks. we now have a lead character being a woman, we have a Blackman who was 'white' once and now we have an asian. only a matter of time before we have a character with a disability, a muslim and a transgender. And for those on the twitter sphere suggesting Luke is gay, he is just neat and prefers comfortable clothing...
  10. The Last Jedi

    Does Luke survive?
  11. The Politics Thread

    yep, I liked her when she was a host on sky, but the crap she has been going on with and her shutdown of any interviewer who wants to talk about her past history is hypocritical. I hope she gets thumped as she appears really arrogant.
  12. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    it also appears teachers are asked to educate as well as "parent" or pick up the gaps as to what parents are meant to teach their kids. tough gig. back on point though, I know we are technology based, but the it seems basic numeracy and literacy is falling behind in this country. maybe the bureaucrats are overcomplicating things? and I just feel sorry for the many households that probably can't afford to buy their kids a laptop.
  13. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    I still don't understand why any primary school kid needs a laptop?
  14. The Politics Thread

  15. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    laptop for 8 year olds......god help us all.....
  16. The Politics Thread

    goodbye Shangai Sam, thanks for playing.
  17. Unions In Australia

    This seems like an appropriate forum to get something off my chest. A few nights ago, i watched the project and how there is currently a cargo ship in Australian waters that is at a standstill because the workers refuse to take it back to its Asian port as they will be made redundant. It gets my goat up a bit as I am a HR Manager for an Asian developer who has also started their own construction company in Australia. Their first project is several high rise towers in Brisbane. It is a Union Site. What is getting up my nose, and the connection to the cargo ship, is the cost of wages for 'Union' Employees. Sorry, it is not competitive. The very average low skilled labourer will earn approx $150k this year with overtime. So our company, having to pay a laborer in Australia around $40 -$45 per hour will probably not build here again. They really want to, but how can they compete?? Hence why i have no pity for the workers who belong to the maritime union on the cargo ship. Folks blame the Unions for forcing labour out of Australia. And the biggest thing that gets me is that the Union dont care, If your in a Union and you lose your job through a redundancy, the Unions aint gonna come to your aid. They couldnt give a stuff. So there should be some middle ground. I dont believe a company should be able to employ a new crew for the cargo ship from Asia at $20 per hour, but hell if you were a boss, and had a choice to pay $40 per hour to $20 per hour, its a no brainer. rant over.
  18. Unions In Australia

    the thing is, it is the 'third umpire' and I might add, set up by the Labor party, yet the unions and labor for that matter accept any decisions by them. I have had unions tear up fair work commission decisions in front of me. Cotton eyes is correct, it is not legal for unions to stop work, yet they do it all the time. they couldn't care less about being fined and in fact love the publicity it gives them
  19. Unions In Australia

    there are more sides to this. the unions are using 'the worker' in question to picket over a number of grievances, including low wages, (which incidentally have been agreed to via the Unions involvement in the negotiation of the agreement) and foreign workers. The worker in question has avenues open to him to sort this out, i.e fair work. sorry, but if you haven't witnessed the sort of tactics the unions adopt on these picket sites, you should. they engage in absolutely disgusting behaviour and don't care less about the fines imposed.
  20. Unions In Australia

    maritime union backed by the cfmeu over a worker who is not eligible to work on the docks due to criminal conviction. just another case where the union won't play by the rules.... sack the lot of them.
  21. Amazon.com.au

    so sick of hearing Gerry Harvey whinge. He had a cry before amazon was launched saying it will decimate all retailers. Now he is saying that he has always successfully competed with amazon in Asia with his business and amazon has always been hopeless. he is a muppet.
  22. What gets on my quince....

    Sorry to hear that. I think some people don’t know what to say in these circumstances though. I agree that unless they are extremely close to you they shouldn’t be offering advice. I think they probably come from good intentions though.
  23. The Politics Thread

    Yes. That is not hard to imagine. He is still guilty though no matter what the high court says. He said there was no one in any doubt and it appears there are some that have just as much doubt over them as any that have already gone to the high court.
  24. Clothing... or lack of!

    yes, but it seems the clothing is getting less and less. What will the next generation be wearing? and in this day and age about feminism what are girls trashing themselves.? don't get me started on why they are either taking nude selfies or letting others take nudes of them.
  25. What gets on my quince....

    feel free to use me as a bad example.