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  1. Bill Chaffey's wife posted on Facebook that she missed out on tickets to the paratriathlon, which seems a bit wrong. You would think wife and kids would get tickets automatically.
  2. *two
  3. I chased down a car once that failed to give way to me at a roundabout. I was fuming and swearing when it happened, but when the car pulled into a driveway and I pulled up next to it, I saw it was an old man driving and his wife was in the car. He had literally no idea what he'd done, he hadn't even seen me. So I explained to him that he nearly hit me and that he needs to look out for cyclists, he thanked me and I went on my way. Hopefully he took it on board. I have to admit, I would have used a lot more swear words if he wasn't old.
  4. I know, I think that's why it's taken me so long to look at buying around here. I'll head north again one day but I'm happy here for now, so might as well settle in.
  5. I've actually found them to be good, I book through them all the time. I even got a full refund for a place that had been advertised incorrectly as a 2 bedroom apartment (it was only one bedroom plus a bed in the living room) - and that place was subsequently dumped from their listings. Never been charged an overseas transaction fee either.
  6. 60km easy flat ride, 6km run off the bike, 5.7km swim. Still sticking to the plan of running further than I swim, but only just.
  7. Born in 1950, according to trannies
  8. Sean at Heal Podiatry was great when I saw him (about 10 years ago)
  9. I bought my last house at the top of the market, and was okay with that because it was my "forever" home. Until I had to sell it post GFC due to separation.... It made me more cautious about buying again, and of course in the meantime prices have gone through the roof.
  10. I hope he's coming back to Mornington so I can buy here too
  11. House 2 doors down from me, I had a sticky and thought it was reasonably priced. Agent has been hounding me for an offer, any offer, because she had nothing. Yesterday they dropped the "range" by $25,000. Sample of one, but still - everything around here has been selling like hotcakes.
  12. I forgot about winterfish! 6.6km run then a 5.5km swim
  13. I have no idea who she is but she reminds me of someone.....
  14. I'm not sure if this qualifies as good news but some might think so. Didn't seem important enough for its own thread.