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  1. I think she is considering a Dimond
  2. The roads as you well know are getting better and better each year , still not super but certainly a lot better than 7-8 yrs ago
  3. I think u have said all that needs to e said
  4. Correct
  5. That's why it suits me
  6. Is 6 plus weeks within the 13hr IM cutoff?
  7. So true i find this with everything I want to buy
  8. All done for the IM bit the shute will be extended for the beer mile
  9. What about the Rudy wing 57 its a very short tail , but still a tail and very aero it comes with a plug u can block out the front holes if u like , which is even better aero and would be fine for you guys over there where it's cold dry comfy also on roxi point it still has a good helmet shell inside so if you do crash it would be good protection
  10. Hat thing looks good , I'm in the market for another running pack as my Solomon is starting to perish, which I would think would happen as it's only 2 yrs old it says you can put a 2 lt bladder in it as well truck , if u did would that still leave room for most of th stuff u needed for celtman?
  11. While I may not agree with this 100% but I think this now sums up the 100IM in 100
  12. Beautiful day in port today, but it could be warmer another Ip world record as I did 150k riding around here , and I didn't get abuse once I've never done that before 95% of the drivers even gave me a meter ? Is the 1 meter passing rule legal in NSW ? If so it seems to be making drivers a little better or I was just lucky maybe
  13. Where is the shire?
  14. Where is sans souci ?