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  1. I did edit, as it wasn't a 1:59, it was 1:50. Lesson 1 - Zed, spot on. I realised from Paul's advice on the night before that I had not trained at the pace I needed to run on the day. All my sprint training is around 1:28 - 1:34 pace. That was a strong light bulb that I didn't know what 1:40-1:45 'felt like'. Even my coach was saying on the day, go by feel. Lesson 2 - going to GP to talk about whether my exercise asthma may have come back. I had issues in Melbourne when in cooler climate and exterting. As I have sat in endurance work for the last 10 years, moving back into 'hard running' is leaving me with difficulty in breathing. The more I go on I experience difficulty in getting breath in and simialr to gapsing (and loud) - (esp if I go hardfor 5-7km distance). When I do sprint training, I have enough time to recover before I go again, so it settles a bit easier. I am still very sore in the chest today. Go Easy - yes it is a bottle opener and it works!! So FNQ style - medal / bottle In the end it is only 6 secs of my not too bad. My expectations were much more than where I am at. But I like aiming high as I was a BOPer in Endurance world, now I am shifting more towards the front end....
  2. About that good..... Extremely disappointed and sad at myself. Did a 21:57. Only 10 of us running across all gender and age groups, was in no mans land between first three guys and then a fair step back to the next group. Was actually quite warm and there was a decent swirly wind. My coach, who came to watch three of us run, said conditions were tough, but still not excuse. Just didn't happen. Did run against Ralph, aged 87, who ran just under 42min. Super impressive, as he had run the 800m an hour before. 1:37.37 / 1.42 / 1.40 / 1:42 / 1:43.50 / 1:47.00 / 1:48 / 1:49.24 / 1:49 / 1:50 / 1:51 / 1:50 / 48 Did medal, but was not the main aim. Really wanted a goodpb. Next goal Gold Coast 10km under 45min.
  3. Me, again. Tomorrow is my first goal race for the year, the 5000m on the track as part of the Grat Barrier Reef Masters. Disappointing that there are so few entries (only 14 in total male and female) however, it is what it is. Have had a big work week with lots of driving and presenting, currently overnight in Tully Heads (very nice) heading back soon. My goal at the start of the year was to see how close I can get to 20min. Not sure I am there, need more than 4 months of specific training. Current on is 21.50, set at ParkRun a few weeks ago. Did 1500m at a track meet 4 weeks ago, time 5:48 That race was just go and run fast. Loved it. I know that won't work tomorrow. Ran a 1:53 for 500m in Tuesday, but was the first sprint. 5000m needs some thinking, any last minute advise. I just don't know but would like to get close to 21. Nervous, but excited.
  4. Cairns has crocs, just for the added experience. Haven't seen many lately, they must be laying low and just waiting...........
  5. 21.49 at Parkrun. A new PB, but disappointed......
  6. Double post
  7. Well done all and to those still out there.......keep moving one step at a time. 15 years since I did my first IM.......Forster........just amazing. I still remember getting to the finish line with 15 minutes to spare....when 15:30 was cut off. The run down to the finish shute was spine tingling.
  8. Officially, 5:48:52 Laps, best as I could get as Nejo was timing from the sidelines. 1.04 1:31:83 1:35.36 1:36.82 Nejo said I just took off from the start...another friend who was mc'ing the event said my technique was 'awful and weird' but he could see I was giving everything and was so proud. Really, really, happy. I think going I with the mindset that it is only 6 minute allowed me to just put it out there. Using Thommo's guide times really helped me to know where I was each lap and helped me to stay in control. Am kind of interested in doing more of these events in the future. Main focus now is Masters 5km in three weeks, with a Parkrun trial next week. PB is currently 21:56, feeling confident I can better it. Not sure about breaking 20minues, but will give it my absolute. Never been to an athletics carnival full stop. Watching 3-4year old doing the 100m was so inspiring. They are just so cute and just don't care about staying in their lanes. Even the young kids doing the 1500m was so encouraging before and during the race. Then seeing some older guys run high 13's in the 100. Really enjoyed it. Nice to see kids out there trying every event and not stuck on phones or iPads.
  9. Had to leave before the offical results were out, but........somewhere between 5.47 and 5:50. Am super happy. Ran with 7 others ranging from 12 to me, 43. Second overall.....put it all out there. Will write more tomorrow but a BIG thanks for all the advice. Had a ball. The event was running behind, so was challenged with warm up. But just kept moving and trying to keep warm. Am so glad I asked for advice. I took two and both seemed to work for me no watch, the split times (Thommo is great). I had never thought like that but so simple during the race. Yay.
  10. Thanks everyone, all great bits of advice. Not racing until 7:30pm, so just going to take it easy this afternoon. Thanks at Thommo, will definately keep those numbers in my head. I know one of the teenagers will run mid 4 min, so definately focusing on my space on the track, even if I am alone. I have a great coach who has given me so much confidence in my 'speed' a dual Olympian / Comm runner, I really look up to her and love that she gives so much to me and always answers my questions. Funny, my last race was 64km in December.....never thought I'd give track a go (esp 1500m) but inside I am a little excited.
  11. Signed up to run the 5000m on the track the regional Masters in 3 weeks. As a warm up, my coach suggested that I enter a 1500m track event this week. I have never run a in a track event, other than training on my own. Any hints or strategies, or advice on track etiquette. Bit nervous as I think it is all the kids (the super fast teenagers) and us two least the males run seperately. My goal is 6 minutes, my coach thinks I will be around 6:15 to 6:30, and that it will be more of a mental than physical race.
  12. Was wondering how you went.....they showed some footage on the SBS news. Didn't seem like huge numbers running, but did show the stadium full of spectators. Those they interviewed seemed happy and spoke positvely of the experience. Well done.
  13. Nothing to add, but super jealous. My ultimate goal is to have a house that has grass!!!!!!!
  14. Running.......warm up, drills and cool down bits 8 X 400m (track) - aim was 1:32 wth 90 sec to 2 min rest. Did 1:30 to 1:33 (only 1 at 1:33) on roughly 1:50min rest. Pretty chuffed with myself. Would like to indulge myself with my Bruny Island ale and Bruny Islamd cheese, but will keep that for tomorrow.