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  1. Very funnie sadly the only thing that isn't true in this post is that u where going to swim squad
  2. U should have just shot with your shirt off , then they would have know you where a triathlete and shot u straight away just so they didn't have to hear hammy reps u had already done
  3. Was there signs? even if there wasn't signs everyone should know you have to stand behind the line while shooting even if you haveb never done it before ( or been to Kona)
  4. That's too much luxury , swag is the go
  5. How long has this race been going paul?
  6. What ever is more comfy and has less chance to fall out personally I'd have it the further back option handling is better than saveing .000000000000000046 of a second over 180k
  7. I don't even know what smashed avo is !!!!!
  8. Looks good 5 women and two men , just shows u who the tougher sex is
  9. I wondered how u paid for all these trips , new engagement rings and new bikes
  10. No that's Brazil 🇧🇷 Or melbourne
  11. I've never ran at a track , so how am I suppose to know what way to run if there is no signs? if I'm doing a few laps then I'd change direction at some point anyways one thing for sure I'll be running shirtless so at least everyone will know I'm a tricathalete
  12. Always an excuse these days ffs just admit being a F wit and move on
  13. Are these the same signs that say slow medium and fast lane at the pools that most people seem to ignore
  14. Isn't this one of the biggest if not the biggest issue at any race in Oz but what can be done about it im not teal,keen on racing on open roads
  15. This
  16. Yep plenty of these experiences and lots of worse ones Aus post is getting worse by the day ( sorry fff)
  17. Shame to see it go , but if it had more quality accum near the actual race then it would do a lot better and as like all other IM towns the Accomadation is way over priced for what u get
  18. Gee that's cheap
  19. Several times though
  20. Oz post shipping is crap and getting worse if u use express it seems ok but standard is just crap recently took nearly 4 weeks to get a small parcel from Noosa to Vic
  21. Ur right we are in bed at 7-30 this time of year and watch catch up and Netflix on the trainer
  22. We never turn our TV on no time to watch anything and it's just crap anyways
  23. No considering the price of "so-called" smart trainers