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  1. Good thing for you it wasn't 1971 and the arresting officer wasn't Inspector Harold Francis "Dirty Harry" Callahan.... "Well, I'm all broken up about that man's rights." Those were the days
  2. Speeding fines in the USA are handled at city, rather than a federal or state basis. So you might think twice about going back to Flyspeck Arkansas but the rest of the USA should be OK. Of course, your beef might be with the hire car company, that is probably national, but there are plenty of those to choose from..
  3. Pretty sure that's Forster 2004 - yours truly in the background behind Smithy who is behind Roxii who is behind Paul Every who is behind Mrs Hymie) If I am not mistaken that was the year that saw those most feared of words uttered "It's a no wetsuit swim!" that left us hour-15 plus hacks very worried....
  4. Sorry to be a kill joy but, even though I personally find it very very funny, I think they should pull this ad. In fact, I think they should pull all the on-line betting ads. Apart from the companies being complete parasite bottom feeder scumbags (and that is a whole 'nuther story) they are placing betting in the cultural norms for sport - especially among kids and it is really p1ssing me off. I understand there is a (or going to be) a ban in some States for live TV or possibly even some viewing times.
  5. You can't do this - an old chain will be longer for a given set of links. *Surprisingly ,the difference is quite substantial *Either that I wait waaaaayyyy too long to change an old chain! LOL I measure it each time - derailleur cage has to be almost flat out at big chain ring and big rear cog (ie the max "tight") and not be too loose at the small chain ring small cog (ie the max "loose"). It is a shit of a job that requires 3 hands.
  6. Checking out Seven Types of Ambiguity on ABC Iview - not normally a big dimitriadis fan but after his bit am starting to get hooked.
  7. What some of you are not getting is the link between religion and culture. Unfortunately Islam is prevalent is some pretty "this century challenged" countries and the practices reflect this. Some of the more unpalatable practices that are being attributed to Islam are actually practiced by the Christians in those countries too. Also bear in mind the power vehicle of religion to further the goals of politicians and others with an ideological axe to grind. I certainly don't want to defend Islam, or indeed any other religion - not my cup of tea really - but I wish you would understand that there are bad people and there are good people - irrespective of the race, color creed or religion. Share the love, man....
  8. Anyone else seen the Netflix series 13 reasons? Whilst it has its flaws, a really powerful and very entertaining series centering on high school, bullying and teen suicide. What a pleasant surprise to see the lead role of Hannah Baker played by Australian Actor Katherine Langford. I think it was originally meant for Selena Gomez who was relegated to some off screen role?
  9. Have you heard the one about the modern day left comparing hard line and moderate islam to hasidic and moderate judaism and the new right to a bunch of equally passionate nationalists from Berlin in 1936..?
  10. So what's the go with Hawthorn? Am I missing something or should I say, are they missing something?
  11. What did Melbourne do to deserve it? - 20/01/2017 - Six people were killed and at least thirty others wounded - But where were Dimitrious Gargasoulas' Jihadi connections? Alas, it appears that his behavior extended from a history of illicit drug use, family violence, and mental health problems. But Man Haron Monis was some kind of Muslim, right... so that is totally why he took the occupants of the Lindt chocolate café hostage? He even showed an IS flagdespite the fact that a Shiite jumping on the IS bandwagon is as plausible as someone suddenly abandoning the Blues and cheering for Collingwood. But, hey! Keep reading Andew Bolt, watching Fox news and get some good dialog happening.
  12. They reckon it got a woody when Dusty fired up in the final quarter! LOL
  13. You know, there are the first few unpleasant comeback runs, then you get out and do a moderately fast 6 or 10 k'r and you feel good, - really good - and you realize why you are are doing this. Running/post running euphoria
  14. pfft - you guys are in the little league - the 100+ ks group is where it's all at
  15. Starting out, maybe 12ks then 2 weeks later 16 ks then a couple of weeks after that crack the 20 (a couple being anything from 2 to 4 depending on your recovery) with a commensurate mid week medium run distance of, say, 5, 8 and 11, maybe? I know everyone is different but it almost feels like the longer and slower (like really slow) and less frequent I run the better I am getting