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  1. Several times though
  2. Oz post shipping is crap and getting worse if u use express it seems ok but standard is just crap recently took nearly 4 weeks to get a small parcel from Noosa to Vic
  3. Ur right we are in bed at 7-30 this time of year and watch catch up and Netflix on the trainer
  4. We never turn our TV on no time to watch anything and it's just crap anyways
  5. No considering the price of "so-called" smart trainers
  6. No kitchen in the KK rooms plenty of options in town with one though , but u do pay for it
  7. No wonder they have gone broke with crap shows like Masterchef, survivor and IM they haven't got a chance of staying afloat
  8. Good move throw the other rims away or donate to a school or something or keep em in case u need them if something happens to the Cadens
  9. I Ike it I'm half thinking of a treadmill for running , if I could ride on it also it would be a bonus I don't want to spend three hrs pre ride or run programming it though
  10. or lawn mower man
  11. Yes I tight rules say the support vehicle has/should be behind the rider as much as possible good idea I believe
  12. Shit thats not good so RAAM (race across America) is on also at the moment , what is the difference between these races ?? I think Raam has a support vehicle with the rider the whole time no they have lots of tight rules and regs in regards to fatigue the trans am is totally in supported I believe , just like the Indian pacific wheel race
  13. Not sure of angle but my arm is probably 75mm from start of pad to end of elbow so a 75 mm to 100 mm gap off the end