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  1. Wash your mouth out.
  2. I think that was kind of the point of Ex's post. I've read enough of Ex's posts to know he meant no ill will. Coming up to 2 years since riding a bike and stories like this don't encourage me to get out there. I wish her all the best.
  3. I don't get why people are coming across as though they're happy John has failed. I never thought he'd do it but quietly hoped he would. I like to believe the reason he's kept on doing what he can and taking Debi's "limelight" is because he's gone out and asked for donations for a goal he hasn't achieved and doesn't want to just give up and be a DNF like the Pro's we bag out.
  4. Well you see there was this one time bought........................oh never mind. Yes I do.
  5. Yes mate will do before I pull the trigger, not going to bother you with just tyre kicking (read I haven't got permission yet )
  6. Cheapest I've seen for Sapphire and metal band $1049 Hmmmmm, I know I need Sapphire if it is truly more robust as just don't take my good stuff off when I should, but it really adds to the cost,
  7. Spent Saturday and Sunday fishing with my 2 kids at Lake Conjola. Hated every minute of it but they loved it and caught about 8 fish each (all just under legal) so definitely worth it.
  8. Yeah it's showing in stock at Miranda. I'm so tempted............ I don't think I've bought anything other than shoes for 2 years!
  9. Been to Dineyland LA three times. 1st as a newlywed. 2nd with a 2 and 4 year old. 3rd with a 10 and 12 year old. Loved every visit for different reasons. With a 5 year old you'll love it for what it does to her. Everything she's seen comes alive and they walk around with this look of wonder on their face. Isolate a ride like "It's a small World" for what it is and it's shit, BUT the song get's in your head,your daughter will be pointing here, there and everywhere for you to "look at that" and before you know it you'll get off smiling. But yes Universal is best.
  10. Love this concept. I miss the long course challenge. 2 years since I've ridden a bike (not since I got off it at IM Aus 2015) and I'm still confused if I want to go the whole hog! Maybe 750m Swim 90km Bike and 42.2km Run....................
  11. From one 90kg'er to another forget pace. I still record all my runs with my Garmin but never watch pace. I only run to RPE. Run more and just run at what ever "comfortable" is. Most likely you'll be doing 6:30's for a month and before you know it you'll be back in the 5:XX's. I lost the enjoyment of running after getting fat because I wanted to run at 5 something kays. And hated it. I'm back running at about 5:40 now with the same RPE that 6:15 was in January.
  12. I'd be in at $500-$550 but $700? Ouch
  13. I was just showing them what real men have on their chest 😂😂
  14. Yeah I remember her, but I don't think she was in the top series, maybe one or 2 races but not as team driver for the season.
  15. No Female Formula 1? It's not limited to males, if there were women who were faster drivers I have no doubt they would be chosen. V8's? SIMONA De Silvestro is the first full time female driver currently in the Supercars. Rugby League? Over 180,000 girls/women play rugby League. it's massive. I've watched a heap of games on TV and love it. They have there own show on Foxtel and a couple of the players are on the Sunday Footy Show. Rugby? Not sure but I do know they have there own comps but even the men's doesn't rate well on TV.