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  1. Alvey

    I remember the adds from about 40+ years ago - It's the Alvey reel that fills the creel..!
  2. Solar Panels

    One of the main issues overlooked with batteries is the effective storage requirements ie You shouldn't really cycle them more than about 40 or 50% of their capacity (else their life is dramatically shortened ) You don't get full capacity of a battery if you are drawing a lot of current (Peukert's law) so you need more batteries if you have high peak loads (say 50 to 100%) This means that you need 3 to 4 times the amount of lead acid batteries than the basic numbers predict. The good news is Lithium batteries don't suffer from this nearly as much so you can almost get by with the basic minimum ie 1/3 to 1/4 the storage of a similarly spec'd lead acid system. Another problem that I have found is balancing serial loads - eg each 12 volt bank of a 24 volt system that I found a rather odd way of solving using an inverter charger to bleed energy from one to the other every fortnight or so.
  3. Solar Panels

    I have a solar pool heater that, obviously, only works when the sun is out. This is great, but the pump that pushes the water around is a 1 kwatt load and the idea of paying for that power when the sun is out pisses me off. So I got 4 x 250 24V watt panels, 6 x 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries, a cheap PWM charge controller and a 6000 watt peak / 3000 watt continuous pure sine inverter. And I made a little jump box that switches over from the mains to inverter when the inverter is available and back when it is not. (ie an on/off grid box) I also have some smarts for load control - the charge controller should normally do this but can't handle the 100 or so amps if I run the pool filter at the same time! This effectively means I get over 20c per kwhour (in lieu of not paying for the mains power) but I suspect it still doesn't really pay its way. But when the sun is shining and the heater and/or filter is working completely off grid it's pretty cool Thinking about some grid-tie inverters and maybe a few more panels so I can push any remaining kWH's back into the grid at night when cooking etc

    Saw Baby Driver last night with a group of people and the responses were quite varied - 4 loved it, 2 thought it was a waste of time and one thought it was just "OK". I thought it was pretty awesome - great music, action and some really compelling characters, especially Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm who played some seriously evil characters and, of course, Kevin Spacey doing what he does best. Great performance too from Ansel Elgort in the lead role. Love to know what you think of this - I suspect that if you liked Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects you will love this movie!

    In the wake of the latest uproar to envelop the British arts, i.e. appointing a woman to the role of Dr Who, there is now talk of the same thing happening to another great British institution.... Prepare to meet "Bond, Jane Bond"!! I wonder how she will like her Martinis? Will there be a suite of "Bond boys" with stoopid names? How will the Bond tradition of hedonistic promiscuity be maintained in the context of contemporary gender inequality? Heaven forbid!!

    Love to get my hands on McLaren - was only on at a few boutique cinemas in Melbourne for a short period and by the time I got organise to go it was gone - great reviews - supposed to be awesome!
  7. Facebook, I dont like it!

    My Father passed away when I was young and I don't have a lot to remember him by. He was a teacher and I found there was a facebook group dedicated to past students of that school so I joined the group, advertised who I was and what i was looking for. I was greeted with many great stories about my Dad. - I could have cried I was so happy - I can't begin to tell you what an amazing experience that was for me.
  8. Computer building

    Your attitude is awesome! If you are motivated to do a lot of googling and watch a few youtube videos you can pretty much do anything. When I was a student there was one book and one teacher - if you didn't get it there and then you never did. Fast forward to the wonderful world of today and there are hundreds of "teachers" and hundreds of "books" on the internet so you can just keep ploughing on until you get it - and every time you "get it" you get a bit better at "getting it" the next time. Go for it!
  9. AFL 2017

    Oh we're from Tiger land....

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 or 6 or whatever - really crappy - johnny Depp is useless but the movie would have been better (or should i say "less worse") if they simply cut everything he did from the movie and focused on the great Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem and the new face Kaya Scodelario is pretty good too. Still, a crap film - don't see it. Wonder woman - best of the DC comic movies so far (as opposed to MARVEL) and not a bad watch, however my positive review could be tainted by my huge crush on Gal Gadot in a skimpy super hero outfit - a bit silly - actually a lot silly - but not a bad bit of light escapist action if you like this kinda stuff.
  11. Computer building

    My 12 YO son built up his first "gaming computer" about 12 months back, then built one for his brother, one for his mate, another one for another mate, then upgraded his own. My study is now the game room and it look like the NASA control room. I think the basics are go to a computer shop and buy: a case - contains USB ports and power supply (get a 600 watt supply to power the latest and greatest) a CPU - variants of I5 or I7 but at the end of the day you get what you pay for - see graphics card. drives - storage is cheap but the usual thing seems to be put your OS on a SSD (expensive) and other non time critical stuff on a normal (cheap) hard drive Graphics cards - this is where it all happens - more important than the CPU - you really get what you pay for here. Not necessary unless you are into gaming etc but you can get them from $100 (crappy) $300 (good) or $1000 (really good) And of course lotsa RAM - the more the merrier. A good understanding (ie googling) of installing windows etc and drivers for the various bits and pieces is also warranted. Cabling and wiring is also important and I would advise going to Jaycar and getting a wrist strap when handling sensitive parts - ground to the case of the power supply and make sure it is plugged into the wall (ie earthed). I think that sums it up - I am not the expert, my son is way ahead of me - but fire away if you have any questions!
  12. Speeding in a hire car USA

    Good thing for you it wasn't 1971 and the arresting officer wasn't Inspector Harold Francis "Dirty Harry" Callahan.... "Well, I'm all broken up about that man's rights." Those were the days
  13. Speeding in a hire car USA

    Speeding fines in the USA are handled at city, rather than a federal or state basis. So you might think twice about going back to Flyspeck Arkansas but the rest of the USA should be OK. Of course, your beef might be with the hire car company, that is probably national, but there are plenty of those to choose from..
  14. Old Tri Photo Memories

    Pretty sure that's Forster 2004 - yours truly in the background behind Smithy who is behind Roxii who is behind Paul Every who is behind Mrs Hymie) If I am not mistaken that was the year that saw those most feared of words uttered "It's a no wetsuit swim!" that left us hour-15 plus hacks very worried....
  15. Ben Johnson's New Add

    Sorry to be a kill joy but, even though I personally find it very very funny, I think they should pull this ad. In fact, I think they should pull all the on-line betting ads. Apart from the companies being complete parasite bottom feeder scumbags (and that is a whole 'nuther story) they are placing betting in the cultural norms for sport - especially among kids and it is really p1ssing me off. I understand there is a (or going to be) a ban in some States for live TV or possibly even some viewing times.