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  1. I watched both interviews. she seems to have two stories. the boyfriend says she was travelling and had to meet clients as part of working for some cleaning company and the other story where she saw an advert on gumtree which was the drug courier then was threatened for her life if she didn't be a drug mule. it is very weird and she would have lost all support after the interviews. she is a grub
  2. As a HR Manager, I would want to know about it. This has the potential to end up as a work cover claim or a constructive dismissal claim (were the employee feels they have little choice but to resign). Besides that, this is an unhappy environment for the employee and most likely those who also work there. The manager clearly needs some training or she must 'step up' and modify the way she talks to the employee. I am sure the employee is not a little angel either and the mistakes may be significant, but she is feeling like she is doing everything wrong at the moment so the manager should be giving some praise as well when its due. I also can't stand to think an employee may be going home after work and feeling bad and dread coming to work the next day. no one should feel like this. so its all fixable and either encourage the employee to contact HR or even better, maybe someone else should. If there is a manager above this lady manager, contact them. Don't be worried about repercussions, because as I say, it can't continue.
  3. sorry, let me know what you think.
  4. and the new series of prison break is dreadful. I don't think I have ever seen such poor script writing.
  5. if he gets through this current controversy, he won't last. Michael Moore has said he is doing a documentary at the moment which he says will bring down Trump.
  6. Luckily your mate realised where you were when you went to my cootha turnoff and didn't follow you around to the right and continued on otherwise you may have stretched the friendship.
  7. I heard this morning she wants taxpayers to fund her defence. Doubt she will win any sympathy for that. however, she still maintains her innocence and the boyfriend claims she is innocent. Could she be?
  8. What a great event. I skipped Cootha as my legs were a bit shot from Saturdays run and so glad I did as the hills around moggill were pretty decent. Still did just over a hundred. I was really impressed of how many police were out there directing traffic. I only had to stop once at. redlight for about 30 secs. Everything was signposted really well and overall an excellent event.
  9. I feel very sick, I just saw some of the footage of turnbulls meeting with trump. not fake news, just fake. very nauseating....
  10. I was amazed how many were caught 'drug' driving during Easter. that concerns me a bit, especially if drugs were legalised. I would think it should be battled on both sides, more drug rehab centres and still nail the traffickers. unfortunately, we can't afford to throw money at more drug rehab centres. More education would be better perhaps even starting at grade 7 or 8, and like was said, tackling it from a health perspective as I don't even know what the effects are on the body if you take cocaine or pot.
  11. That's piss funny FP. I wouldn't even think of checking it. I have funny visions of you sweating bullets going through security. FP the drug mule
  12. I did my favourite run session. Maccas accordion. 4 sets of 8 minute intervals with the first 3 mins at 10km pace and the 5 mins at half marathon pace. No other rest in between.
  13. What the heck I will do Cootha I am doing just as a training ride for cairns half I just don't know how fast everyone is going to be going that's all. I assume their may be a few novices or gumbies?
  14. But with the 110 you don't have to do the climb. Does that mean I am doing the 75?
  15. I have signed up for the great Brisbane bike ride which incorporates the Mt Cootha Challenge. its 110km, with Mt Cootha optional. just wondering if anyone has done this before?