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  1. Ewan McGregor plays two roles.
  2. nice, heard there is good fishing near QANTAS in Brisbane river. you can catch them with your hands. I was not aware that catch prawns in the river, WTF?
  3. yes, haven't watched it all as yet. ummmmm, its around.
  4. but he is okay, it was only a flesh wound with a fight with someone called Lucille.
  5. 18km run with every third km, up tempo.
  6. prison break is back, very odd as I think its been 5-7 years break. Fargo is also back.
  7. I have an application that went in before the changes. it is still getting processed but I was told by the immigration agent that now it would only be for 2 years, not 3, and no chance of permanent residency.
  8. why is that? Don't you agree with me?
  9. i think you are not allowed as i got chastised when i tried to discuss Glen getting bumped off.....oops
  10. And pick up the trolleys at Woolworths and the cabs don't drive themselves.
  11. Yes but we let the employee pick their agent and we would pay for it. In the space of a year we had one lawyer ask for copious information which I sent I.e job descriptions, company structure, reference letters etc.whilst another asked for none of those things and the kid got his visa like magic. I had another who asked me to advertise the job but do it on gumtree and close it after a week.
  12. I can't believe I am saying this but Turnbull did something right about the 457 visas. Having some personal experience, they were an absolute scam. If you had a reasonable immigration lawyer you got one.
  13. Why all the fuss about Abbott. So far everything he has said is 100% spot on. He is upfront about it for the twits who compare him to Rudd. He is not sneaking around hiding his opinions. So far Turnbull is been an absolute disgrace and disaster for the Liberals and i haven't heard him take one iota of responsibility. He has also shown how piss weak he is. He could have had shorten on toast during the campaign about Shortens sucking the d***ks if the Unions, but he never mentioned it and rarely does. Turnubull was then who stuck his head up and said, 'hey pick me' i am great. Well he is the one that has created the instability and created the defections. This absolute crap about Abbott wanting his job is media hype.
  14. I was once told that it is useless to try and take it with you so may as well use it now why your alive .
  15. there both crazy megalomaniacs so anything can happen.