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  1. On my last visit to Queensland (The Bay, in fact) I was impressed by the amount of room I was given by motorists. I think the only vehicle that came within a metre was the garbage truck. It made a very pleasant change from Victoria, where apparently we don't need safe passing laws.
  2. Debbie must have been hogging John's limelight again
  3. I don't get why John is doing anything now other than support his wife. She is on track to do something quite exceptional and he keeps trying to drag the attention back to himself. What is the point of him doing a full now?
  4. For IM yes, but don't most other races still have age group wave starts? Stand to be corrected, i haven't raced for a while
  5. The calf lettering was usually for categories so you could see whether you were chasing (or getting passed by) someone in your age group, which you can't always work out from race numbers. But it works both ways - they can also see that you're in the same category and chase that bit harder, sometimes it better to go past ninja style....
  6. I wonder how much it cost to rescue him, more or less than the amount he raised?
  7. I did a hilly 90km with a hangover this morning. I really need some chips now but I'm all out (ate them all yesterday). So I'm going to watch Wentworth in the bath and eat cheese on toast instead.
  8. Thanks Trifun, that's awesome. I knew I could count on trannies
  9. Yep, doesn't go back that far :-(
  10. I need to find out who came 3rd at Noosa in 1992, does anyone have the results? I can't find them online. Thanks!
  11. But if it's the wrong size, or he damaged it, then he would accept a solution which involves no cost or effort on his part (ie Zed picking it up). If he doesn't take that offer up, then one would think he had planned to keep the wetsuit and claim a refund all along.
  12. If he doesn't agree to led Zed come and pick it up, then you would have to think the bloke was trying to score a free wetsuit.
  13. Goughy I was another one who couldn't understand how it would work so I did a bit of Google research. They only do it if the ends are reasonably close together anyway, brought closer by keeping the foot pointed. The tendon is surrounded by a sheath, so even when the tendon ruptures the sheath keeps everything basically in line. New material grows inside the sheath to form new tendon. Very layman's terms but hopefully helpful.
  14. Charming
  15. Now I can't move