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  1. Was wondering how you went.....they showed some footage on the SBS news. Didn't seem like huge numbers running, but did show the stadium full of spectators. Those they interviewed seemed happy and spoke positvely of the experience. Well done.
  2. Nothing to add, but super jealous. My ultimate goal is to have a house that has grass!!!!!!!
  3. Running.......warm up, drills and cool down bits 8 X 400m (track) - aim was 1:32 wth 90 sec to 2 min rest. Did 1:30 to 1:33 (only 1 at 1:33) on roughly 1:50min rest. Pretty chuffed with myself. Would like to indulge myself with my Bruny Island ale and Bruny Islamd cheese, but will keep that for tomorrow.
  4. Goughy you beat me to it.........seriously........WTF
  5. I like 8, love the red.
  6. If I do the 5km fun run, and break 20minutes, can I join beer mile.........
  7. Go doggies. Awesome win.
  8. Pretty happy with stubbie holder, a gift from RS for post ironman storage. Keeps my cider nice and cold, especially in very hot Cairns. Goes down even better when the doggies hit the lead.
  9. Potential "Darwin Award of the Year" nominees........
  10. Absolute scorcher of a day here in Cairns - currently 35 degrees (very ugly heat). Debbie is sucking out everything and we are left with sun, heat, humidity and no wind!!!!!!! Better than being in the firing line though..... Stay safe everyone in Bowen / Mackay.
  11. Gosh, do you use all those I have one and the smallest size, but manage to cook 3 things at once!!!!! Very nice though. Sorry didn't win lotto last night.
  12. Parkrun......set a new 5km PB for myself 21:56 (best 5km previously was 22:07 x 2). Felt like my lungs were about to vomit out....20min 5km seems just so far......
  13. LOL.......that's why my bike sits abandoned in the garage. Much easier to travel without all the swimmign and riding stuff!
  14. Was still feeling annoyed after Thursday's session. So wasn't how it would all turn out. Hammy still annoying. 1km warm up 4km at 5min pace - tick achieved 8 X 200 FAST with 2 min jog in between. Phew......200m were really good. Three weeks ago ran between 46 and 49 secs, most 48. Today, 43 to 46, mostly 45 secs.
  15. Normal 2 km warm up and cool down 2 x 2km on 4:15min pace.......... First one was off pace by 15 second got angry and pissed with myself......then second one was on pace I think doing all sprints by yourself can hard (at times). Anyway......did session, calmed down, and hamstring still attached so doing good.