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  1. Kona heat is back

    After the last week or so of quite cool conditions in Kona town (for here anyways) the heat is back in town today , just in time for the big dance tomorrow its been the coolest I have ever felt it here up until today i could feel the sun burning my skin under my shirt hopefully it hangs around for tommorow just so we can sort the charf from the clay swim course was also pretty choppy earlier today but the breeze has swung around and seems to have settle down again about to go and swim the course so will see how it is and update on the honu count
  2. Your go to bike trainer sessions.

    20 mins at 200 watts 15 mins at 210 10 mins at 220 5 mins at 230 10 mins rest repeat 5 times add in your own watts but the first one (20 mins) should be at or around your IM watts
  3. Kona heat is back

    The course is arwsome the place is arwsome the challenge to complete it is arwsome even more so the challenge to KQ is frwaking incredibly arwsome what makes the race a nitemare is it has about 1500 too many people racing it unfortunately and numbers are growing each year
  4. Kona race day thread

  5. This is what happened to Jan

  6. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    If you go to Malaysia (well any Asian country) don't expect do be safe , no matter what u do , race , eat , or where you sh$t
  7. This is what happened to Jan

    You need your own webdoctoer service maybe call it www.Exdoc
  8. Kona race day thread

    Yes mate I been here 5 times and this is the coolest I've ever felt it here by far I spent most of the day driveing up and down from hawi ( yelled at you a few times )keeping the aid stations stocked and again not as hot and not as windy , the wind gets far worse then what was happening yesterday we stood at mile 17 (road marker) which is where the crosswinds are at their worst watching you guys go up , and the guy who has worked at this race forever and lived on the island 🌴 all his life said the same still not easy on the decent though , especially at the speeds you top blokes are pushing down there simply amazing
  9. Kona race day thread

    Pretty much no wind all day ( compared to normal) much cooler also
  10. TGL seen on a plane to Kona

    TGL last seen walking out of the lab about 8-30 pm Kona time
  11. TGL seen on a plane to Kona

    Word on the street is that TGL was seen on a plane last nite on his way to Kona , for a tasting session of seriously good timtams good luck big fella and have a great trip and great race (I would have said hello in person but you looked so innocent their asleep with your mouth wide open just like one of those clowns from the carnival 🎡lol) cherrs ivp
  12. Kona heat is back

    That's the only way he will ever get a spot
  13. Sanders post race interview

    Great interview thanks for posting
  14. Kona heat is back

    Nah that will be the year that rog qualifies LOL 😂
  15. Kona heat is back

    Won't be the hottest , but fair chance the wind will be at play
  16. TGL seen on a plane to Kona

    Dave Scott ran past him would be the correct phrase lol 😂
  17. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Don’t have to go too far to get away from the madness 15 mins ride from Kona this morning quiet , huge shoulder , safe as and no triacathaltes as it’s a little bit hilly :-) and its not “Kona”
  18. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Yes but at least you know they are coming with their AK47s by hearing all the banjo music lol
  19. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Totally agree with this This is not really the case , trucks everywhere , but at least they are only going 80kph but if you are gunna ride the queen K start the ride after the airport , mayhem before that with the road works going on even worse that ever
  20. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    This is the problem with all the experts (keyboard capatian they may be called ) when they start knocking evything kona there is a hell of a lot more to the big island than Kona and it doesn't take much out the box thinking to enjoy it do you your swim ride or run early and eliminate 90% of the problems you all are complaining about
  21. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Problem is 95% of everyone in Kona at the moment is riding or running or driving or walking on alli drive it's freaking madness cyclist behaving like lunatics, walkers and runners going all directions and if Hawaiians drove like Aussies on the way to work then no body would make it to race day alive get out early if u have to do you TT efforts on the bars flat out pre race and don't expect to do them through traffic , cars , runner , dogs hitchhickers etc on alli drive at 8am plain stupid dont ride 2 or 3 or 4 abreast down the road and hold up traffic not giving a flying F where there is a perfectly good bike lane idiots its just madness
  22. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Not right here if you head south the riding is arwsome , can get a little busy if your coming back into town from 7am to 8-30 but further out u go it's amazing head east up a crazy hill the road and riding is insane , best u with get anywhere head north along the Hawaii belt Rd and again best riding anywhere , but will get busy coming back in or out at peak times but still nothing like cities in OZ and 95% of the drivers and very happy , carefull and courteous if ride over over and around Hilo , best riding u will find anywhere , but all these rides have some hills and some nice steep bits but the road surface is fantastic hot mix so unless u are a beach road rider then all is fine everywhere
  23. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Right again i never ride on the queen K , the shoulder is great but full of glass and volcanic rocks the cut your tyres pretty quick and the traffic is full on
  24. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Your right 😊