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  1. Err no Computer is playing up on me and when I'm recording it off the IQ box it jerks and jumps. Spent 3hrs on it, will get back to it over the weekend.
  2. No but FP does look young and kinda girly looking.................
  3. Foxtel 501
  4. Ahem......... It's on on Wednesday at 2pm
  5. 3 for $10? 300 tickets for the win! 😂
  6. He is a good bloke but thanks goes to you Willie for sponsoring the raffle
  7. The Fenix 5 Sapphire with metal band that I won in the Transitions fundraiser raffle is ridiculously cool.
  8. I'll grab a stubbie cooler thanks Roxii.
  9. Gotta agree, the dog ugly bit is a bit ruff Also they're two photo's at different end of the spectrum Is Penelope Cruz Dog ugly?
  10. Most Wanted: Fenix 5 Saphire *I've got a feeling I'm about to win one one of these somehow..........................................
  11. Yep just remind me when it's on before it's on
  12. Oh wow. His smiling face popped up in my FB feed this morning after updating his profile picture yesterday afternoon. So sad,
  13. .