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  1. had some bad luck, broken rear derailleur about 5 km in the bike. all over red rover. I hit the pavement pretty hard as my wheel just locked up. I suspect the damage was in transit. I have a shitty bike bag, big foot. I have already ordered a scicon as it seems every man and his dog had one. I also couldn't help feel second class doing the 70.3. Cairns seems more about ironman in my opinion. oh well, on to sunny coast 70.3 and before that Yeppoon olympic distance.
  2. het ten, let me know when you are at palm cove
  3. Yes sounds good Andrew. And we won't discuss politics
  4. will the visor improve my time?
  5. I have had orthotics for about 20 years and have not in that time ever bothered to get new ones as on the surface they seem in good Nic. I don't even remember why I got them in the first place. I think it was because as I used to play competitive squash I got bursitis it something. So I was thinking about ditching them as even though I have always used them in my running shoes they are quite heavy and stiff. I use hokas and I don't know if I am correct but shoes these days are pretty good with support i am racing cairns half next week so I guess it might be risky and suppose I should just do a few runs without them but and here's my question. Has anyone ditched their orthotics and had any bad effects?
  6. sorry, prince. visor exhasbeen visor
  7. if you don't get any satisfaction from the ato. ring fair work ombudsmen or another super company to get their perspective. I have never heard of such a thing. the 9.5 % super guarantee is the employer contribution so no additional charges should be paid by the employee. so the 9.5 % should have nothing to do with the employees cost. the admin charge should be totally the responsibility of the employer. The salary sacrifice admin amount maybe could be charged, as the employer doesn't have to let anyone sal sacrifice if they don't choose to, but it is still a low act.
  8. one for Prince and picking up one for ex hasbeen (already paid) Roxii, can you pm me your eft.
  9. sounds like the super company is charging this. change super companies asap.
  10. can I pick one up and pay cash in cairns? let us know where and when
  11. I agree, there have been very few successful rescue attempts. sad as it is two deaths is not a bad outcome in a terrorist situation. the only other thing they could have done is waited for the sniper to get a clear shot, but its not like the movies where even the perfect shot can hit its target as it has to perfectly pierce some pretty thick glass and not deviate.
  12. does Rebel Wilson seriously believe she was going to be a superstar? and missed out on roles because USA studio executives read something negative about her in a Australian tv magazine? puh lease....shoot me now.
  13. I hesitate to call her a 'grub' as Niseko might be reading, but can I call her a "Scrubber". ?
  14. Was meant to do 18km Did 13 and caught an über home. Must stop taking my phone with me.
  15. I watched both interviews. she seems to have two stories. the boyfriend says she was travelling and had to meet clients as part of working for some cleaning company and the other story where she saw an advert on gumtree which was the drug courier then was threatened for her life if she didn't be a drug mule. it is very weird and she would have lost all support after the interviews. she is a grub