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  1. Where is sans souci ?
  2. Yes rap doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the shed
  3. Or heaven forbid a giant
  4. Maybe abit of both
  5. Not sure about this I suppose everything helps but if you don't know a car or even more so a truck is coming from behind then maybe you shouldn't be riding on the road I would think people who get this would be the ones that ride with head phones , thinking it would allow them to know what's happen around them , when in reality riding with head phones in is probaly the best thing to do if you want to die on your bike Also if you ride where there are a lot of cars you would probably just get used to the radar warning of on coming vehicles Thoughts
  6. Totally agree
  7. Yes but starkly was home showered and tucked up in bed by the time B@w finished lol
  8. I can't drive
  9. It will be worse when I get there on Saturday
  10. No i don't think they are needed and considering most of the bells and all of the whistles have fallen off the majority of IM events here to me doing an IM now unfortunately isn't that much different to doing a local mini tri but to the bucket listers and PB focused racers which is what WTC are focused on getting to race , don't really care about nuffin in the goodie bag, crap expos, crap food , no awards function no specific plastic number etec etc these people just want an IM medal , lots of IM shirts , hats , shoes and even IM beds from the merch tent just so every person they come in contact with know they have "finished" an IM and that's all fine , good on them if that's the way they roll the thing is with challange in OZ Is they claim to be cheaper , more athlete focus , better run better withdraw/transfer policy etc , but in my experience and the feedback from others is they are no better or worse than WTC in these areas , so its probably best for them and others not to claim it and a lot of there push is that we arnt IM so come and race with us thing is if it wasn't for WTC Running IM and runing it well in Australia then there would be nowone interested in doing long course tris here this probably extends to other RDs also not just challange
  11. So I have a pretty much brand new ultegra 6900 crank that some dude on FB wants to buy but but I got no idea what's it worth its done one ride and no marks or scratches cheers ivp
  12. Totally agree but is the record still a record if the bike leg is short?
  13. $150 I reckon
  14. Now I see why ur keen for him to move to another bike just tell him anything so he buys
  15. Really well i think that's very poor for a top of the line group set not to have auto trim another plus for di2 then
  16. I thought u always pushed 1330 plus watts
  17. Re they di2?
  18. Now this is a great idea hVe far bigger impact than trying to do 100IM and it only cost $1000
  19. rev 3 run a lot of events over there also I think
  20. its sram so its gunna be noisey should not be rubbing on the front detailer I would think it should auto trim the FD if not don't buy it I would also think a demo bike should be working perfectly so the prospective buyer would be as impressed as possible I would also think the Reynolds would be 11 speed compatible if not can make his 11 speed cassette fit on a ten speed hub (for a small fee)!!!!
  21. What are these 8 9 or 10 speed things u speak of??
  22. Undoubtedly