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  1. Some of my best running songs are Linkin Park
  2. Yep, 2002 was my first. I was at 90km riding out of town and Macca and crew were finishing... I had never felt so low or embarrassed, but it was my first really had absolutely no idea. The run was hard, but liking running more I knew I would finish under the 15.30hr cut off....I did 15:15hr. Everyone thought I wouldn't ...... Bit of a told you so moment.
  3. Glasshouse 100km - thought I'd do around 14hrs or so -17 1/2 hour later. All of the last 25km by myself run / walking (mostly) in the super dark forset. Only got lost once, and realised pretty quickly that I couldn't see footprints on the ground - so back tracked the 5 minutes. Felt like Bear Grylsis finding my way around with a few ribbon markers and a small map (lucky I have expectional map reading skills....seriously saved me...). But I am detemrined, so not finishing wasn't an option. And I didn't come last. Then just under 48 hours later, jumped on a plane to Instanbul - that was NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Poor Ritchie - that crash was awful. Probably lucky it wasn't more serious.
  5. Ran a 3:29 at near full effort (he thinks.....he's not too sure how to measure) Ran 3:31 at TVL mart last years.
  6. Just seeking some advice. Nejo ran at Gold Coast marathon on the weekend and he is looking to back up at the Townsville marathon, which is five weeks in between. What would be the best way to recover and then reset for a second marathon. He was using the Sydney Blackmores intermediate running program to train for Gold Coast. Thanks
  7. Bahaha - too hilariously funny. Friends in Mebourne sent lots of papers after the Bulldog epic Grand Final win last September. The same package got to a NZ friend in 4 days and it took 2 1/2 weesk to get from Melbourne to Cairns........
  8. 45.41 for me, net time. Pretty chuffed. New PB by 1 min. Struggled in the cold and just couldn't get my fast feet happening. Only 15 secs between 1st and 2nd 5km..... Now for Townsville to crack the 45. Nice to finally meet Cranky
  9. PB is justt over 46, have been training so going for a 45ish (ran 21 flat at ParkRun a few weeks ago)......but the crowds might be an issues for me (don't like being around people..............) LOL. But working on a strategy.
  10. Hey Cranky - what you aiming for............. Will look out for trannie hat and I'll have my new version on too!
  11. Yep, thought I'd put it out there and go A group. A group was timed at 43 to 50min. PB is a tad over 46, but. That was a few years ago. This year focsued only on 5km and now 10km, so feeling quietly confident.
  12. Brett wil do. My partner is aiming for 3:30 so will shout out to you. Sick - me too. A few people at work have been very unwell for a few weeks, now I have a sore home today studying. Do you know if they have pacers for the 10km......
  13. Any other trannies heading down to run or spectate? I am running the 10km on the Saturday and my partner is running the marathon on Sunday. I was hoping for a 45min, but am a little freaked out by the volume of people...don't cope well when I run Parkrun with 200 people. Will have new trannie hat on both day.
  14. Iyi bayramlar is the Turkish translation of wishing happy holidays / edi - hope this helps.
  15. Hope you're okay FP. No matter what is going on, how big or small, it is still your battle. Just a heard that a third cousin is missing from the Grenfell Tower. I have been watching and feeling terrible sad watching this as by stander from other side of the world. Now, one of those missing is one of mine. Even though we have never meet, half of my family live in the UK. I can't image those last hours for those inside; watching some of videos has been gut wrenching. A reminder, live for the now, and love those around you and tell them that you love them!!! The UK in general is just going through an awful time.